Grey Area: A Suspenseful Novel about Aliens and Human Abductions

By John Reizer

 I have always had a deep interest in UFOs and Alien beings. I have believed, for many years, there were multiple extraterrestrial cultures interacting with our planet and its major governments. It was this interest, and my desire to enlighten others about such subjects, that ultimately inspired me to write my newest novel, “Grey Area.”

The story takes place in the Upstate of South Carolina and details the fictional account of attorney, Henry Dalton and his lifelong contact with Grey aliens. Although the story was written to entertain readers, it also attempts to provide some real life perspective on what alien cultures might be doing on our planet in the first place.

Many of the novels that have been written about aliens depict extraterrestrials as malevolent and sinister entities that are out to eliminate the human race. While I am not so naive to think all visitors from the cosmos are benevolent, I do believe the vast majority of cultures currently involved here have honorable intentions and I wanted to portray this concept to readers.

I believe “Grey Area” delivers a positive message about the existence of extraterrestrials as well as their involvement with human beings. For additional information, please visit the book’s official website at

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