The Gargoyle of Notre Denver

I’d read some articles about how weird Denver Airport is and got to admit the airport is strange. I’ve traveled many airports in my day but Denver is weird. My friends got married in Colorado Springs and so I flew into Denver. Denver’s baggage claim is a trip. You are hit with this scary as hell mural and what is interesting nobody seems to notice it. They’re focus is getting their bags and leaving as soon as possible Denver airport and they are greeted by the pointed horned gargoyle popping out of what appears to me is a lap top case. I know many people say it’s a suit case but it is very flat and small for luggage. He sits up high overlooking the baggage claim area. I admit he’s kinda funny but he still is weird. No other airport tries placing a witch on a broom and writes come fly with me. I can’t imagine what little kids think of him. Notre Denver? Never can I say an airport is compared to a cathedral but a reference to Notre Dame in Paris and Notre Dame Chartres can be understood if you’re talking about amazing construction projects and they both have dark cyrpts and chapels below. I’ll get back to how significant these churches are guarded by gargoyles on the roofs. Hit the link below for my photo

Yes, I saw the murals done by the late Luis Jimenez. He died on June 13 2006 in an accident when the Blue Horse sculpture collapsed on him. A talented sculptor who I went and explored his incredible work. One of my favorites is the Southwestern Pieta in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The sculpture is of a Indian weeping for his wife who has died with an eagle watching. Another fiberglass sculpture is man on fire. I love much of his work and his use of color is amazing. The unlucky number 13 goes back to the day of October 13 which is the day the Templars were arrested by the Inquisition and the King of France. The airport is riddled with Freemasonic symbols as well as the murals by Jimenez. The Freemason’s connection with the Templars is in their rituals and rankings. One of these chivalric orders is called the Knights Templar and the Order of the Temple based on the legend of the Knights Templar which uses the words in hoc signo vinces. A plaque within the Denver Airport contains the Masonic symbol of the compass and G. it the link below to see the Jimenez Pieta

Denver airport is weird. The murals are weird and their located in baggage claim where everybody goes to pick up their luggage. The mural has two sides. One side is dark, scary, and very sinister and the other side shows all the children of the world giving up their weapons with a smile. One little African girl is dressed in a tic tac toe checkerboard reminding me of the movie about Joshua the computer who learned nobody wins in a nuclear war scenario in War Games. Lots of Freemasonry imagery within the mural and the Blue tic tac toe board is one. A paper lies in the corner of the poem written by a young child who died at Auschwitz.

Lots of flags of different colors have wrapped with inside them weapons and the innocent children hand them over with a smile. The message seems to be all nations will learn a lesson in WWIII and turn over their weapons so peace can come to all Earth.  

Hit the link and you will see the tic tac toe board.

They symbolism of the mural continues with a scimitar and a very scary giant dressed in a dark gas mask. He is surrounded by death and lines of people dying. A gas mask brings to mind chemical and nuclear weapons. Interesting fact is that Colorado had the Rocky Mountain Arsenal. It was there America worked on biological and chemical weapons such as sarin gas. A superfund was enacted to clean up the site. I wondered if Jimenez knew about it.  The scimitar is an interesting symbol with a reference to the MidEast and the dark scary guy wields it. The scimitar is a symbol used by the Scottish Rite Freemasons and the scary dark fello is a seven star general. It surprises me that he would be connected with the number seven which is a heavenly number. Is this dark Anti-Christ doing heavens bidding from the Bible’s revelations?  A blond haired European boy uses a black anvil and a hammer to forge a new scimitar out of the old.  A black anvil is another symbol in Freemasonry. The hammer seems to be a reference to Thor’s hammer.  A Nordic pagan god Thor wielded the hammer which produced lightening tornados and major storms.  He ruled in the land of Asgaard called the “Land of Rainbows.” All around the children of the world is a rainbow of colors.  The chemical weapons master is now buried and we see a new weapon forged. A new order emerges and the scimitar bends to Thor’s hammer. Fascinating imagery and I’m glad I saw it with my own eyes. 

Different views of the mural

The logistics of Denver Airport is weird and NOT convenient. My car rental bus shuttle drove about twenty minutes to reach my rental car. I’m not the only one. As I’m seated on the shuttle bus, I wonder why hotels and car rentals aren’t closer. My hotel is twenty five minutes away and it’s one of the closest Denver hotels. Why are there so many thousands of acres empty of any construction?  Denver airport is surrounded by acres of land which are empty of any buildings.  One construction project is being performed near Denver airport and it is a hotel. The Westin hotel and transport center is being built there.   I guess some recognized the obvious and decided to build a transit system too to open in 2016. Yet the fact remains Denver airport is surrounded by what appears empty land and I’m wondering why?

Notre Dame Chartres has one of the largest crypts in France. Many of the gothic cathedrals contain the Black Madonna’s which many relate to the Egyptian worship of Isis and baby Horus. The cathedrals were built during the Crusades where the Templar Knights fought in the Holy Land. War in the Mideast is increasing and causing instability. Denver airport’s mural and gargoyle may be prophetic.  Is it a coincidence or is there a connection to what we are facing a possibility of World War III in our future. Did Jimenez give us a warning?

Hit the link below of my photo

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