Do UFO Occupants Surf the Internet?

By Diane Tessman

What a disturbing thought, or what an exhilarating thought: Do UFO occupants read UFO Digest?

Let’s just go back to the general Internet: I wonder if one reason there are many more UFO sightings these days, especially of unidentified craft close to the ground, is that we humans now have our extremely active cyberspace world into which, of course, aliens in our skies can easily tap.

Have the aliens gotten to know us on an internal basis which was harder to do when there were only phone lines, radio, television and the occasional abduction as a way of knowing the actual populace of Earth? It seems the aliens may also have sent a probe or two to peek in human windows, but is not like the world of the Internet with tens of millions of humans pounding their keyboards. The Internet opens inner human intelligence, or lack thereof, for all to see.

Yes, aliens probably have dealt with military/governmental organizations for years, but they are not the common people. This cyber-window into the human psyche is a new one, look how it’s developed in the last ten years!

Of course there were always human books and movies, but these are mostly created by people who have the ability and often, the right business connections. So, the mind and spirit of the common people was still an area which might have proved difficult on which to get an accurate and detailed perspective.

Many believe that the ancient astronauts gave humankind a head start toward civilization and maybe even enlightenment. There is evidence that aliens interacted more with ancient people than they interact with modern people. It seems likely there was a broad program of genetically mingling with Earth’s humanoid species which may well have created Homo sapiens.

In ancient days, aliens must have known common people better. If Homo sapiens are hybrids, then the aliens could still see themselves in their new creation and had a handle on what was within our mind and spirit. However, the years have passed and what is deep within common humankind must be more of a puzzle to the aliens now. We do not even know if this is the same group of aliens who were the “ancient astronauts;” most likely, a wide diversity of alien species is involved with Earth, both then and now.

It is easy to moan and groan as we think how stupid, ignorant, and rude some Internet entries are! Oh, my, what the aliens must think of us!

However, human intelligence and just plain goodness, is also all over the Internet. There are sites working for peace, working to end hunger, working to save the environment, fighting to end cancer, and so many other good causes.

Also, there are sites happily guessing at quantum physics, the “electrical universe,” and all sorts of high strangeness, including UFOs. I would assume the aliens think this is great fun, too.

Cyberspace opens individuals to honest, heartfelt interaction with other individuals. Sure, there is the opposite side of that too. However, I know from my own experience, that my friend of over thirty years and I have established a deeper and richer friendship than ever before, through e-mailing. She and I lived side by side in California for years, we kept track of each other when I moved to Europe, she gave me a place for my dogs, cats, and me to stay when I moved back from Ireland, and we kept contact. Then suddenly, two years ago, we started e-mailing, she still in California and me in Iowa. Now, we can express thoughts which “in person,” we just never had a chance to think or say; these are thoughts not about just ourselves but about all sorts of fascinating subjects, such as UFOs and quantum concepts.

The aliens can no doubt hack into personal “e” communications, too, and see the light and dark aspects of we common folk. They can read how much we value special friendships, how much we love our families, our dogs and our cats, how much we worry about being able to provide for those we love, and so much more.

Of course I am assuming that the aliens are computerized. I noticed in an account of a crashed saucer, that a book was found in the craft with strange hieroglyphic-like writing which was perhaps the captain’s log. From this, we could guess that the aliens had computers eons ago but the computers tried to take over and the aliens said, “No more computers!” A more likely explanation is that the human who told of this crashed saucer over forty years ago, somehow described it wrongly or misunderstood what he saw. Or perhaps the alien captain was just a reactionary who loved to write in a written log.

It is likely that the aliens do have advanced forms of Ye Old Computer. And I bet they enjoy the Internet, learning all about us in a very internal, personal way.

Apparently, despite all the insanity on the net, the aliens have not turned away from humans, because there are more sightings than ever before, and many of them suggest that the logical next step is for these alien craft to land. There have been so many low-flying UFOs recently over highways that one wonders if they plan to land on the freeway.

What might be most important to aliens, is that they can now perceive the diversity of human thought and how adaptable we are.

Are there astral entities? Well, sure, how can they help me?

Are there fairies and elves? Well, look at these photos from the Irish meadow.

Are some aliens from the Human Future? Well, I can handle that!

Can life-forms shape-shift? We’ve never seen that in our world but we can envision this.

Are some aliens of a dark nature? Sure, we humans are light and dark too.

Did three saucers crash near Roswell? Well, let’s hear the details! Did teenage aliens driving badly cause a disaster for the aliens? I can relate to that.

In short, through the web, movies, television, books, MUFON, through friends fascinated by the same, and particularly through the basic human ability to adapt, we common people are up for anything! We have our inherent human adaptability, we will survive!

The aliens know we stand on the precipice of huge advancement in technology. We now have high tech toys which would have seemed like magic 12 years ago, or at least like science fiction. Perhaps the aliens know that their even higher technology can now be perceived by us not as magic or the basis for another religion, but as simply amazing technology. Now the aliens feel the lines of rational communication with humans are open.

Our species is at first frightened, then shocked, then we settle down and we can handle it. We adjust to change. We can adapt to whatever truth or truths there are, about alien life and its flights in Earth skies. As

Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry was fond of saying, “The people of Earth are light years ahead of their petty, bickering governments.”

Our ability to adapt has been perceived by the aliens as they surf the net, and this might be the deciding factor in their decision to try to force UFO disclosure by earth governments and even the deciding factor in their decision to land and meet the common individual, who also busily surfs the net. We do have common ground.

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