Story Tellers and Extraterrestrial Contact

The Grey Ones – My Theory

by Lori Carter

I have theory about some authors of books and movies. I mentioned this to Richard a few times. We love old books and movies and often indulge in reading and watching them often. Our nightly viewing during dinner may include selections from Sherlock Holmes, Andy Griffith, early John Wayne movies and the like.

My theory is that some of the authors and film producers of earlier times, and probably today, had close encounters with craft and beings, maybe not remembering the experience as anything other than a dream or their imaginative minds. They related some of this in their stories, probably not realizing that they actually experienced something.

We frequent the local library whenever we can and not only check out books on UFO’s, extraterrestrial, many older books written by authors back in the 1700’s and 1800’s. We recently checked out a book that contained what were supposed to be ghost stories (although none of the stories we have read were that, but were strange to say the least.)

We ran across this story in the book, written by J.B. Priestly (English writer 1894-1984). The story was written in 1953. It is titled “the grey ones”.

The story starts out with Mr. Patson speaking with a psychiatrist. Throughout the major part of the story, the psychiatrists is asking questions about what Mr. Patson believes about some creatures that he believes exists. He talks about over hearing a conversation at an upstanding club attended by writers, painters, musicians and theater people.

This conversation is being held by a publisher known as Mr. Filbright. Mr. Filbright is speaking about something called the “Evil Principle” trying to destroy human kind by eliminating certain states of mind that belong to the good. They are changing the way people see, feel, hear and smell things. Taking out the essence, perhaps, of these things little by little.

As the conversation goes on, Mr. Patson talks about feeling their presence, identifying some people around him as being some of the “grey ones”. He states that he can feel things changing everyday around him. Smells, noises and sights are becoming less of what they were. He says the “grey ones” are the agents of the “evil principle” that is trying to destroy mankind, bring them down to the state of passive cattle, so to speak.

While he is conversing with the good doctor, he names off quite a few people he believes to be “the grey ones” in disguise, and at least 2/3 of these people are in high positions in the government and the community.

Feeling better after he has had a long conversation with the doctor, the doctor excuses himself for a minute. He returns with two orderlies, and Mr. Patson is suddenly able to see through the Dr.’s facade and realizes that he and the two orderlies are “grey ones”.

This is where the story ends. It makes you wonder about many of the other mystery, horror, and sci-fi stories and films that have come out over the years. Could my theory be right? Could many of these people had an experience, thinking it a dream or imagination, turned it into a story, book or movie.

I recently read a few excerpts on the internet that were opinions of “people in the know”, who claim that the UFO, extraterrestrial stories, books and movies that are being released today are supposed to be preparing us for the final event.

Any opinions?


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