Does Confusion Arise as Aliens Read Our Collective Consciousness?

Do UFO occupants “read” our quantum field of the collective human consciousness instead of reading our individual minds when trying to establish contact with us?

I feel that this might explain their often almost nonsensical behavior. We know they must have a high intelligence when we see the technology of their craft. Yet, when it comes to interaction with humans in encounters, they seem “so near and yet so far” from establishing a link with us with which we can feel at ease, and to which we can respond.

Aliens who travel to many different worlds, multiverses, or who travel through time, probably do read the collective consciousness field of the dominant planetary species in order to get a handle on who they will be interacting, at least to some degree. Otherwise, how can explorers have any idea of who is down there?

Yes, they could monitor nuclear installations and other areas of technical concentration to see if their craft are in danger from missiles or weapons below and to know the degree of technical advancement in general. We know the aliens have done this and are still doing it as we read reports from high ranking military officers detailing UFO activity over missile sites and nuclear installations.

This information would contribute to the aliens’ decision as to whether to stay for a short or long time, how much contact with the dominant species would be sought, what kind of contact there might be, and so forth. Possibly if actual civilizations are beginning to coalesce on the planet below, aliens might institute concentrated interaction; this might have happened in ancient Egypt and in other areas of ancient Earth which have possible evidence of “ancient astronaut” interaction.

However, if it is determined there is to be long range contact, just monitoring technical advancement of the native people isn’t going to be enough. Therefore, aliens possibly “read” and research the collective consciousness of the native dominant species – Homo sapiens in Earth’s case.

How can aliens learn the nature of the collective human consciousness when that species below are probably completely unknown to the aliens? Of course, if we consider that some aliens may be humans of the future, and that aliens seem to have been around since our beginning, then perhaps humans are not so unknown to aliens. Still, if we 21st Century humans went back to the 15th Century, for instance, we would have quite a shock, not only culturally but even in basic consciousness. We are an evolving race, always changing.

So it seems that researching the current collective human consciousness would be the next step for the aliens. But how can they do this? Are all aliens psychic? This is a conclusion to which 20th Century humans often jumped, resulting in a lot of mumbo jumbo. However, in the 21st Century, perhaps we humans can perceive a more likely alien method:

We are beginning to realize that we have a consciousness field outside our head as well as inside our head. This field may well be subject to the incredible “rules” of quantum physics; in short, human collective consciousness is a quantum field.

This opens us to all the amazing quantum possibilities: For instance, our mind gives definition and structure to the outside world only when we are perceiving it. Quantum physics has proved that in the sub-molecular world, particles/waves behave differently when we are looking at them than when we are not looking at them. But as in the case of the recent quantum entangling of two diamonds, which are not sub-molecular objects but macro-objects (the diamonds were each about the size of 1/6th of a dime), it is beginning to dawn on us that the large world, as opposed to subatomic world, is also subject to quantum reality and rules (or lack of rules as we perceive “rules”).

“Does a tree which falls in the forest make a noise if no one is around to hear it?” Well, the squirrels and rabbits hear it because they too have quantum collective consciousness. But if no living soul is around to hear the tree crashing to the ground, does it make a noise? There is no perception of the noise. 

I assume the aliens have all sorts of scientific quantum instruments of which we are only now beginning to conceive. So, they arrive above said planet, set an orbit, turn on the quantum-registering instruments, and read/research the quantum collective field of consciousness of the species which dominates the new planet.

In time, the aliens decide to bring a few of the native dominant species aboard and take a look at their physical bodies as well as their minds under stress. Will there be any hope of actually meeting this native species on an equal basis?

Or is this native species so primitive, that the planet can simply considered a free world for exploration and alien development? This might be true if all native species of a planet are of the lower animal stage of collective consciousness development. (The debate as to whether the aliens have a right to explore and develop planet is for another day).

Or perhaps a middle state of development exists: There is hope that the dominant species can handle alien life and visitation and even take its place in the galactic community, but it will take a while. The aliens begin to plan stages of making themselves known. To me, this is what was decided regarding humans and Earth.

But there is a fly in the alien ointment: Their instruments and their research registers to the collective human consciousness only. The aliens are not psychics who can read individual minds.

