Alien Encampment?

Since 2009 the study of Bates County, Missouri has gone from the shocking realization of a real Alien presence to the recording of almost weekly events.

When we posted the first article here we were discussing a condition we thought isolated and sporadic at best.

With the beginning of 2012 we are no longer wildly curious. It’s no longer a question of where to go to find lights and activity both in the sky and countryside. We believed there was a broken string of activity through the more wooded areas of the county. We knew that we’d found humanoid activity among the farms and near the rural highways. We’d found it just outside the eastern border of town, again in territory with lots of natural cover. We’d also, in a frightening encounter, found it in the Marais des Cygnes or Osage river.

In the next phase of the investigation we found that there was also action in the skies above our town. We also photographed this. It should not have surprised us, but it did. We wanted to believe that the rare sightings people have were the same in our case as well, that we’d been extraordinarily lucky in being at the right place at the right time. We were idiots.

As the encounters on the highway increased, we found the closest and most scary example of an Alien near a small bridge partially in the water and weeds, with something on the rocky slope that looked skinned, possibly eviscerated.

To this day we don’t know if the large form of prey was a dog, a deer or what. We did catch him in a picture that clearly showed its large almond shaped eyes, which we believe showed a reflection of me as I shot the picture. We were disturbed, not because it was an Alien, but, because it was hunting so close to farms near by.

We increased the rate of our time, dedicating it to studying the accounts available in numerous books. We were trying to see how many of our creatures fell into these other classifications. We also increased the time we spent in the field, brought the number of photos taken each outing from a flat 200 to as high as 500 in one trip . This we did to blanket the places we were looking at, to allow as little accessible area as possible for something to be missed in. We had been followed home from Rich hill, from Adrian, down 52 highway all the way to Kansas, and our roof damaged on another trip returning from Adrian.

We thought a break was in order, and I took my tripod up to the square to photograph our beautiful historic courthouse thinking it would be good practice, trying to get a steadier hand. We enjoyed the walks around the square until things started appearing in those images as well, dramatic events in the air a car length from the clock tower wall. So we went back to work, realizing again the depth of our naivety and getting a truer sense for what really was happening with the consistence of events.

There wasn’t anything random about it, and the gaps of inactivity on our maps were getting smaller and smaller. Then came the beginning of our final reluctant acceptance, when figures were seen towed through the sky and activity within the perimeter of town almost doubled. It was there in front us.

If nearly every time we went out we came home with images, to make that possible, just how much activity were we missing? There was no longer any doubt. This had the feeling, not of a mass of unassociated sightings, but of a program underway.

There was something taking place alongside mounds we habitually came to watch. There were what looked like panels, which were at times raised. On two occasions we photographed openings. Small figures and a bell shaped craft were also photographed near it. They were found in trees and in brush along roadsides.

We confirmed our sanity and the truth of our interpretations with multiple outside sources. Multiple opinions were gathered and the conclusion seemed the same at the end of each day. We were either within the process of an awakening within the earth, within our dimensional neighbors, or we were witnessing a buildup, possibly leading to an encampment, a silent occupation.

I don’t know where it can go from here. No form of activity I’ve mentioned has lessened. We are still patrolling on foot in town. These photos show just one of the many encounters we’ve had just crossing town. Since we’d both had extended lapses of memory I took up a habit of keeping track of any unusual lights overhead by holding my camera at my side steadily aimed straight up as we walked. In a number of these shots you see a blur in the corner, the edge of the hood on my head. This shows you that the angle of the camera was upright in position.

In one image you see regular sky with an odd coil of light above us, then its directly over us. This object, as in many other times before, drops straight down out of a bay door opening. I can only imagine that a group rides it down, deploys over the sides and then returns to the ship in a similar manner.

If this sort of intrusion, this affront to our most basic rights is taking place within town, then just what horrors are the residents on less traveled roads suffering? We have no memory of the bright light descending on us or any of the other things seen that night in the camera’s eye.


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