Are UFO Occupants Composed of Plasma, Their Life-Force Residing in Electric Energy?

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After many years of being involved in UFOlogy, I have concluded that some UFOs are intricately connected to plasma. I would like to share my thoughts on this possibility. In doing so, I keep in mind that although we usually look for life forms similar to ours (corporeal life having formed in an earth-like environment), where life really seems to dwell is in our consciousness. No doubt, in consciousness throughout the universe.

Our consciousness exists in our minds and according to modern science, our minds “run” on electric circuitry. Does life itself dwell in this electric energy rather than in the corporeal body? Is this why we “pass on” to other realms rather than “dying?” Humans tend to not even consider this because we perceive ourselves as corporeal but perhaps we should reassess the nature of our own beinghood while we also consider that electricity might be the source of life, rather than organic matter.

In many sightings, the UFOs have a plasma-like appearance; for example, this description was given by a witness:

Many times, UFOs defy gravity making right turns or small circles at tremendous speeds; science as we know it concludes that occupants inside they would die from the “g forces” involved. This is one argument by skeptics against the reality of UFOs.


Picture: Artwork of plasma UFO

Are UFOs plasma formations? However, what if the UFOs are composed of plasma? The assumption is then that “of course” there are no life forms in plasma, so UFOs are obviously just weird plasma phenomena devoid of life. Even the infamous “swamp gas” had a plasma concept behind it.

That plasma can have no intelligence is a conclusion of science as we know it. However, we still have much to learn scientifically, and we are wise to keep in mind that advanced science as witnessed by less-advanced beings (us), seems to be impossible even though we do witness it as it unfolds. The trouble with stating that plasma is just plasma is that UFOs display intelligent behavior, even if it seems to be alien behavior to us. We can’t quite make sense of why UFOs act as they do, but their intelligence (or that of their occupants), has been proven over and over again.

With thanks to Mark Heley’s website for this UAP section: In fact, Project Condign was the name given to a top secret UFO study undertaken by the British Government’s Defense Intelligence Staff (DIS) between 1997 and 2000. The report looked into all reported sightings of UFOs over the previous three decades. Between 1967 and 1997, there were 100–750 credible incidences a year in British air space alone. The project came to the remarkable conclusion that the phenomenon was indisputably real, but that they weren’t dealing with physical craft. Instead, the report concludes that the UFO phenomenon is caused by highly charged atmospheric plasmas. These were named unidentified aerial phenomena (UAPs).

In a high-energy state, the UAPs are visible to the naked eye, but in a lower energy state they may only be visible in the infrared spectrum or on radar. The UAPs generally have a magnetic field about 5,000 times weaker than Earth’s, but the UAP’s field is pulsed and rotating, which seems to provide them with their source of propulsion.

The UAPs were also capable of flying in formation and quite frequently formed complex geometric arrangements of three to five balls that gave a very good approximation of the underside shape of a classic UFO. These balls were able to move synchronously and were observed to be able to join and then part again. When flying in formation, light in between the balls of plasmas often appears to be blocked, giving the appearance of a solid craft.


The power of these UAPs is so great that close proximity to their plasma fields can seriously harm a vehicle or person. The Project Condign report notes that scientists in the former Soviet Union have taken a particular interest in the UFO/UAP phenomena and are pursuing related techniques for military purposes. Several Russian and Chinese aircraft have been destroyed chasing UFOs.

Parts of the Condign Report are still classified and have not been published. These include the relationship between UAPs and solar sunspot cycles, various drawings, and photographs. However, the report does include the admission that the significance of ley lines and Earth energy grids were investigated as part of the report’s study.

The effects of proximity to these UAP plasmoids can be wide ranging in the people who encounter them:

· 75 percent of people felt odd or dizzy or reported tingling sensations.

· 65 percent saw vivid images and/or said they experienced pleasant vibrations.

· Only 40 percent said they experienced fear or terror.

