Project X: the Petition

By Peter Dunn

Part One: the Question

The basic premise that I am going to set out here: with this article, is that our visitors – the extraterrestrials – are asking us a question; a question to which they expect us to respond. Now they are not asking this question of those to whom we have entrusted our governance – forget all that, ‘Take me to your leader,’ nonsense. They are waiting for a response to their question from us: the ordinary people – and the only true power – here on Planet Earth.

However: before we have a look at this ‘question’, and then go on to examine a way in which we might respond to it let’s first establish that there is – indeed – evidence of interactions between those that pilot the strange aerial vehicles that we see in our skies and the awestruck, earth bound witnesses who can only stand there watching and wondering.

In my estimation the best evidence that we have received – so far – that our cosmological cousins are trying to communicate something to us: something that is at once both urgent and profound, came on the 16 September 1994. The location for this ‘interactive event’ was the Ariel Elementary School in Ruwa: a small rural township situated 20 kilometers from Harare in Zimbabwe. All of the eyewitnesses to this event: all sixty-two of them, were children between the ages of five and twelve. They all told the same sensational story. They all drew strikingly similar pictures: in chalk on a blackboard and in crayon in their school books, depicting an encounter with a ‘little man’ that emerged from a craft that had descended from the sky.

A lot of this highly credible, testimonial evidence was elicited from the children by Dr John E Mack: the celebrated psychiatrist who – unfortunately – was tragically killed by a drunk driver in 2004. His gentle, diligent questioning: conducted in situ in a classroom at the Ariel School, brought forth a stream of remarkably consistent answers that both astound – and illuminate – from the young students

They described the entity: which had appeared during playtime between lessons, as being approximately a meter tall with a ‘scrawny’ neck and long black hair. We are obviously not looking at the typical ‘grey’ here. And the one thing that they all found disturbing about this extraordinary creature: a singular aspect that seems to have left a lasting impression upon them, was its eyes. These were almond shaped, very large and very black.

Now according to some of these young witnesses the ‘little man’ spoke to them, ‘With his eyes.’ A most unusual statement for a child to come up with. It seems – to me – to infer that what the children experienced: and couldn’t properly explain, was telepathic thought transferal. The thoughts transmitted in this manner were not, however, particularly pleasant for a young mind to receive: for they implanted terrifying visions of the ending of their world.

For those of us who are not, now, children the awful truth: that the future of our planet is far from guaranteed, has become a reality that we must live with day by day. Despite this we obstinately remain just bystanders as we let the news: all of it bad, roll over us. An oil spill here and a flood there: followed by famine, death, disease and war. Global warming, nuclear contamination from exploding reactors, heavy duty industrial poisons sprayed across our skies and pumped into our oceans. Do we we really need to be told that we are going wrong?

Yet the children of Ruwa have passed on to us a message: from a visitor who has traveled an awful long way to deliver that message, that something about us – something about our world and they way we live in it – needs to change. Are we going to ignore this message?

A lot of the interviews – conducted by Dr John Mack with the children of Ariel School – were filmed and can now be watched on YouTube. Go watch them. Let the wide-eyed sincerity of those young witnesses deliver the message directly to the person to whom it was ultimately addressed: you.

So the extraterrestrial is not here to just passively observe the human race scurrying about like ants in a nest under a rock. Nor are they simply just passing through on their way to another galaxy. They are here because we are here. They are here to interact. So lets try and work out, exactly, what they are asking of us. Then we can examine a surprisingly easy – if somewhat novel – way in which we can respond.

It is now time to get down to specifics.

A great many people have witnessed something strange in the heavens. Indeed, the vast majority of people that ‘believe’ do so because they have actually seen a UFO: or something that they couldn’t explain, something that didn’t conform to any previous experience. These witnesses – and I do count myself among them – come from all walks of life. It is now estimated that over fifty per cent of the world’s population believe in the reality of visitation. That makes for an awful lot of witnesses. So the demographic of ‘belief’ is huge and extends into all sectors of human activity.

