Intervention: the Return of the Gods


It has finally arrived. 2012: a year of such enormous portent and promise, long awaited with both hope and dread. The escalating anticipation that preceded this mysterious calendrical milestone will now either be justified by unprecedented events, or the Universe will just carry on as before, blithely unaware of Mankind’s fears and expectations.

So, are we to witness our approaching doom? Or welcome, with open arms, our deliverance and the dawn of a new age?

Well, the future is not yet set in stone, but: so far, the auguries are not good. Events are, indeed, moving on apace out there in the Solar System. But whether or not we should be alarmed about them is a matter for individual choice. What we cannot do, however, is ignore the fact that the solar bombardment: that will build to a climax throughout this year, has already begun.

The Solar Bombardment

Please watch this short video in our  Youtube/Video section.

(All of the images shown were taken by the cor 2 instrument aboard the SECCHI B (behind) satellite between the beginning of November last year and January 1, 2012.)

What you have just witnessed are the ongoing, massive events unfolding on the surface of our Sun. These events are being driven by convulsions in the Sun’s magnetic field, which throw out coronal mass ejections: clouds of ionised gas and plasma weighing billions of tons, into the outer reaches of the Solar System. This activity will accelerate in the coming months: with bigger, and more violent events, becoming more frequent. The acceleration will continue until the Solar Maximum: which has been predicted to arrive at the end of this year, has been reached and passed. It is unlikely that Planet Earth will survive this bombardment completely unscathed.

It is known that coronal mass ejections (CMEs) can do serious damage to electrical and electronic installations and equipment. In March 1989 damage of this nature caused a blackout throughout the Canadian province of Quebec as a geomagnetic storm: triggered by a CME impacting the Earth’s magnetosphere, overloaded the electricity transmission grid. If this type of event was repeated across the world: with a series of CMEs arriving one after the other, it has been calculated that it could take as long as fifty years to replace all the damaged components – vital to the operation of power and relay stations – and bring the major urban population centres back online. This scenario: in itself, is the stuff of nightmare for the technology, and energy dependent populations of the developed world.

But what if it turns out to be much, much worse?

During the 1989 event auroral phenomena were witnessed in the skies above Texas. This gives us some indication that there is an upper limit to how much energy the Earth’s magnetosphere can handle. Which begs a question, after our protective magnetic mantle has been overwhelmed: when it can no longer absorb or deflect the unimaginable amounts of solar energy being transmitted via these monstrous plasma discharges, what comes next?

We would do well, here, to examine – as closely as we can – what is happening: right now, with the planet Venus.

The Great Goddess Awakens

You make the heavens tremble and the earth quake. Great Priestess, who can soothe your troubled heart? You flash like lightning over the highlands; you throw your firebrands across the earth. Your deafening command…splits apart great mountains

This quotation is from a six-millennia-year-old hymn to the Sumerian goddess Inanna: who was represented in the heavens by the planet Venus.

Now please watch this video.

It seems that the Venus that the ancient Sumerians knew:their Inanna that ruled in their heaven, has re-awoken. Once again – after slumbering for thousands of years – she is casting her firebrands across the Earth..

So what are we looking at here?

These are the effects that the solar bombardment is having on the planet Venus. If, at this point, you are beginning to feel a little apprehensive – don’t worry – you’re not alone: so am I.

Let’s have a look at some stills from that last video.

The image above is from early in the video sequence: just before Venus appears from the left. The red arrow is pointing to an arc of plasma.

Plasma arcs are not an unusual sight in the Solar System. We see them all the time forming above the surface of the Sun.

The arc that we are looking at here in the video, however, is unusual in that it isn’t associated with the Sun. It is appearing/forming in response to the presence of Venus.

Here the arc, although faint, is clearly associated with Venus. It is made of plasma and gas: ejected by the Sun, that has become ordered – to form the arc – as it interacts with Venus’ weak magnetic field. When you watch this part of the video sequence you will clearly see the arc/loop of plasma being drawn-in and absorbed by Earth’s ‘sister’ planet.

What happens next is really quite startling.

As Venus exits the frame to the right – it appears to explode. First a rapidly expanding loop of plasma emerges at Venus’ upper left; then the planet seems to swell-up explosively and scatter debris in all directions.