The Condign Report also notes that there are significant neurological effects on humans who encountered the UAPs. Contact with UAPs created serious perceptual and temporal distortions. The Condign Report’s conclusion after three years of gathering and processing data is that there is “no evidence that they (UAPs) . . . represent any hostile intent” and that “further investigation should be made into the applicability of various characteristics of plasmas in novel military applications.”

Russian UFO Research

Extensive research on these plasmoids has also been carried out by the Russian Academy of Sciences in a department headed by V. G. Azahazha. They concluded that these phenomena are highly mobile high-energy plasma vortexes, which they call UFOs. Their studies showed that these plasma UFOs exhibited the following behaviors:

· Gradual growth

· Splitting into two or more separate parts

· Dissolution to invisibility

· Disparate bright lights merging into larger formations (often reported as small craft joining the mother ship and forming a row of portholes)

· Disappearance, accompanied by a smell

· Rotation, nonlinear motion

· Weak thermal radiation

· Translucence, haloes, blackness

· Beamed light emissions

The beamed light emissions are explained by the Russian scientists as “discharge, or leakage paths” that allow the plasma to “float off” and to change direction, seemingly at will. (end of Mark Heley’s contribution)

Is there intelligent life within plasma formations? “…change directions seemingly at will?” So let’s ask THE question: Might UFO beings actually be a form of life within plasma? Or simply – a plasma form of life?

If they are a plasma form of life, we tend to assume they are primitive life, like an amoeba, or perhaps a jellyfish. Of course there have been many “jelly fish” and “manta ray” UFO sightings throughout the years which seem to be natural animals of some sort, “swimming” in the sky. Often these critters have plasma-like electric colors. Are they plasmoids?

Are we wrong to just assume these “critters” are all of low intelligence? They are probably an ancient form of life, manifesting and de-manifesting in the skies since the time Earth first had an atmosphere. They have had time to evolve high intelligence – more time than any other life form we can think of. Also keep in mind that the sky critters are not specifically manta rays or other ocean-life which they resemble any more than humans are specifically the gorillas whom we resemble. Of course, humans under-estimate the intelligence of other living creatures in general, but that is another subject!

Or, are these light-forms traveling on plasma corridors? A variation: What if UFOs are the plasma vehicles (plasmoid ships) of electric life-forms or possibly life forms composed of light itself? Do these light-forms travel on plasma pathways?

Remembering Science 101, lightning (electricity/light) travels across the sky and down to earth on plasma pathways or corridors. Here is another example of light/electricity traveling on plasma:

The Army has a shiny new laser plasma lightning cannon. It shoots lightning bolts down plasma channels created by laser beams to disable electronics and blow up targets, too. It is a laser plasma lightning cannon. This is indeed the grandfather of Star Trek’s phaser.

Yes, 2013 humans now have a weapon which uses electricity traveling on plasma. How far along are the aliens or the future-humans who are a mere one thousand years ahead of us in their use of plasma? If there are beings who have become sheer energy, plasma would seem to be their obvious vehicle (starcraft) or passageway.


The Army’s new laser plasma lightning cannon

This all gets a bit hard to imagine so let’s back up: Some paranormal events also seem to have plasma-like manifestations; remember the old “ectoplasm” that the Spiritualists referred to? Ghosts seem to be in a state of existence between sold and gaseous; in some cases, you can see through a ghost, and yet it has a solid, comprehensible form, whereas gas is formless.

Keeping the paranormal in mind, here is the definition of plasma: “In physics, plasma is a state of matter to gas in which a certain portion of the particles ionized. Heating a gas may ionize its molecules or atoms (reduce or increase the number of electrons them), thus turning it into a plasma, which contains charged particles: positive ions and negative electrons or ions. Ionization can be induced by other means, such as strong electromagnetic field applied with a laser.

Plasma as we know it has a higher temperature than gas, which means, it is very hot. There is a form of plasma called cold plasma which is still hot. If there are light-beings, we must assume their consciousness, which is what makes them living beings, is not sensitive to extreme heat as we are with our physical bodies.

