Russian segment can exist independently from the American one.

Russia’s Rogozin announced Russia rocket engines won’t be launching anymore military satellites for the US. GPS sites on Russian territory suspended. Oh and by the way, Russia’s segment on the ISS can run independently from the American one but the US one cannot. How’s that for a big reality check, Congress. Here it is folks, he’s telling the US government in no buts or ands the ISS is in play.

Who made these disastrous decisions to allow Russia supremacy in our rocket program? National Security is at risk especially concerning our military satellite problems. Russia of all people launched our military satellites. Is it just me or does that sound crazy? We need satellites for our, you got it missile defense. Now I know right now, we have military satellites all circling Earth but the China government demonstrated it could take out satellites from the Earth. So to sum up a big possible problem here is we can’t launch any replacement satellites if any of our satellites are taken down not until 2017. Satellites aid in missile defense What I’m saying is Houston we have a big problem and an Achilles heel.

We’ve been assured the US has two years of Russian rocket parts but that takes us only to 2016. It’s going to be close and Russia knows it. It’s inexcusable for America space program to be so far behind. Congress may pay for it’stupid decision  and be responsible for freezing a budget which caused America to become vulnerable in war. It’s pretty obvious using Russia just because it’s cheaper was a dumb thing to do. Rogozin isn’t fooling around and he is putting his cards on the table. America has a weak hand and he knows it. Russia wants out of the ISS by 2020 and has other plans for its space program like a Moon base. Where is America in that race? China looks like the winner there. My goodness, we may be heading for Moon wars. Territory arguments are still a problem here on Earth much less up in space. I hope the politicians get their act together but I’m not counting on it.


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