Abductions or encounters with demons? The question remains.

It all began in late 1978 as two Air Force intelligence officer began an in depth study of the Project Blue Book files. The now defunct records of a 23 year investigation by the US Air Force of unknown aerial phenomena yielded some interesting and controversial conclusions by the two airmen. As time went on not just the Christian clergy, who saw UFO’s as the Devil’s work or debunkers who refused to look at the convincing evidence of UFO existence could comprehend the disturbing findings of many dedicated researchers who had delved into the perplexing reality of the unknown.

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An illuminating text

A well known book was written and published in the 1970’s by a pastor who well referenced his argument using scripture that corroborated UFO type events within the pages of the Bible. Many were impressed with the content and thoroughness of this book, but it has gone out of publication and is very hard to find. I have talked to many people who read it and marveled at the data within it, but sadly cannot no longer find this rare and ethereal work.

The common disguise

Ask Mark E. Laughlin, an evangelical performer and student of the Bible who invariably agrees that in ancient times as well as today that indeed entities from another world, dimension, or realm have come to earth and have interacted with humans. Under the aegis of fallen angels, demonic entities, beings of light, spiritual guides, Tulpas, fairies, elementals, these bizarre beings possessing incredible powers all seem to have one purpose, and that is to inflict confusion, fear, and false beliefs among those they appear before.

From where?

Even though few of us that have an objective view of science and faith would concede that extraterrestrials do not exist at all we should acknowledge that there is another mysterious force manifesting itself here on earth. That force has been with us since the beginning of time and has sought  to mislead us from finding the truth and perhaps even being able to know the will of God as we are plunged into a twilight world of strange beings who misinform us, and use false guidance to lead us anywhere but in the right direction.

John Keel’s findings

The late author and journalist John A. Keel determined that UFO’s came from the same realm as spirits, ghosts, hauntings, ectoplasmic phenomenon, and other related super natural manifestations that have puzzled researchers for a long time. According to Keele the same old “Broken Record in the Sky” was responsible for misleading many a desperate leader into oblivion. Take for example two well known religious leaders in human history also deceived and led to destruction by a close encounter with a mystical being.

All roads leading to death

Joseph Smith, originator of the Mormon’s was visited by an angel of light who when he encountered this entity collapsed, became paralyzed, and had no choice but to listen to a message supposedly delivered by God from the luminous entity. Joseph Smith would recover from his vision and begin an obsessive journey into the transformation of a messiah who would later be killed in a riot in Chicago!

Prophets of doom

Mohamed, who would later form the Muslim religion was illuminated just as Joseph Smith when a blinding entity appeared unto him, rendering him helpless as the being of light directed him to form  a new religion that would have an impact on the world in many controversial ways. Mohamed created a religion that has handed mankind a global wave of terrorism implemented by extremists. One must ask why would an extraterrestrial race want to interject this kind of aberration into the psyche of mankind? It does not seem to serve a practical purpose for someone from another world.

From outer space-really?

Yet, here we have a question posed by many scientists who have pondered UFO’s, abductions, and the psychological effects suffered by witnesses. It seems there can be no definitive link that proves that UFO’s come from anywhere else but here. They are usually not observed by astronomers as entering into our solar system from beyond. They generally manifest themselves on earth or above the us in the atmosphere. They have been reported for thousands of years as opposed to the sudden emergence in the 20th Century. It appears that they have been with us since the beginning!

Unsettling prognostication

Consider long time scientific researchers J. Allen Hynek, astrophysicist and Blue Book advisor for the USAF as well as well known scientific researcher Jacques Vallee. These two men after decades of studying the UFO mystery came to a startling conclusion! They had determined that UFO’s were indeed demonic in origin! Both of these dedicated investigators had considered the nuts and bolts aspects of flying machines that out performed the most advanced military aircraft of all nations with incredible maneuvers that would have destroyed the fuselage of the craft or killed the pilot of a UFO undergoing excessive G forces. Making right angle turns at thousands of miles per hour  without even causing a sonic boom was not just an example of technical superiority, it pointed ominously to something else!

Odd materializations

When supposed extraterrestrial entities could walk through walls as had been suspected by Paul Bennewitz who later died, driven crazy by the unknown and by the counter intelligence efforts of the US Air Force, when aerial balls of light could plunge to earth and pass through the ground without an explosion, these were not necessarily mechanical or electronic events from another world! What these bizarre manifestations pointed to was super natural. Something penetrating our reality from another dimension or parallel universe, not a high performance piece of hardware manufactured by a foreign civilization, was suspected.

Why not pick up the phone?

It was considered that if these otherworldly entities were so much smarter than us, and possessed technology so much more advanced than anything we had invented, then why hadn’t they simply taken the planet from us a long time ago? Italian physicist, Enrico Fermi, one of the leading influences in the invention of the atomic bomb wondered why if ET had been here for so long, hadn’t he picked up the phone, so to speak, and contacted us? After all, by the 1940’s the first television and radio transmissions were well on their way into space traveling at light speed and capable of being picked by our closest extra solar neighbors.


Yet, in all this, what we seem to have established for certain without knowing a motive, without a technical explanation of their method of propulsion, without knowing their supposed planets of origin, we do know that they are mysterious, secretive, unwilling to make open diplomatic contact, and have caused many negative psychological and physical effects upon those who have encountered their presence. Hence, we can make the determination that they are indeed hostile. They are not benevolent as some people have theorized. These actions perpetrated on the part of these so called entities usually is disturbing and potentially dangerous, or at the very least, mischievous.

In Part II we will come to some very disturbing conclusions as who or what UFO’s are or who is responsible for their appearance in our space time continuum.



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