Chartres Stained glass windows may show knowledge of Supernatural beings from Orion

Chartres Cathedral was constructed between 1193 and 1250 AD. It was during the times of the Crusades. The legend of Templar knights bringing back knowledge from the Temple of Solomon is written by many researchers. The Crusader knights came from the noble families of France and Europe. A picture of the Ark of the Covenant is on a pillar at Chartres showing it being moved by a cart. The inscription states that the “Ark of the Covenant was yielded from here.”

Here is the link to see the Pillar

One can see a round globe on top of the Ark. It could have been a astrolabe device. The astrolabe was found in the Psalter of Saint Louis and Blanche of Castile. Mathematicians, Scribes, and Astrologers were considered working with sacred secret knowledge only for nobles and clergy. It was knowledge handed down from the heavens such as written in the book of Ezekiel. In a previous article I have shown in Saint Louis Bible, the picture of “The Great Architect” using his compass to design the universe.

Blanche Castile teaching her children from sacred books and scrolls

stained glass window  located in New Orleans Saint Louis Cathedral home to a copy of the Saint Louis Bible is located

Hit the link below and you will see the “Great Architect” which is referred in Freemasonry who uses the compass and square as their symbol. The formation looks similar to the Seal of Solomon. Solomon was possessor of the Ark of the Covenant.

Hit the link below showing the picture of Saint Louis and Blanche of Castile Psalter with the Astrolabe.

The Ark of the Covenant was yielded fro

The Mideast had scholars who had knowledge of the stars, alchemy, and ancient texts. It was a time of mixing of cultures and knowledge. Queen Blanche of Castile who was Saint Louis’s mother was daughter to King Alfonso VIII of Castile and Eleanor of England. Her grandmother was Leanora of Aquitaine. The troubadours and sages were welcome into Alfonso’s court and there was great religious tolerance in his land. Jews found a home in Castile and with it they brought great knowledge of the Cabala. He started the first Spanish University. The nation would be the center of cabalistic writing and thinking. It was the time of the Zohar one of the most important Jewish texts next to the Torah. Oral tradition is how the knowledge was often handed down similar to the Druidic tradition. Some of the popular books were that of Ezekiel and Elijah in the Bible. It was the story of the Angels of heaven coming to Ezekiel and teaching the knowledge of the stars and heavens. Astrology became a important skill of which the noble families respected and used. The knowledge had connections to Pythagoras and Plato teachings. Later on in the centuries the Freemasons and other secret societies used this information in their rituals. Gematria came into use with the idea that letters of the alphabet held a number value. Blanche of Castile was a educated woman of her time due to her exposure to court of her grandmother and mother. Chartres Cathedral was built during this period of time and consecrated by Saint Louis in 1260.

In the cathedral of Chartres is the symbols of the zodiac.  It is in the cathedral in different places one is in the stained glass windows above and below is on the pillars carved in stone.

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Stained glass window of Pisces at Chartres Cathedral

Astrology is not looked with favor in the Catholic church today because of its pagan connections but it seems it played a big part in the Middle Ages. It seems knowledge of the heavens above was of main interest. The Vatican observatory observes the heavens today using the telescopes. Astronomy does seem to interest the Vatican. The idea of extraterrestrial life forms as a possibility has been written about and the Vatican’s invitation to astrophysicists on discussing the spiritual aspects of the discovery of alien life forms. The cathedral built in the Middle Ages would reflect the spiritual connection man has with the heavens.

One of the stained glass window at Chartres dating back to the Crusades is the Noah Window. It talks about the “Great Deluge” which was written in the Sumerian texts. The stained glass windows show the Giants who were created from the mixing of dna from “the sons of God” and the daughters of Eve. What is interesting in the windows is a woman giant. It seems the giants were not just male. In the bible story is the story about supernatural beings that were offspring from the angels of heaven and women on earth. The times were before the Great Flood and could reflect the Atlantean people talked of Plato or the Nephilim or “sons of God” who were the sages of old who possessed great wisdom. The origin of the “sons of God” could be reflected in the windows of Chartres. In the window where the giant with the club is looking at the smaller man with the crown on his head may represent the great hunter Orion. Many pictures of the stars of Orion show a man holding a club.

Hit the link to see the Noah Window depicting the Giants

Male Giant with Club looking like Orion

Female Giant

This is a man and woman giant teaching the smaller men

Two giant men teaching two children with crowns on the heads

It seems the children were considered royalty and given sacred knowledge and wisdom from the supernatural giants. It is a very different view of the evil Nephilim who were destroyed by the flood. Could it be that Blanche of Castile and Saint Louis believed they were from the royal line of the angels of the heaven. At Chartres cathedral is a holy labyrinth which on Summer Solstice the sun shines through the West Rose Window on the flower in the middle of the labyrinth. The sun and its light illuminates the beautiful stained glass windows. It’s power brought the sun for the crops to feed the people.

It seems Queen Blanche and Saint Louis maybe were educated in the importance of the sacred knowledge handed down before the days of the flood. They tried to preserve this knowledge by building cathedrals to house this divine wisdom. They placed the knowledge to be handed down to their noble families in their holy books. They commissioned these books and they were preserved over the centuries. Two Arks exist in Chartres the one of Noah’s which the rainbow shines showing God’s covenant to man(Noah’s stained glass Window) and the other Ark of the Covenant carved in the pillar of stone. Bloodlines were important to the noble families of France. it gave them the right to rule the land. In Blanche’s North Rose stained glass window is the prophecy by the prophets. The fleur de lis the symbol of the French noble families is held by Mother Mary as she hold baby Jesus surrounded by kings and prophets. His birth was foretold by prophets and the star in sky brought the Three Magi to give him gifts. It is interesting that Saint Anne who holds baby Mary has the heraldry of the fleur de lis underneath her. Saint Anne is placed next to King David and King Solomon.

In 2004 many crop circles were  labyrinth like in their formation. It may give an example of the interesting earth energies connected with them.  Some say the Chartres labyrinth connects one soul and mind with the Heavens. It is why people walk the maze and pray through it.

Here is one

It maybe that the royal families knew ancient mystical knowledge which we see reflected in Kabbalah, Freemasonry, and other secret societies. They placed it in their sacred places. Blanche Castile treasure maybe the knowledge her family had obtained during the Crusades. Her grandmother and her uncle Richard the Lionheart both participated in them. Richard the Lionheart was extremely tall and said he came from  infernal Angevin bloodline traced back to Noah and Woden. One wonders did he know of the tall giants called “sons of God” with supernatural powers and the bloodline that intermingled with daughters of men. What do you think?



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