The Paranormal and UFOs as well, seem intricately connected to electromagnetic phenomena. Ghosts seem to “flow” in some cases; electric anomalies are frequent around ghosts and other paranormal events. Lights blink off and come back on. Technical devices (cell phones, cameras, car radios and more), are interfered with by UFOs and there are some reports of similar events caused by ghosts.

It should be noted also that plasma formations or plasma ships have been seen and photographed outside Earth’s atmosphere as well by astronauts and telescopes. They are not just restricted to inside Earth’s atmosphere. This would tend to indicate these are not ancient Earth life forms alone but that they also exist or travel to outer space. Obviously they do not need air to breathe and have a different relationship with gravity than we do. Again, the presence of intelligence within these space plasmoid enigmas seems obvious.

I do not feel that UFOs and the paranormal are the same phenomenon but I do feel some UFOs and much of the paranormal, involve sentient plasmoids. They use plasma in order to manifest, or might be a plasmoid form of life.


Artwork: Plasma vortex in space

Where are plasma beings from? Are light-beings or electric-beings native to Earth? Are they from an adjacent brane (multiverse)? Or are they from far distant worlds wherein light-beings flourish and have evolved far beyond the present human state?

Even though it seems certain that some UFOs are plasma-connected light-forms, this does not negate the repeated questions, “Where are they from?” and “What do they want?”

Of course, advanced corporeal beings (like humans in 400 years), might use plasma projections or technology. Certainly this possibility is less far-out than actual plasmoid life because this projection theory would only demand is slightly advanced science. Are plasma-ships sent out to electrically gather information on Earth 2013, then called back to an actual space ship outside of Earth’s atmosphere? Just another possibility!

LightQuest is a fascinating book by Andrew Collins which goes into the theories I am discussing. Mr. Collin’s approach is refreshing, making ufology fascinating, leaping outside the accepted box.

Collins takes a favorite foil of the most ardent UFO debunkers and turns it back on them and effectively takes it out of their hands. I’m referring to “plasma” – as in the natural formations of plasmatic balls of light energy which form as a byproduct of certain geological processes beneath the earth’s surface. Infamous debunker Philip Klass, frequently presented plasma as a favorite explanation for mysterious lights whether it was the famous “Foo Fighters” which dogged military aircraft during World War II or the thousands of encounters with saucer-objects on a lonely road. Klass often pointed out that natural plasmas can act in weird and unexpected ways, giving the impression of alien intelligence operating behind them. This, he said, was true of swamp gas.

Andrew Collins agrees that plasma lights are almost certainly natural formations generated by earth-bound processes, specifically, high pressure faults beneath the surface of the earth. Plasma formations have even been created in a laboratory using pressure tools applied to certain kinds of rocks until they burst forth plasma emissions.

However, Collins takes it a step further, as am I in this article: Might natural plasma emissions actually play host or be the vehicles of– intelligent life forms? LIGHT BEINGS! These beings use plasma to manifest into our dimension, perhaps for short periods of time. Or longer? Who knows for sure at this point, but just as lightning travels on plasma passageways, so might light-beings.

Collins explains how a natural plasma formation could be the “temporary body” of trans-human life forms. He mentions quantum entanglement, on which I have written several articles (see New Dawn Special Issue 6 on UFOs and Human Consciousness/New World Order). Physicist David Bohm’s “implicate order” is a possible background framework of how all this could come together.

In Light Quest, Collins looks into the Barney and Betty Hill abduction, and the incredible events which took place at the Rendelsham military base in the U.K., and less known cases of abduction as well.
Another piece of the plasma puzzle is its possible connection to crop circles! Collins does not look into this but certainly it is a leading possibility in the crop circle mystery.


 Picture: Plasma UFO about to create a crop circle?

Conclusions: I stress that I also believe some UFO occupants come from time (what we call “the human future”) and are probably corporeal beings, as well as other UFO occupants coming from “space” (far distant planets), who are also probably corporeal. I do not feel that “plasma” solves the UFO puzzle. I feel that we are being visited by a plethora of mind-boggling beings from all sorts of mind-boggling sources!

