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Neil Gould.(Hong Kong) After Neil's personal experiences with extraterrestrials it has become his mission to be involved with the breaking of the media truth embargo with regard to extraterrestrials and their ongoing interaction with the planet Earth. The new world will be about free energy, better health, unlimited fresh water, no dependency on oil. In time, a truth and reconciliation hearing will be held for all those who have been involved in the Military Intelligence black operations. Neil has written a true account of life with ADD/ADHD. Some, (not all), symptoms are misdiagnosed and are the result of higher consciousness through downloads or knowledge capsules placed there by extraterrestrial beings, some of whom are multidimensional in nature. He is the author of "Close Encounters of the ADHD Kind",  a Director of the Exopolitics Institute [Dr Salla], holds a Diploma in Exopolitics , member of the Exopolitics World Network [S. Bassett]and is the creator and webmaster of Exopolitics Hongkong which disseminates information on extraterrestrial life to Hong Kong and elsewhere in East Asia. Main website:

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