Is there, though, any particular activity that we could engage in that would increase the likelihood of us coming into contact with an alien intelligence?

Air line flight crew are a case in point here. They operate aircraft at altitudes where the close observation of alien ‘traffic’ becomes possible. Where what – to an observer on the ground – appears as no more than a blinking light high in the sky: appears to them as a, ‘Walnut-shaped craft the size of an aircraft carrier,’ (as reported – Japan Air Lines flight 1628: November 17, 1986). Unfortunately aircrew are constrained: by professional considerations (they are ‘leant on’ rather heavily), from reporting these incidents. This is now, however, slowly changing and an increasing number of aircrew: especially from among those that have retired from service, are coming forward to relate what they have seen.

Witnesses from another important category of retiree – that are now stepping forward to share their knowledge of UFO/alien contact and interaction – are those that have served in the military. These are very brave men and women. By telling us what they know they are breaking a contract: which – here in the UK – goes by the name of, ‘The Official Secrets Act,’ that they have signed with their governments. They know that breaking this contract can carry with it severe penalties. This can mean imprisonment or – in some cases – much worse. People who have, in the past, undertaken this course of action have been known to die in extremely suspicious circumstances.

Retired, ex-military personnel – who possessed both knowledge of the UFO phenomenon and the balls required to break the silence imposed by governments intent on hiding the truth – really came to the fore in 2001 with the staging of the Disclosure Project at the National Press Club in Washington DC. Organized by Dr Steven Greer: a physician and prominent ufologist, this event featured a plethora of witness testimony which gave us all a startling insight into the hitherto secret world of military/alien interaction.

Among the many eyewitnesses – to otherworldly encounters – that took the stage on May 9th 2001 was a guy called Robert Salas. Mr Salas had served as a captain in the United Sates Air Force back in the sixties and seventies. His testimony at the Disclosure Project centered around an incident that occurred in 1967 when he was serving as a deputy missile combat crew commander at an ICBM (inter-continental ballistic missile: equipped with warheads that possess vastly more destructive power than the Hiroshima bomb) launch facility in Montana. The facility consisted of ten launch silos: each containing one Minuteman missile.

Whilst on duty: in the underground command center, at the site near Malstrom, Montana, he received a phone call from the above-ground guard post at the main gate to the complex. It was the NCO in charge of security. In a panic stricken voice the sergeant told Salas that there was a, ‘Glowing red,’ saucer shaped craft hovering just outside the main entrance. ‘It’s just sitting there…what do we do?’ Salas told him to hang on while he went to inform the base commander: Lt. Fred Meiwald. It was as he spoke to his CO that the first alarm sounded. Both men looked across to a panel of annunciator lights: that indicated the status of the missiles under their control, to see that one of these was now off-line. As the alarm continued to sound another soon followed. Then two more missiles went down simultaneously. It wasn’t long before all ten missiles at the base had been rendered ‘inoperable’. Twenty-four hours would pass before maintenance crews could bring the missiles back on-line.

In the aftermath of the incident Salas discovered that the same fate had: on that very same night, befallen another Minuteman base located 20 miles away from Malstrom. UFOs were reported in the vicinity – and another ten missiles were then ‘taken off-line.’

These events occurred at the height of the cold war so it should come as no surprise that nothing was known about them – outside of the small circle of witnesses and the officers that ‘debriefed’ them – at the time. This was, after all, the era of ‘deterrence’ and ‘mutually assured destruction,’ – and neither side was going to communicate to the other that their nuclear capability had been compromised. Since Salas stepped forward in 2001, however, more people: present at the bases on the night of 16 March 1967, have also come forward to corroborate his story. Their joint testimony has now totally trashed the argument that maintains, ‘UFOs do not constitute a threat to national security.’ In the light of this evidence, governments can no longer justify non-disclosure by citing this particular argument.

There has, also, been other cases involving UFOs and ‘interference’ with nuclear weapons technology. These include the Rendelsham Forest incident from 1980. Here UFOs were witnessed over-flying the US Air Force installations at RAF Bentwaters and Woodbridge and shooting ‘beams of light’ down into bunkers that contained nuclear warheads.

