Angel Hair spotted at China UFO Sighting by four thousand villagers

by Carolyn Shield

A UFO sighting by four thousand Chinese villagers was seen in mid April 2012. Villagers were awaken by a huge hovering craft only 50 meters from their rooftops. Witnesses watched it vanish in the night sky. They observed the craft emitting a kind of floss or cotton substance.

I don’t know if the readers are familiar with “Angel Hair”. It is a substance dispersed by UFOS. It is described as cobweb like or fine hair. Angel hair usually disintegrates or evaporates over time. It appeared in the vision of Fatima 13th of September and October 1917.

Other sightings is Oloron France,St Mark Square in Venice, and Evora where a piece was analyzed by University at Lisbon. It was believed to be caused by a single cell organism of some kind.

Some people have related Angel hair to Manna. Manna was the substance sent by God to feed the Israelites in the desert. It has been reported at sightings of Mary such as Fatima.

It was analyzed and found to be a vegetable product when observed under the microscope. 

Angel Hair has some folklore stories that talk about pixie dust. An the Hopi Indians had their Spider Woman who was Mother of All Things. Could the Villagers have had a visit?

Here is a link of a picture of possible Angel Hair

Another sighting happened in Quirindi Australia where residents saw cobwebs fall from the sky after a UFO sighting. They performed manuevers over their home for over an hour dropping these cobwebs or angel hair. The residents tried to pick them up but they disintegrated in their hands.

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