Aliens, 7 Billion Humans, and Our Depleted Planet

As I gazed at the “Photo of the Week” of the strange, brilliantly lighted craft over Hoboken, New Jersey, I wondered what so many of us wonder, “What is their power source? What energy or energies are they using?” Meanwhile, back on the planet, Homo sapiens have hit the 7 billion mark, and counting. We desperately need a new clean energy source.

Drilling for the messy, toxic stuff called oil, causes environmental damage at best, and life-ending massive spills at worst. Obtaining control of oil fields, or trying to, causes ugly, horrific wars which bring decades if not centuries of suffering by people and other life-forms as well as devastation of the land. Just take a look at Iraq.

Other current sources of energy such as coal are worse than oil. Natural gas has raised the worrisome specter of fracking, which causes thousands of small quakes and gobbles up the water table right when our planet is also running out of fresh, useable water.

Solar energy, geothermic energy, wind energy: These are all championed by the green movement, but they all have practical problems, and they don’t offer an energy source for 7 billion people. They are for an elite few at this point.

We all know the account of Nikola Tesla and his free energy discovery. Is this one of the forms of energy which some aliens use? If so, we humans have a good claim on it, or at least we should be helped by it, because Tesla was human or so he seemed to be. Of course, maybe the aliens discovered free energy before Tesla did.

At any rate, as in the Hoboken photo, there they are, over our heads with some amazing form of power. And we are down here, with a climate made dangerously unstable by carbon emissions causing the atmosphere to heat up. Here we are with terrible wars and mini-wars with “oil” as the root motivator of this curse.

Now, about our 7 billion population, rising, moment by moment, day by day:

We have depleted all of Earth’s resources which we desperately depend on, and still we keep propagating. Hundreds of millions of humans are already hungry, living in miserable circumstances, and even starving. As we slowly smother ourselves to death, we first kill the natural environment and Earth’s wondrous diversity of species. How many species are in trouble, and how many face actual extinction? We have lost all count. We are developing every beautiful green corner of Earth and putting up cheap houses, cement, and corporate businesses.

Oh, but humans are special, I see. The Bible says that God has given to humans, dominion over Earth and the creatures of Earth.

What if the aliens’ Bible says that God has given dominion over the creatures of the galaxy, to them?

Perhaps not coincidentally, many of the same people who still claim there is no radical global climate change are the same people who say humans have dominion over all other life, and over the planet herself.

Some people feel that the aliens are us in some manner, shape or form, through some quirk of creation by the mass human consciousness, or by definition of what quantum physics is, or through some anomaly of space/time – perhaps Future Us.

I hope the aliens are not us! If they were us, they might have the inclination to thin out our numbers, like human hunters thin out deer in the brutal “deer harvest,” as if the deer were stalks of corn instead of intelligent creatures. If there were a human harvest by aliens, our numbers would be going down by the millions or billions, instead of zooming upward.

Some people think the aliens abduct humans and do not let them go. I have never seen proof of this. There are certainly groups of abductees, but now they are back with us. Yes, people go missing but there seems to be enough serial killers, angry non-custodial parents, killers within families, and people, even teenagers, who just leave and want to start a new life, to explain most disappearances. Even if aliens do “keep” a few humans, they are not taking great numbers of us for a human harvest; after all, we just hit 7 billion! Also, the aliens have never manifested on the horizon of Manhattan and mowed down everyone on 42nd Street. They have not zapped entire bases of our Marines and soldiers.

Back to the human religious belief that humans have dominion over Earth and her life-forms and resources: The most enormous challenge in accepting the existence of aliens is that we humans must make up our minds on this deeply intense and pivotal question:

Are we special? Or are we just another species of the many species on Planet Earth? If we are simply one of Earth’s creations, but have this unique intelligence, then we have a huge responsibility to protect Earth, her other life-forms, and her resources.

It is right before our eyes: There are aliens right over our heads who have human-like intelligence, only they have a whole lot more of it than we do! Their intelligence is obviously much higher than ours. Yikes!

Can those who believe humans are God’s most favored species, still justify this religious opinion?

Or must we finally realize that we are but one tiny speck in the universal arena of life-forms?

If there is a breakaway civilization of humans who have the aliens’ clean, powerful energy and perhaps have gone to Mars and beyond, we the common human people, have been deemed throwaways as we continue to over-populate and use up the resources of our planet. We destroy world we stand on, more and more each year. Do the elite of the breakaway civilization value Earth so little? Have they found other worlds which can possibly take the place of Earth, even for them and their rich life styles?

This gets into the stuff of science fiction or at least, science speculation. I would wonder if the aliens gave breakaway elite humans the advanced technology they use or if it was stolen from crashed saucers.

My point: Are the aliens happy dealing with these elite humans who would sell their own species down the river to oblivion?

I see some indication that the aliens are not happy just dealing with the military and perhaps with breakaway human elitists: Why are there so many sightings over the highways of the common people? Why are aliens appearing over 4th of July firework displays and Nascar-like air shows? Why are they often photographed and videoed over neighborhoods of the common, working class people across the planet and over major cities?

There is no doubt there is some kind of non-interference directive regarding the general human populace but for several reasons, the aliens seem to be discarding it, at least to a degree. We common people now have access to relatively advanced technology and so we have the capability to understand the aliens better. Meanwhile, our political systems are falling apart, our society itself has unraveled, and our world is badly damaged. Even the fish supply has dwindled dramatically. Climate chaos ruins crops. Saline water rises and creeps into fresh water supplies as fresh water glaciers melt.

How important is that non-interference directive? Do the aliens want to end up trying to deal with only the military and a few wealthy elitists? Have they grown unhappy with this?

Maybe I am just searching for a miracle, because “7 billion humans” is just horrendous for the poor old planet which we all depend on. Maybe I am just searching for a miracle because I see how evil the quest for oil is, and how hopeless the search for a clean energy source seems to be. We all just keep pumping gas into our old cars, I do too.

I don’t know how to feed the starving third world, or how to give all of them (and ourselves), condoms, or how to save the tiger. I send $20.00 now and then but these days, I need it myself.

However, hey, those UFOs ARE up there! Right over Hoboken! Those craft do fly with some kind of absolutely amazing energy source! And they really seem interested now in us, the common people below.

Maybe the aliens are planning a human harvest, like the deer harvest, so we 7 billion will have our numbers lessened. However, I do not think the evidence points to that. Abductions can be frightening but not deadly.

Outside of that, there is little to suggest that aliens feel they are the most special beings in the universe who can harvest other beings, unlike some humans who still maintain they are God’s chosen and therefore have the right to over-populate, plunder, deplete, and destroy.

The aliens should be evolved enough to know that they are one tiny speck amongst the life-forms in the universe, no more special than any other sacred speck. Indications are, the aliens do know this. They are not God’s chosen, either. We are all just sailing through the vast blackness of space on small, oval rocks or in tiny, vulnerable ships.

It is time the aliens turn away from “the elite” and the military brass, because the best of humans are we the people!

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