Similar tales are also, now emerging from Russia, mainly centered on a secret facility at Kapustin Yar: Russia’s ‘Area 51’. One of these even relates how a UFO appears to have ‘initiated’ a launch sequence count-down. Luckily – for us – the sequence terminated when the UFO left the area.

And it doesn’t end there.

In his book, ‘UFOs and Nukes: Extraordinary Encounters at Nuclear Weapons Sites,’ author and researcher: Robert Hastings, presents us with a history of this phenomenon that stretches from as far back as 1948, to as recently as 2003. When researching this work the author interviewed 120 eyewitnesses and collated together declassified documents from many different official sources. This is serious evidence presented in a book that addresses an extremely serious issue. Evidence enough – in my estimation – for us to conclude that the extraterrestrials themselves are very, very serious: and persistent, about their interest in our weapons of mass destruction.

So now ask yourself: ‘What are our visitors trying to communicate to us by persisting with this pattern of behavior?’

Think about it. They are temporarily disabling these weapons. They are not destroying them altogether. And they are doing this repeatedly in order to draw our attention to the fact that they are, indeed, doing it.

We are being told, here, that the most powerful weapons in our armory present no threat – whatsoever – to our visitors. We are being told that they can manipulate these devices whenever – and in whatever fashion – that they choose. They are also offering us an option: do we – the ordinary people of Planet Earth – wish to retain these weapons?

This issue has to be addressed now before it is too late. For there is a very real danger that the current geo-political situation will degenerate into a war between the Christian nations of the west and the Muslim nations of the east. Some people: including politicians and ex-Prime Ministers/Presidents, are actively promoting this war – they are seeking to extend the west’s control of the world’s oil reserves to encompass the oilfields of the east. If we let this war begin we will witness nuclear weapons used for the first time since 1945. We will witness the deaths of millions of people.

Our visitors are fully aware of this situation. Indeed, they might well have been trying to communicate this to us when they paid a visit to the Dome of the Rock: in Jerusalem, on 28 January this year. This site is the focal point of the three major religions: Christianity, Islam and Judaism, and the scene of bloody confrontations between them in the past.

So now we understand the issue. We are also aware that extraterrestrials are asking us a question. That question goes something like this: ‘We, the extraterrestrials, have the power to eliminate your weapons of mass destruction. How do you, the inhabitants of Planet Earth, want us to proceed?’

Now you need to ask yourself a few questions. Do you want to live in a world that is constantly threatened by nuclear annihilation? Wouldn’t you rather put an end to this madness once and for all? You have now been given an option. What are you going to do with it?

Part Two: Mass Communication by the Masses

The title that I gave this article should have forewarned the reader of where I am now going to take it.

I have chosen the petition method: as the preferred mode of mass communication with our extraterrestrial brothers and sisters, because – when you think about it – we haven’t really got any other options available. Which is not to say that this modus operandi wouldn’t work. It will. As you will discover by reading on.

Please read the following carefully:

A Petition for Peace on Earth



We: the undersigned, do hereby call upon all intelligent entities of goodwill – whether they be of this Earth or not of this Earth – to help us achieve our desire to rid our world of all weapons of mass destruction.

In return for such service, we also do hereby swear and avow, to keep the peace and not wage war on any race or creed: whether they be of this Earth or not of this Earth, from henceforth and in perpetuity.

This do we/I hereby swear and avow.

Now you will notice here that I have not used words like: ‘alien’ or ‘extraterrestrial’, to delineate those being addressed by the petition. I have, instead, carefully chosen words that give the petition’s appeal an open-ended universality. By using this combination of words the petition appeals to everybody – including ET.

There is, also, another purely pragmatic reason why I have left this two paragraph statement open to interpretation. Not everyone believes in the existence of extraterrestrials. But – amongst the ranks of the non-believers – there is still a majority that desire peace on Earth along with nuclear disarmament. By signing this petition these people are not – necessarily – stating that they share our belief. So those that elect to go out and actively seek signatories to this petition should meet with far fewer objections.