What we must bear in mind here is that electricity will always flow from a region/terminal of high charge potential to a region/terminal of low charge potential. This means that: because the Sun possesses almost a thousand times the mass/energy/charge potential of the rest of the Solar System combined, the Sun is always going to win the argument. It also means that all nine planets will, in turn, be subjected to the plasma barrage. And hitting them all in turn will not be that difficult to achieve either, because toward the end of this year most of the planets will be lined up like skittles in a bowling alley.

In Venus’ case what we are seeing is that – first: because the planet has a lower charge potential than its plasma filled environment, it sucks in the energy released by the Sun – then as its charge potential increases it reaches the limit of its capacity to contain the charge and an explosive discharge results.

The conditions on Venus: prior to the bombardment, were – of course – already pretty hellish. With a surface temperature of over 400 degrees Celsius and an atmosphere that supports clouds of sulphuric acid, it was never going to make it onto NASA’s candidate list for a manned flight mission.

But what must those conditions be like now? How has the bombardment modified them?

More pertinently, how will the bombardment: when it arrives here in earnest, affect conditions here on Planet Earth? It should be noted that the Earth has a far stronger magnetic field than Venus. But will it be strong enough to protect us from a sustained onslaught? Unfortunately we already know the answer to this question. A coronal mass ejection overwhelmed our defences in 1989. And what we are facing this time around will make that event seem like a damp squib by comparison. We are going to get hit big time. We are going to get hit repeatedly. And the fact that the Earth possesses a magnetic field that, normally, protects us from harmful solar radiation, could – this time around – actually work against us.

The Earth’s magnetic field is generated by its rotating core composed of molten iron. The core rotates at a far higher speed than the surface of the Earth upon which we stand. What would occur: here at the surface, if the cyclic, spin rate of the core was severely disrupted by massively erratic influxes of electrical energy from our Sun? If the core’s rotation was to suddenly speed up: or slow down, it would generate shock waves that will propagate upwards and outward from the core, up through the mantle to the crust. Here at the surface those shock waves would be translated into tectonic megathrusts. We are, here, looking at earthquakes, volcanism and oceanic displacement on a cataclysmic scale.

So we are all doomed – right? Well, maybe not.

Remember the quotation from ancient Sumer that you read earlier? It tells us that we have been here before; and that we – as a race – survived. We are, after all, still here to read it. What it doesn’t tell us, however, is how our ancient forebears managed to endure the bombardment. For it is patently obvious to us now, that we haven’t yet developed a technological fix that could – in anyway – help us ameliorate: or avoid, the impact of what is about to befall us.

All of this means that the questions must now become: what happened back then? How did our ancestral forefathers survive the solar barrage? And, most importantly: will it pan out in that way again? Will we endure?

Intervention: the Return of the Gods

The image above mightn’t look much as it stands; but, believe me, what you are seeing here is something truly spectacular. This image was captured by the Lacos (white light coronograph) instrument aboard the SOHO satellite. It shows an alien starship parked-up directly within the Sun’s corona. The Sun’s corona has a mean temperature of over 3 million degrees Celsius. This colossal spacecraft can obviously handle anything the Sun can throw at it. The technology employed here probably uses a sheath of polarized particles: that completely envelops the starship, to deflect solar radiation around it. If you want to understand how this can be achieved read the document: Alien Technology Explained (see the link at the end of this article).

If you do a bit of rummaging around on the internet: Youtube is your best bet, you will discover that the starship above isn’t alone out there. There are others.

Now we need to ask: why are they here?

Do you think, perhaps, that they could be here for us? For our benefit?

Who was it that intervened on our ancestors behalf, when they were faced with annihilation from the heavens? Have their saviours returned to save us?

If they have how will they go about it? Will they align their spaceships between the Sun and Earth to form a shield and protect us from the incoming bombardment? Or will they descend from the skies and evacuate us to safer climes until the Sun’s fury has abated?

My questions do not end there either. I would also ask: haven’t they seen how we slaughter each other wholesale? Are we really worth saving?

So folks, cross your fingers and hope for the best. Maybe this time next year we’ll still be around to answer some of these questions.

Alien Technology Explained (free pdf download) please follow the link:


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