Regarding plasma: When you look at abduction memories which are retrieved under hypnosis and the entire elusive “I think I was abducted,” or “I think I was contacted by space beings” phenomenon, it fits in nicely with a plasma/light theory. The beings encountered were “of energy” (not of physical form), and so while the human mind recorded the encounter using its usual EM circuits, nothing physical/corporeal ever took place.

The encounters were real but they were not with beings of the 1st State of Matter (solid) but rather, with beings of the 4th State of Matter (plasma/energy).

Dream levels of mind: These beings might sometimes use the “dream EM circuits” (dream levels) of the human mind so that the encounters are not easily remembered. Perhaps this is for the protection of the human, so as not to be viewed as crazy, or for hidden reasons known only to the energy beings.

Advanced Intelligence: I believe we are very wrong to assume light-beings who use plasma corridors are inherently demonic or negative. Instead, it seems logical that they have advanced far beyond what we can presently imagine and are highly intelligent. They have evolved past the need of a corporeal confirmation for their own existence; their consciousness is contained within their light-form. This is probably the evolutionary direction in which we are headed too.

However, when one really perceives this possibility, it does blow one’s mind!

On top of that, as with the entire UFO phenomenon, we humans start with the finished product, so to speak: We see the UFO. Then we are off to scratch our heads, trying to begin at step one of HOW could this be? Who is in there? Where/when did it come from?

It’s the same way with my own encounters. They happened. And I have spent the rest of my life researching, thinking, feeling – what happened. It has changed my life but I would not have it any other way.

The Mind Outside: We can call the morphic field, the Mind Outside (each individual mind having the “Mind Inside which connects to the Mind Outside); the Mind Outside “runs” on electric circuits just as our individual minds do.

Quantum entanglement of two minds would be an entanglement of two minds, causing those minds to “run” on the same circuitry and essentially be the same mind but in different environments. A feeling like this is reported by some humans who have encountered UFO occupants. Quantum entanglement causes morphic resonance between two minds, and it seems that light-beings would readily use such a process.

Of course, one could be entangled with a corporeal space man from a far distant planet or from the Year 2400 instead of a light-form zooming along on plasma corridors; in each case, the human of the 21st Century would absorb only what the human stage of development allowed her to absorb and learn. Perhaps that is the bottom line here: we humans must realize that we have far to go; we are not, as it turns out, the top of the cosmic evolutionary heap.


 Personal proof: Finally, when I gaze at these 2 photos I took in a Kilkenny, Ireland, in Spring of 1991 on a cheap camera which took 110 film, I have my own personal proof that light, plasma, and advanced intelligence is involved in the Unknown. I say “my own personal proof” because I know these two pictures (frame 1 with frame 2 following it immediately), are absolutely legitimate. I saw nothing with the naked eye and I don’t think my cat Sakima did either. Are these photos UFO connected or paranormal related? Both?

The “kind” of light seems identical to the Army’s laser plasma lightning cannon. This “kind” of light is somehow ABSOLUTE LIGHT. It must involve light traveling on plasma in order to create this kind of “density” of light. It is opaque light, if you will.

But is it simply a plasma phenomenon with no intelligence involved? This is where my proof of advanced intelligence comes into play; look at the form the plasma/light has taken! It is a form which I recognize in my reality, it has two chubby legs, two rounded little wings, and a round head.

A second later (second frame), it was zooming away in a near-saucer form. It must have been trying to communicate, using a form which was familiar to me or to my cat. No, it is not a teddy bear, it is not a butterfly, but the general shape and form is familiar to a human like a teddy bear or a butterfly. It is an alien intelligence trying to form an earth animal or an animal familiar to the perceiver!

I did not see anything visually but I seem to have focused my camera in both frames on the light-form. How could this be? I can only think that it did reach another level of my mind and so that level of me – did focus on the flying light-form.

This is my personal proof that:

This is a light/plasma phenomenon

It had advanced intelligence and knew about my mind (what would be meaningful to me)

It reached some level of my mind of which I was not consciously aware and that level focused my camera right on the light-form.

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