Extra Terrestrial Hypothesis

The term “Extra Terrestrial Hypothesis” is a concept that has been shortened to ETH, an acronym, for the sake of simplicity.  Just as in the British Empire the television is the “telly”, and in the U.S. it’s the “TV”.  ETH encompasses the idea that ships and beings of unknown origin are not from planet Earth.  The ETH postulates the idea that the UFO are not from this planet, that is they are not assembled in Washington State by Bill Boeing’s people, and they were not fabricated by Ford Aerospace.  It assumes that the governments of the world find them to be a mystery, an enigma at best, a nuisance to the military and possibly even a hazard to normal aircraft navigations.

The opposing views are that these craft are of earthly origin, can encompass military origins as well as inter-dimensional craft, and craft emerging from lakes, reservoirs, oceans, and even from a hollow earth.  The man on the street who knows relatively nothing about UFOs will often voice the opinion that these craft are built for the military, if they exist at all.  This is the sophomoric, entry-level view, and it identifies those who know nothing of the phenomenon.  It also characterizes those persons who have never seen one, or who don’t believe that they exist. 

There are also government-sponsored stooges whose business it is to spread anti-ETH propaganda.  They usually claim to be very learned experts, but they can only fool the ignorant masses.  Their positions are either denial that these craft exist, or the idea that our benevolent and omnipotent government secretly builds them.  And since they are secret, we must not discuss them.  As a result, many believers have become “closet ufologists” who maintain a low profile for obvious reasons.  On the other hand, the anti-UFO bunch make their lie big enough, and tell it often enough, that a large majority of the misinformed, disinformed, or uninformed public disbelieve in Off-Planet-Aircraft. 
 Persons who disbelieve in the alien craft or alien life forms seldom believe in God, Jesus, or a spirit world.  They are a hardheaded bunch of scoffers, the evil “generation of vipers” who “seek after a sign”.  “We want captured beings or captured craft” is their credo, or “irrefutable evidence” and they don’t believe much of anything because they don’t have the “belief gene”.  They are incapable of the understanding of belief and faith because, for them, it’s a physical impossibility.  Belief is not in them.

There are other theories, of course, including religionists who credit these visitors and their craft as being the work of evil demons, or worse.  Their position is usually one of relegating to the Devil those things that they don’t understand.  For them, other dimensions are the realms of malignant spirits who do not bode well for us humankind. The theory of angels or benevolent beings quite often gets lost in the fear of the unknown.  Thus a theory of “all of the above”, a cosmology of beings benevolent, deceitful, and even neutral or passive often gets left out.  Or perhaps these things or beings are not social, as we understand the term, yet they seem to have taken an interest in humankind.  If they have always been with us, perhaps we should not confuse them with the ETH.  The question might be “Just how terrestrial are they?”  It’s a tough question.  Are only visitors defined by the ETH?  What percentage of the time do they occupy the land?  They might have to be from “out there”, beyond 100 miles at least.  Thus they could be from the Martian moon Phobos, for instance.  It has long been suspected by astronomers that Phobos is hollow, due to its lack of perturbations of Mars.  If they were from there it would certainly qualify them under the provisions of the ETH.  Text and photo from an unpublished book UFO, Clouds of Mystery ©[email protected]



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