Aliens: Warriors in the Garden of Good and Evil?

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Once in a while, it hits a person, “Is it all a battle between good and evil?” Is the strange behavior of the aliens a component of the universal struggle to balance light and dark?  UFO research finds itself immersed in this age-old question: “Are the aliens good guys or bad guys?” Reptilians in particular seem to take on an epic evil persona while ascended masters have nearly omniscient, omnipotent goodness – or so we humans perceive.

One individual swears aliens are cold, unfeeling bullies who are monsters from unknown space, or parasites and slave masters, from within Earth’s other densities.

Another individual says, “What is this guy talking about? My experience and the experiences of many others have been with peaceful, intelligent, enlightened beings who made such a positive difference our lives that we can’t even express it in words. They are showing us the way to our future!”

Two new books reminded me of this ongoing question which hovers over the UFO field. One of the new books is Laura Knight-Jadczyk’s The High Strangeness of Dimensions, Densities, and the Process of Alien Abduction. It is reviewed by Richard Dolan on

This book comes from the point of view that the aliens in our skies and on Earth are of darkness.  It gives the channeled information that the human race is being manipulated physically and spiritually by a race of malevolent, shape-shifting beings. They can manipulate time with ease, they control “the greys,” and they live in what is known as the Fourth Density.

However, UFO Digest recently featured the new book entitled

It has the point of view that benevolent alien-human interactions mark a spiritual turning point in the person’s life, providing a loss of the fear of death, enhanced spiritual insights, a connection to cosmic consciousness, or increased motivation to be of service to humanity, and that alien contact is a helpmate to human evolution.

It is not my intent to re-create the content of these two books; they both are fascinating.

What strikes me is the polar opposite versions of aliens which these books illustrate; they echo the entire field of UFOlogy and our basic disagreement. That disagreement emanates partly from those of us who have had encounters; our encounters vary tremendously, running the continuum from an encounter of astounding enlightenment to an encounter filled with fear and darkness.

Is it one group of aliens who design encounters to run the gamut of human experience? Or are there different groups of aliens who vary tremendously in their motivation? I wonder if every kind of alien is even interested in capturing a human for an hour; it might have been interesting in 1947, but after all these years, it would seem the aliens might prefer to do something else.

It does seem a reasonable conclusion that there are many kinds of aliens visiting us from many sources and worlds. For one thing, the variety of craft in our skies indicates this fact. Some craft seem “nuts and bolts” while others seem ethereal and misty. Of course we can’t jump to the conclusion that the good guys are have ethereal-looking craft while the bad guys drive mini-Death Stars. It is too easy to apply human conclusions to something we really don’t have a handle on – yet.

The encounter of my own which I remember most clearly was aboard a nuts and bolts ship, or so it seemed. If I was in an altered state of consciousness, then all bets are off regarding reality as we know it, but I feel I was aboard a ship which was three dimensional at that time. My encounter was and has been a huge positive in my life, even though it led me on a different path than I might otherwise have traveled.

So if the aliens come from many different sources and worlds in our skies, why are they not at war with each other? How can beings of light and beings of darkness exist, at peace, in the skies of one small planet? I know there are reports, often channeled, of wars and dust-ups between different groups of aliens but there is no proof of this. I tend to be wary of the detailed science fiction-like stories which are spun.

If there is a group or groups of aliens who actually take blood or DNA from a specific ethnic group of abducted humans to carry forth some nefarious genetic project, all the while continuing to haunt said small group of humans in most-terrible ways, then certainly this group of aliens marches to a very dark drummer. I say “supposed” because I have never seen proof of this, either, and it is the opposite of my positive personal experience, but I do give due respect to the concept.

I worry, however, that our own human fear enters into the picture and clouds perception. What a tragedy if human fear throws a monkey-wrench into humankind’s bright future!

There is a video of two girls, about ages six and eight, who began to scream when a loveable little dachshund approaches them to be patted. The little dog backs up as the girls scream as if their lives depend on it. When the girls quiet down, the little dog approaches them again, tail wagging, and the girls began their high pitched, desperate screams again as they plaster themselves against a garage wall in utter fear. 


The shock of being suddenly confronted with a species which you did not know exists, and which you thought could not exist – because no one is higher than a human – is enough in itself to alter the encounter experience.                                      

On the other hand, some children would fall in instant love with a new little dog; if these children were to suddenly meet an alien, I suspect they would not fall into a state of fearful panic great enough to actually alter the experience itself. Of course, these children might read a more heavenly aspect to the dog than existed. The dog is “just” a nice little dog!

If the human does add fear or love to the strange experience, I feel it better to add love.

