Which would you prefer: disclosure, about the extraterrestrial presence on Planet Earth, by our own governments; or disclosure from extraterrestrials themselves?
The thing is, whilst our governments are: at the moment, steadfastly refusing to disclose any evidence they have regarding extraterrestrials; the extraterrestrials themselves have already presented us with awe inspiring proof of their presence in our Solar System and skies.
And this evidence was shown to us – in a most spectacular fashion – on the night of the 9 February, 1913.
Now the sketch above (from PDF page 35): drawn by a witness to the Great Canadian Meteor Procession of 1913, mightn’t look all that spectacular – it is, after all, only composed of pencil lines drawn on paper (I’ve inverted the colour scheme to make the image stand out) – but if you compare it to the image below: of an event that occurred a century later in February 2013, you will get a much better understanding of what was seen in the skies over Canada, and across the world, on that eventful night.

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