Alternate Realities: The Dream World, Aliens and Infinity


Dreams are short threads of actual reality. Your entire lifetime is a longer thread of reality; all realities are quantum experiences of consciousness. Dogs, gorillas, humans – we all dream! 

Dreams often seem real because they are realities; they are branch-realities created and perceived by your mind, just like your lifetime. How many times have you awakened from a dream still worrying deeply about a problem or event within the dream you just experienced? And consider those intensely, magnificently spiritual dream-interactions with angels, guardians, aliens, or with some other wondrous branch reality – which changed your life forever. 

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Of course nightmares can also change your life’s path; as a child I dreamed our house was on fire; it was a detailed, vivid dream and from that night onward, I have a fire phobia to the extent that I never even light matches. In an alternate reality, did my childhood house really burn that night? One thing is certain, my consciousness perceived that dream as real and, after all, this is the only way we define reality. Look around at your environment: How do you know it is real? You perceive it. 

Quantum physics tell us that branching, alternate realities are created infinitely as the individual makes this decision or that decision, or as the individual meets this new person or just misses meeting someone who would have changed his life. 

Even stubbing your toe and going to get a band-aid, makes you three minutes later onto the freeway for the morning commute. Would you have been in that terrible car accident which is holding up traffic, if you had not stubbed your toe?

Dreams are another form of alternate reality.  Reality apparently comes in short size (dreams), tall size (your lifetime) and in a variety of different styles (realities which branch).

I believe dreams can be portals to realities outside your own which you can access. Humans have not yet learned to control this personal quantum portal, but we are learning. This astounding and downright magical door is right up there in our heads and we use it all the time. However, we are not sufficiently advanced to control it at this stage of our evolution. We ought to be able to direct our dream mind to go where we pre-direct it to go, before going to sleep.

Instead, just as with our life-giving and life-sustaining planet, we take our personal quantum portal for granted and do not try to perfect it. Nonetheless, it is the world of The Dream Reality.

We tend to apply the lowest common denominator to our Dream Reality. We assume a meaningful dream was still “just a dream.”  We do not give our Dream Reality any confirmation of worth and validity, and so it remains just a dream. The belief of the Australian Aborigines is that the Dream Reality is the “real reality,” but our “civilized world” teaches the only reality is the waking one. 

The Day Reality is that world we know all too well, of money worries, personal stress, illness, family disputes, war, rudeness, the Internet – yes, some good scenarios, too in Day Reality! No one is trying to get rid of the Day Reality!

However, as civilization progresses (or “civilization,” depends on your point of view), we humans have almost deleted our Dream Reality. We fail to give it meaningful in-put into our lives, we fail to consider it as important in any way, and like the living spirit of Mother Earth, we don’t acknowledge its existence. And so, of course fades it fades; then we notice we don’t dream much anymore – or do not remember dreams. In fact, if we literally did not dream anymore, research tells us we would go insane in a short amount of time.

Australian Aboriginal People believe that every person exists eternally in Dream Time. This infinite aspect of the individual exists before the life of the physical individual begins and continues to exist when the life of the individual ends. This sounds very similar to the concept of the morphic field which stretches into infinitely; when we leave our physical shell, we return to the vast consciousness of the universal quantum field. 


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