Cayce prediction Japan will sink into the Ocean and the Lost city of Mu

Cayce prediction Japan will sink into the Ocean and the Lost city of Mu

by Carolyn Shield

The major earthquake in Japan at 9.0 on March 11,2011 causing 11 Billion dollars damage and over 10,000 deaths. About 250,000 people have lost their homes and now face a nuclear disaster on the level 7 of Chernobyl. It was on 3/11/11 and a registered 9 on the richter scale. America had their 911 bombing of New York and now Japan has had their 311 earthquake disaster. In America we have a 911 for emergency and 311 for non emergency numbers.

What a coincidence this fell on these dates and that the earthquake at Japan registered 9.0. The largest quake in their history in 2011. Seismologists are concerned that the rising tide has reduced Japan’s coastline. The earthquake caused a huge tsunamis causing massive destruction and loss of life. Edgar Cayce predicted that Japan would sink into the ocean.

History has a way of repeating itself and  thousand years ago the ancient cities of Atlantis and Mu sank into the sea. Plato told of the legends of these civilizations. He talked about how they were an advanced civilization destroyed by their own technology or major earth cataclysmic disaster. In the past years there has been discovered the Yoniguni formations. Underneath the sea close to Japan has been found huge stone pyramid structure. The pyramid rises from a depth of 25 meters. Some scientists suspect is the lost city of Mu.

The idea of Mu first appeared in the works of Augustus Le Plongeon after his work on the Maya civilization. Its described by Plato in Timaeus. A land submerged by water by earthquakes. Churchward believed that the land was in the Pacific ocean and was connected to Egypt. A legend talked about a refugee prince name Ra who escaped death and landed in Egypt. It could explain the megalithic structures seen all over the world.

James Bramwell and William Scott-Elliott claimed that the cataclysmic events on Mu began 800,000 years ago

Masaaki Kimura has suggested that certain underwater features located off the coast of Yonaguni Island, Japan (popularly known as the Yonaguni Monument) are ruins of Mu

Yonaguni Ruins and possible sunken city of MU

Most of this story is based on a legend from long ago but after witnessing the power of the tsunami and earthquake which hit Japan, one wonders if legend and myth have a grain of truth. Cayce warned of an impending disaster with Japan. The massive underground Yonaguni ruins makes one scared that his prophecy may be possible.  Rising seas from the melting of ice in Antartica and Artic could be a contributing factor. One wonders if gravitational forces in the galaxy maybe contributing to the increase strength and force of these earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. Civilizations will rebuild and that is a testimony to the strength of human beings.

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