Am I being too simplistic? Fear is powerful. Love is more-powerful! I believe love is the most powerful force in the universe. I believe it can positively alter reality.

What about the cosmic battle between good and evil, then? Well, you should ask Luke Skywalker because none of the rest of us know. If UFO occupants are Jungian and/or quantum beings who manifest through the power of the human mass consciousness, then they might be warriors in the light vs. dark battle because we humans are warriors in that battle, too. We have been since we first appeared on Earth. And, we all have both in us – the light and the darkness. Of course all too often, one man’s light is the other man’s darkness.


The fear factor leads so easily to the hate factor, hatred of anything or anyone different. Any intuitively gifted person will agree that nothing is worse than fear entering the picture. For instance, 3 teenagers decide it would be fun to have a séance.  Two of them will give it a try and move on, but the third teen, who becomes obsessed with the fear stimulation, constantly thinking scary thoughts and, lo and behold, a “legitimate manifestation of evil” takes place. Mindless fear, quickly followed by hatred, leads to a dark place.

Might this be the test the aliens are giving us humans? Perhaps the aliens are simply advanced beings, flawed but highly intelligent, and they wish to see, before making contact, if humans can get our negative emotions in check. These emotions lead to fear and hatred which the aliens fear, not wanting to be lynched, shot, nuked, or tarred and feathered. The aliens perceive human history and they have grave doubts about their own safety upon contacting humans with their intent of inviting us into the galactic community. Our technology is advanced sufficiently that we must to be approached these days by the galactic community.

The aliens must have highly advanced technology which probably involves computers. So perhaps as these aliens progressed, they became more logical and less in the epic, Biblical, God vs. Satan mindset. Maybe logical, advanced beings are perplexed by the epic drama of the human race as it runs the gamut from good to evil, all day every day.

The aliens are intrigued because they have observed that we humans are often noble, selfless, and giving; perhaps the aliens’ logic-mindset does not have these traits as often.  Humans risk our lives to save another, we donate a kidney to a stranger, we take in a homeless dachshund and we love him, unconditionally. We give our homeless neighbor the shirt off our back (well, once in a while), and we chain ourselves to the giant Redwood lest the loggers cut it. We place our small boat between whales and the whaling ship, we know unconditional love for another individual, for other life forms, and for our planet.  Humans have potential!

Personally, I do not believe any aliens are all-good or all-bad. Their degree of evolution shows me that they have found enough balance between the two to be able to break the surly gravitational bonds of their world, and travel to my world. They did not destroy themselves internally; they instead accomplished space/time/dimensional travel. 

I feel the aliens seek the light, preferring not to be puppets of darkness, because, as astronaut Edgar Mitchell recently reminded us, they must be good guys because they have never fired on us, never wiped us out.


Stop and think about it: We take it for granted that the aliens have never fired on us and taken our world. But–this is a huge indicator of who they are!

It is said that “some abductees have disappeared forever.” I have not read a detailed, documented case of a missing person which is connected to a UFO sighting or something similar. There is the innuendo which leads us to a state of fear, but is there evidence? 

Is the UFO phenomenon linked to the greater cosmic struggle between warriors of light and warriors of darkness?  Does this struggle even exist?  Do these warriors even exist, or is the galactic community simply a coherent group of intelligent and reasonably enlightened species who have reached the stage where they know each other exists, and there is usually cooperation among the many species? Not such an epic story, but I truly hope this is what it is all about!

However, there are wise people who have concluded that the light/dark battle and/or balance, does exist since time began (if “time” did begin), and that now the stage is Earth as the war goes on.

I do prefer a cosmos which is mostly in between. An alien might treat me coldly until I can communicate to him that I hurt just like he hurts. Perhaps we humans will be able to communicate that easily to the aliens when we stop hurting each other and when we stop chopping mighty, living trees, and stop experimenting on animals in the lab, and murdering what is left of the Gorilla Family.


Humans have been cruel and unfeeling to lab animals for centuries. If we are then treated similarly, perhaps it is an attempted lesson for us. Yes, rather condescending and cruel of the alien, but nonetheless, perhaps the aliens speak to us through concepts within the mutual field of consciousness, not in mundane specifics.

Earth is our garden; the universe will soon be our garden. It does seem both good and evil grow in the garden, within us, and with-out us. However, the garden is mostly a place in between. Each individual is on a journey; we are also on a journey as the human species. Most of the time, one does not encounter epic good or epic evil on this journey, but instead one strives daily for peace, justice, gentleness, and integrity. I feel most aliens are on a similar journey with similar goals. “Epic” seldom happens.

However, what is epic, is the day of disclosure! What is epic is the day we meet, face to face! It can’t happen soon enough.

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