Furthermore, besides appealing to those that can help us rid our world of weapons of mass destruction, this statement also ‘speaks to’ those who would oppose us in our quest for world peace. Anyone signing this petition is, in effect, serving notice upon the warmongers that they are rejecting the insanity of war altogether.

By renouncing war, in this manner, we are – at the same time – sending an important signal to ‘the visitors’. We are telling them that the human race has matured; that we can now resolve our differences without resorting to killing one another. We can add to this our sworn assurance that: when we eventually develop the technology that will take us to the stars, we will not be attacking any of the races that we encounter along the way.

So I have, essentially, worded the petition to give it as wide an appeal as possible without rendering it meaningless. I have, as well I hope, given it a depth of meaning that will be readily understood by both those with only a little knowledge of current affairs, and those that – on the other hand – are aware that the third world war has already begun.

Now for the mechanics of delivery. How do we transmit our aspirations – as set out by the petition – to our governments and everyone else that is, ‘Of this world, or not of this world?’

My answer to this question was inspired by Julian Assange: the founder of WikiLeaks. In an interview: with RTTV in May this year, Assange stated that, ‘Facebook is the most appalling spying machine ever invented.’ He went on to explain that information uploaded onto this social networking website by its members was being closely monitored by the CIA and other agencies. Now I have no reason to doubt Mr Assange’s assessment. For our purposes here, however, this monitoring of the site by government agencies makes Facebook the ideal conduit through which we can transmit our hopes, aspirations and our rejection of war directly to the people that would have us fight those wars. So using Facebook in the way that I intend would give every single signatory to the petition the opportunity to ‘stand up and be counted’.

Then there is the media in general. If enough support for the petition can be generated then reports about this new ‘social phenomenon’ will begin appearing in the press and broadcast media. Broadcast media is the key here. Television and radio programs are transmitted using radio frequency electromagnetic radiation. Once broadcast this radiation propagates outward into the Cosmos at the speed of light. And who is out there deciphering all the information encoded into those radio transmissions? That’s right. The extraterrestrials will finally receive the answer that they have been waiting for.

So how do we get the petition on to Facebook? Well, I have already done a little groundwork in preparation for this. I have put the petition together as an Adobe Acrobat pdf (portable document file). To read and print the file you will need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader (which is freeware) installed on your computer. The pdf runs to only two pages. The first page contains the statement that I set out above and a table with spaces for twenty hand-written entries. So the first page constitutes, ‘The Petition.’ Signatories needn’t, either, worry about the document being used to build up a database by commercial interests – the information asked for is extremely limited.

The second page contains information (instructions) on what you should do with the pdf. This page needn’t be printed. I’ll summarize the instructions here: (after downloading the pdf) print the first page, go out and get twenty people to sign the petition, scan the completed document onto your computer, save it as a jpeg and upload it to an album on your Facebook profile. That’s it.

Now I would like the reader to ask themselves another question: ‘What have we got lose by doing this?’ I could follow that up with: just think what we might gain. Then for those who would ask; ‘But will ET go for it?’ I would answer: ‘We’ll never know until we try.’

We could, in fact, go on asking questions like this until the crack of doom. Then nothing would happen and nothing would change. Eventually we would all get steam-rollered over by the very events that the extraterrestrials are warning us about. And that would be it: game over.

So lets just put all our objections aside. Lets just do it.

A parting thought. Students of Ufology cite several reasons for their government’s pathological aversion to disclosure. I’m going to suggest another. Our ‘leaders’ are pissed-off with the extraterrestrials because they are being left ‘out of the loop.’ Remember the kids of Ariel School? An alien descended from the sky and spoke directly to them. He didn’t land in Harare and ask to speak to Robert Mugabe. Nor did he land on the White House lawn and ask for an audience with the President. He delivered his message directly to sixty-two schoolchildren – and through them to us. This is a messge sent from one race directly to another. It is now time for the human race to reply.

Petitioners can download the petition (free) here:

ET is waiting to hear from you!

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