Former Eisenhower aid President knew of space aliens Part I

Alien abductions and cattle mutilations part of our perception.

On May 25, 2010 former White House consultant and New Hampshire state legislator, James McElroy made a shocking admission that was hardly given the coverage it deserved by the US mainstream media. Luckily, The Daily Telegraph, filmed a discussion with the former official concerning his forbidden knowledge.

According to McElroy, President Dwight David Eisenhower was briefed by intelligence agents about the existence of extraterrestrials on earth and in actual contact with people. The President was supposedly asked to also view a highly classified film on the shocking revelation. This important disclosure by a former White House official with an impressive track record leads one to many implications and possibilities that will be discussed here.

There are other corroborating facts that do indeed indicate that Eisenhower if not sharing an interest in UFO’s was indeed aware of their alleged presence already from his past war experiences. In World War II the appearance of “Foo Fighters” inexplicable aerial lights that had spooked fighter pilots and bomber crews on both the Allies and Axis Forces were widely reported and disseminated among the staffs of high ranking officers. General MacArthur is said to have been involved in the formation of the Interplanetary Phenomenon Unit which investigated these weird and alarming sightings in the Pacific theater of war.

Over Europe during Allied bombing missions, several B-17 crews had been paced by these unknown airborne enigmas to the point of throwing crews in hysterics as they withdrew after surviving German fighter attacks and relentless aerial bombardment to drop their bomb loads. Both the Axis Forces and Allied armies thought that each other had deployed some secret weapon, but the true explanation was even stranger than that.

With the “Battle of LA” occurring just weeks after the Japanese sneak attack on Pearl Harbor where unidentified flying objects passing over a tense blacked out wartime southern California coastline created havoc. The US armed services were becoming aware of something out of the ordinary. There is a striking photo that appeared on the front pages of the LA Times newspaper showing a disk shaped object illuminated by shore defense batteries spot lights that is being bombarded with antiaircraft fire. 1400 rounds are reported to have been expended by nervous defense regiments resulting in property damage and the known death of at least one man after being struck by a falling artillery shell.

Although the incident lasted several hours and alerted shore defenses and ground forces all over Los Angeles and surrounding areas, by dawn, no crashes of enemy aircraft had been reported. Witness accounts reported that the unknown aerial objects took direct hits from antiaircraft artillery without apparent affect noted as they slowly drifted over defenses that fired upon them. One could assume that our capabilities were being tested on that bewildering night.

A detailed report of the incident was delivered to Supreme Commander, General George C. Marshall, who in turn was to explain the chaotic events to President Roosevelt. The official report seems to corroborate that something indeed happened, but that no enemy aircraft were shot down or even confirmed, only that someone was flying over southern California and creating mass hysteria doing it. It would seem that Dwight Eisenhower, soon to become Supreme Commander of Allied Forces in the Atlantic theater of operations, would have been briefed, but military intelligence is highly compartmentalized so this can be speculation as well.

In 1952 President Eisenhower was present as NATO high command aboard a flag ship during operation “Main Brace” the largest combined oceanic fleet maneuver since World War II. With the Korean War still raging, tensions were high. The fleet was undergoing joint operations with the British navy who were conducting aircraft carrier launches themselves. Gloster Meteor jet fighters were flying air support over the fleet that day.

According to Captain Edward J. Ruppelt, the first Director of Project Blue Book, an unidentified object was spotted by observers who immediately asked, who had released the weather balloons. The answer came back that nobody had. Through out the night, more sightings were being tracked by radar crews which accompanied visual sightings by Navy personnel as well. It is said that General Eisenhower had requested to be informed if further activity was detected after he retired to his stateroom. Sure enough in the wee hours of the morning, more UFO activity was spotted. According to accounts, Eisenhower arose and left his bed for the bridge where he sat in his pajamas drinking coffee and keeping abreast of developments.

Remember, this was the “Cold War” era, we were fighting in Korea, and in the midst of a huge joint exercise with our NATO partners, UFO’s are reported. Surely the initial suspicion would have been that the Russians were perhaps conducting aerial reconnaissance, but as the sightings continued, it was accepted that someone else was apparently observing the huge Naval operation. General Eisenhower, as reported in Captain Ruppelt’s 1956 book, “The Report on UFO’s” had a definite taste of the unknown by then.

With the Germans having exhibited incredible capabilities with their rockets, missiles, advanced fighters, and bombers not to mention top secret X-planes captured by both the US Army and the Russians when Berlin fell in World War II, it was a safe bet that someone may very well have given the Germans a helping hand. Someone not of this earth. One can glean over amazingly advanced aircraft that mimic some of the top designs of today’s air superiority fighters and stealth bombers. Such German manufacturers as Arado, Dornier, Fock Wulfe, Messerschmitt, and the Horton Brothers were building advanced aircraft radically different and more dangerous than the US and its Allies were yet to encounter.

Even with Jack Northrop’s flying wing and America’s super secret “Manhattan Project” building the first nuclear reactor on the road to the first Atomic Bomb, the German’s were decidedly far ahead in the advancement of radical designed, high speed, high maneuverability jet and rocket fighter aircraft. The German builders in Peenemunde had even developed and were testing a flying disk powered by a jet turbine and armed with machine guns according to accounts. However, it is unclear whether or not this prototype ever got off the drawing board or not.

The only things holding the Germans back, it appeared, were the Allies incessant bombing campaign and the lack of onboard flight computers to assist a pilot in the complex control of these advanced aerodynamic designs, and time which they didn’t have. If just one of these factors had been in their favor, the Nazi’s might well have put an atomic warhead on one of their V-2 rockets or designed enough jet fighters to knock down the huge numbers of Allied bombers that were devastating the German homeland. Luckily, American know how succeeded and we not only stopped the Germans, but developed the first Atomic weapons that were only deployed twice against Japan to end World War II.

In view of the incredibly tight race for technical superiority and missile development, it is instructive for us to remember how close the Germans came using radical new aerodynamics, propulsion, and aircraft weaponry. The question remains, who was providing this technology to the Germans? Especially in view of the fact that so far ahead of us in rocketry were the Germans that the US Army secretly evacuated German V-2 rocket scientists to New Mexico and Florida and allowed them to spearhead our NASA space program with Werner Von Braun, former German rocket scientist, as the visionary director. Without these men, America may never have beaten the Russians to the moon.

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