Therefore, when they take a human aboard, they have to assume she will react according to the collective human consciousness model they have constructed. She should be somewhat frightened but also very curious. Instead, this woman might have had a traumatic childhood which lacked stability and perhaps she was abused or molested. This might explain why her abduction was absolutely horrifying. In other words, we humans have personal experiences which also determine our behavior and reactions. So that while we do act like humans (we do not act like swans, wolves, or whales), we also act according to what is personally psychological within us.

According to the collective human consciousness, we are highly curious creatures, therefore we should be able to handle meeting new species. But, if we have had a traumatic childhood, and life has been difficult, we do not react with curiosity but with total fear. Of course another individual who had a rough life, might be more able to handle an alien experience, having been made strong and flexible by life itself. From the aliens’ point of view, there is no way of predicting which human will react in what way. And yes, humans might be more emotional creatures than aliens, it is possible.

The aliens may know we have our inner minds to contend with, they might also have individual experiences which cause them to vary from their collective consciousness. However, there is nothing they can do about reading individual human inner minds, their instruments and abilities only “read” the outer field of collective human consciousness.

And so, a man in a farm house steps out for a smoke. Suddenly, he sees a very low flying craft which is not of this Earth for a number of reasons. How many sightings are like this? Many! The UFO flies closer to the man and he steps back onto the porch, his curiosity has been over taken by fear. The UFO hovers, it wants the human to perceive it, and then it seems to shrug its shoulders, and move off. The aliens may well have taken readings on the man’s quantum reaction with in the collective field. Would he be ready to meet them?

I know I am over-simplifying things, but I do feel there is a basic “slight confusion” between humans and aliens. To the aliens, we act “not quite according to instruments,” and to us humans, the aliens are definitely a bit out of whack.

As I receive in-put from Tibus these many years, he is passionate, eloquent (sometimes!) and absolutely sincere about human evolution and the coming step upward for human awareness (collective consciousness). He urges us not to make war on each other ever again, he urges us to love and protect the other life forms of Earth, he begs us not to destroy the magnificent living world who is our creator, Planet Earth.

However, if a man asks for a psychic answer from Tibus on whether the man’s wife cheated on him with his cousin, Tibus is stumped. Maybe this just reflects on Tibus’ and my lack of “psychic ability.” I do have some psychic ability, as we all do, but as far as Tibus’ knowledge goes, it is as if he is reading the collective human consciousness and the individual’s path within this collective quantum hum.

Yes, we humans can do this, too, we are not stupid – but, fact is, we do not. We seem to be lost in the trees as a species, and cannot see the total forest so as to get ourselves out of it. We are inundated with endless information, trivia, annoyances, responsibilities, problems. It seems as though advancing technology gives us more headaches than it solves. We have an overload of information, no time to process it, no time for clearing our minds and simply being.

When we do have a moment to simply be, we often perceive our collective knowledge and wisdom, and the living intelligence of our planet.

Over the years I have tried to figure out from “where” Tibus is speaking and what manual on human behavior the aliens are referring to. I concluded it is not “psychic” at all; therefore, it is not personal, does not usually include allowing for a bad childhood, a marriage break-up, or struggles with an addicted family member. I don’t think this shows a lack of empathy on the aliens’ part (who knows about their actual empathy?), but it shows they are reading our collective field of consciousness, not zooming in on individual minds.

Perhaps if an alien presence stays with a human most of his or her life, as my “Is Alien Entanglement Actually Quantum Entanglement?” article on UFO Digest supposes, then individual aliens do take human psychology and individual experience into account and do feel empathy for their “human one,” but aliens as whole, as advanced as they are, probably cannot develop instruments to read each individual mind as it “happens” spontaneously. Instead, they consult their quantum instruments regarding the collective human consciousness.

And therein, some confusion arises in both aliens and humans when interaction takes place. Illogical UFO sightings, abductions, and strange encounters ensue, and yet, almost never is the human actually physically harmed – a sign of hope.

The answer to the confusion might be that humans and aliens need to meet face to face and get to actually know each other. It might be very confusing at first, but we humans are collectively very adaptable. Adaptability is considered a sign of intelligence, and so I assume the aliens are adaptable too.

It is time we do this; both aliens and humans – it is time!

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