New Book Discusses Aliens and UFO’s: Encourages Readers to pull their Heads Out of the Sand

We seem to be living in amazing times. People, all over the world, are waking up, everyday, and embracing important concepts that were previously considered taboo subjects within the conventional construct of modern society. I honestly believe that large numbers of people are finally pulling their heads out of the sand and taking an open-minded approach when assessing many different subjects including the existence of aliens and UFO’s.

It is because of this change in human consciousness that I decided to write my latest book, “Pull Your Head Out of the Sand: Because What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You” (ISBN 978-1-105-40262-3). In the book, I offer readers a completely different perspective of reality while discussing such topics as: extraterrestrials; civilizations currently residing on Mars; artificial structures on the moon; Apollo and its missions; the coming collapse of our global economy; the banking conspiracy; natural health care and how it’s suppressed by Big Pharma; the total control of major media companies by a select few, and how religion and science keep the majority of society’s members in a conventional state of mind.

I originally wanted to write this book ten years ago. But ten years ago, the material would not have been well received. While it’s probably true the book will still have a somewhat limited audience, I believe many readers will resonate with the subjects discussed.

I think the book will serve as an eye opener for many people. In addition, I am hopeful it will encourage readers to dig deeper and search for additional information about the ideas and questions I have examined.

The book is currently available as an e-book on Amazon Kindle as well as on the author’s official website at

For more information or to purchase this book through simply click on the book’s title: Pull Your Head Out of the Sand: Because What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You

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