Commune Sense-Wake Up People!

I came across this poem while doing my research and could not find who the author was or is, but it hit me hard with a dose of reality.  I think it sums up the fact that the majority are all blind sheep.  Open your mind and your eyes, time is running out for the sheep of the world.  Frank D. Abreu Jr.

Commune Sense

Why can’t you taste; The bitterness of wars started in haste?

Friends, why can’t you remember? What “really” happened that one September?

Why can’t you feel? What politicians should never steal?

Why can’t you hear? Televised lies said with a sneer?

Why can’t you smell? Dirty rats in our government from Hell?

Why can’t you sense? What’s really being planned behind their fence?

Why can’t you know? That you will later reap what they tell you to sow.

Call on Our Father and make your pact; For this world’s stage show is coming into its final act.

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