As New York City dwellers, Claudia and her 13 year old son both enjoyed a little star gazing. It was late October 2004, and this night was special: there was going to be a lunar eclipse. So mother and son made an extra effort to see nature’s show. They went to New York’s Central Park in a place near Strawberry Fields.
In the park, mother and son took turns with a set of binoculars looking at the moon as well as other celestial sights. Claudia had just begun her turn with the field glasses when she remarked to her son, “What the hell is that?”
“Up in the sky, about as high as an airplane would fly over Manhattan, at a 45 degree angle to the south away from the eastern-rising moon, were two separate V-shaped solid gray metallic objects, flying side by side, not touching, same speed, apex pointed directly due south.”
Claudia’s son took a confirming look and noted that neither chevron UFO had any visible lights or were making any discernible sound. Claudia tells us that the two chevrons were clearly visible against the black, cloudless sky with the city lights and moonlight reflecting their V shape and grayish color.
“They moved together, silently, steadily across the sky toward midtown. We lost sight of them in the lights over mid-Manhattan. Whole sighting episode couldn’t have lasted longer than two minutes.”
The next day Claudia read a news report that described what her and her son had seen, “I knew that we had seen the same thing.”

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