The Mars Monorail System: Indisputable Proof That Intelligent Life Exists on the Red Planet: Part II

In February, 2012 I wrote a short article for UFO about a photograph originally taken by NASA/USGS. The photo in question revealed what appeared to be a set of tracks and a vehicle of some sort on the Martian surface. The peculiar image was uploaded onto Google Mars and observed by a subscriber that sent the evidence to Joseph P. Skipper. Skipper, a Mars researcher, published the material along with his analysis of the photo, on the website,

When I first viewed this photograph, I was convinced it was the ultimate game changer. I also believed it was the one piece of evidence that no one would attempt to debunk. How could they? The photo source was NASA and the picture was prominently displayed on Google Mars. What better credibility could you have than that?

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After the original article was published, a number of people wrote opinions about the “Mars Monorail” photograph. There have been several Internet forums and YouTube productions that have discussed the photograph and article. While many posters have found the evidence unexplainable, a number of debunkers have casually written off the image as being “Photoshopped” or nothing more than the product of “digital overlays.” Digital overlays, for those readers that are not familiar with such terms, refer to the process that occurs when NASA’s deep space probes take multiple pictures of the same region, at different times, and later splice the images together. The process creates artificial lines on the final photographic image. There are numerous examples of digital overlays that can be observed on Google Mars. In my opinion, the real examples of digital overlays look nothing like the tracks and vehicle visible in the photograph in question.

Despite the frequent presence of impressive, credible evidence, it often seems impossible for most people to vacate their close ties to conventional paradigms. Human beings appear to be wired in a certain manner and “the powers that be” that are creating and controlling our collective understanding of reality know how to pull our strings, so to speak.

It’s not due to a lack of evidence or proof that the more plausible answers to the world’s biggest questions are often discarded in favor of more conventional solutions. There’s a more logical reason why people forever cling to the “down to earth” explanation of life. To have to, suddenly, question what you have been previously told was the truth for your entire life can be a difficult thing to handle. Sometimes it’s a lot more comfortable for people to not have to go against the grain of society.

Our innate abilities to be able to detach from conventionality and explore more plausible explanations, concerning world issues, have been methodically eroded from our psyches over long periods of time. The self-limiting personality factors we have developed preclude most of us from being able to recognize the differences between real and perceived truths. We have, in a sense, been indoctrinated by society and society’s tools to only accept as the truth what official sources report to us.

In most instances what is reported to us through corporate and other official sources should not be regarded as the truth. The official sources of information, we regularly rely upon, are not to be trusted as they have clear and defined agendas to misinform the masses and continue to do so on a daily basis.

When an unconventional hypothesis is presented to society, the debunkers attempt to destroy the hypothesis. When the hypothesis is supported by evidence, the debunkers attempt to destroy the evidence. When the evidence is too impressive to destroy, the debunkers still attempt to discredit the material in the hope that the general population will agree with them.

On one hand, some of us require no proof, whatsoever, concerning certain beliefs. We completely accept ancient myths as facts. On the other hand, we routinely dismiss, from our minds, plausible conspiracy theories; reported encounters with aliens; UFO sightings clearly captured on film and questionable government statements concerning well known public events. Even with the presence of hardcore evidence available for our review, many of us will maintain our traditional beliefs about certain subjects.

Simply put, we have been conditioned from a very young age to reject the truth whenever it strays from popular opinion. Most of us do this because it feels safe to agree with down to earth thinking people and because the prospect of standing alone, as a person that disagrees with conventional wisdom, can be a frightening experience.


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