The Keeper


There was an episode on the old Lost in Space program, about a being named the Keeper, who traveled around the Galaxy collecting all kinds of creatures, that from our perspective would be considered most monstrous. But how possible would this scenario be?

With the sure knowledge that we have had visitors for some time from outside the earth, might not some races of beings collect species for their curiosity and experimentation?

We break rather easily, so replacements would be needed. Are some of the disappearances without a trace just signs of another keepers passing?

Researchers are exposed to all sorts of things, especially those in the field of the paranormal. Still, inescapably, there are moments you can never be prepared for, never make sense of.

Many of the things we have brought you are really recognitions of the cameras all seeing eye, largely chance encounters.

But, there are things seen that never fade, never seem less shocking than the moment in which they were committed to your memory.

This is just such a moment; We were on a day trip, a patrol not often done on Dakota st. The reason for this is, we refuse to travel far down that road without some form of backup,at night or in daylight. Given the fact it is the area of our abduction and subsequent sightings afterward, it is just not a move we take lightly. With the activity on the square , we felt that the two bridges entering and leaving town to the east still needed occasional photographic examination.

So agreeing only to follow it for a mile, we headed out. As Lori drives very slowly I watch for areas of visibility back through the canopy of very old trees, ground level openings to exposure within the tree wall. We stop to take images when necessary, which is often, and as we drove down Dakota, with the bridge ahead of us, I was taking images of a weeded area along the face of the forest. I was holding the camera outside the window, and saw movement in the grass.There was no time to identify it, at 60 or 70 yards possibly 80, it happened too fast. I just remember jerking my camera up and instinctively aiming, without looking in the view finder. Something that looked like figures was rising quickly, attached to a rope or cable, being drawn straight up and disappearing into the very low, hanging storm clouds. I saw with my own eye, something flesh colored, twisting loosely in the air like a bunch of fish on a line.

Remove the fantastic possibilities from the equation and you still have a baffling mystery. Let’s look at a few possibilities, and please call me out if they sound like B.S. One; first maybe an airlift, but of what kind? Most farmers, as far as I know, have little use for freight helicopters. The area the object was lifted from had weeds of varying heights, some chest high. Above were branches of large trees nearby, that would have made it unsafe for a helicopter to descend into the area. I know, in various spots and very different climates around the world, certain planes can fly low, hook into lines and fly on with the cargo they have picked up. This is especially effective in the arctic due to the absence of trees. Still, these operations are usually highly professional and are connected to military or scientific groups. Far to close to us in daylight conditions for an aberration, you can say they weren’t bodies if it makes you feel better, but what are they then, and what was the thick dark cable extending far above the treeline into the clouds? The whole thing took maybe less than three seconds.

Okay lets say they WERE bodies of some kind, possibly skinned animals instead. I’ll agree it could be a possibility, but even in the blurriness of the photo , the lighter form looks like it could have arms raised above its head. What could be so important in those woods it would need this exotic treatment? Aren’t most animals killed, taken to a four wheel drive vehicle of some kind, and hauled away in that fashion?

No , there is an element of haste in this. What was lifted was taken up on the very outskirts of a small town where its thick wooded areas begin and properties grow sparse. It was lifted in this fashion because, while hidden in the high weeds, it was nigh invisible. Their claiming of it, bringing it from ground level to their means of transportation amid the clouds, took only 3 seconds, very little time for a public to take notice. But, the very clouds that hid their means of flight also inhibited their view of the ground. Maybe at the height necessary for this operation they didn’t even hear our engine or the gravel as we came down the road. Maybe that is why we had the chance to see it.

Objects concealed by clouds performing mysterious acts, it’s a reoccurring formula isn’t it?


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