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I am 48 years old and like alot of people trying to pay the bills. I got into the paranormal and UFO's seriously about 5 years ago when I noticed one in my digital photographs. I then started getting them more frequently so I was hooked. I am well read on the Ancient Astronaut Theory and agree with alot of Michael Tellinger says as well. He and I have been in contact and sharing stories and experiences. If you have not read his book "Slave species of god" read it. He backs it all up. Anyway, I to want the "Truth" to come out and lets stop this silly dependency on petroleum. We have technology and yet the gov. keeps it from us in exchange for Big Oil Money. Now look how Karma works. Sorry to say but I used to live in Destin, FL. The most pristine coast of the gulf I have ever seen in my life and I was born and raised in Hawaii. I am a amature writer and like to tell stories that are true. I hope I can live up to Dirks expectations of me with my "Franks Corner". I will be posting pics frequently, and writing about what is going on in these Strategically located Hawaiian Islands. Aloha, Frank Abreu

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