UFO Photographs from Hawaii – July 16, 2010

Two UFOs photographed over sensitive military satellite

tracking station in Hawaii 

Well they are at it again, RIMPAC is going on in the water off and around the Hawaiian Islands.   It consists of military from all NATO countries.  

Since being born and raised here I am very familiar with these regular excersises.  Yesterday they sunk a Battleship, the day before they shot down a missile with a laser from Barking Sands Missle Base on Kauai.  They have a perfect record of hits. 

What are we going to shoot down coming in from space?  We will know soon enough. 

Anyway I snuck these images out successfully, so enjoy them they are real like all the ones I send in.  This Installation I will not name now, I might later, but it was creepy up there my son and I saw with a UFO at night hovering over our campsight then blinked out. 

Sorry my camera could not shoot at night.  I wish I had infared!  I will someday.  But I wlll keep contributing to all who will listen.  Aloha Dirk for the opportunity and Mahalo which means Thank You!  


Keep looking UP!

Publisher: Frank has been sending us UFO photos for years. This article is the first of a series that Frank will publish here on a weekly basis. Dirk

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