From The Midnight Observer’s Blog: An Interesting Sighting

We had mentioned earlier that we would be glad to post any other sightings and reports. We have mentioned some that were reported to us by a businessman, nurses at the hospital and a receptionist, all of who chose to remain anonymous. One our Facebook friends who lives in Canada posted a sighting she had on Thursday night and has agreed to allow us to re-post it here. Read it through, it is a very interesting and almost frightening sighting that shows, as she puts it “that they are getting braver” especially since the location is right in the city. Thank you Stone D’Arte for sharing this with us.

Stone D’Arte  Thursday November 8, 2012

Sitting here last night and had been thinking about the election and what may come next. I got up to shake it off, went to sit at the computer to check FB, and low and behold–I saw something pretty wild right out of my dining room windows. Let me describe-I’m situated on the top floor of the building and my dining room windows are huge, so I can see quite a ways out and over to the next main street. First I saw what I thought was an emergency vehicle with lights blaring coming down that street, as it came closer, I saw it was NOT a vehicle at all-just a ball of glowing bright light which appeared to have several colors. It gave effect of “twinkling and flashing”. It was NOT touching the street, but looked to be about 5 ft. above the surface. Approx.-the size of a small car. There was NO sound. It also seemed to turn towards my direction, but then zipped back down the street it had been on. It appeared to pick up speed and then I lost sight of it for a second or two. The next thing –I could see whatever it was-go upward into the sky slowly and then it zipped away completely out of sight. My view of that -was partially obstructed by tree tops. It twinkled and flashed the entire time that I could see it. This was about 1 am in the morning and from what I could tell our neighbors must of all been asleep-no lights on. The whole sighting was maybe 20 seconds. And nope I didn’t have time to grab the camera–if I had I would have missed it. This is in a downtown Toronto area-urban and heavily populated area. I know what I saw and that was not a car or an illusion. No alcohol or drugs in my system whatsoever. So, yes they’re getting braver.


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