Planet X, 2012: Information or Disinformation?

Human beings have been making extraordinary predictions about when the end of the world will occur for thousands of years. According to some sources, the end of modern civilization will take place on December 21, 2012. On this particular date, the Mayan Calendar ends.

Many people have hypothesized that the Mayans intentionally designed their calendar to end later this year because they were cognizant of the fact that a polar shift would occur and that the tilt and position of the earth would be significantly altered after such an event transpired.

The theory contends that after a polar shift, the surviving population base would have to reconfigure a completely different calendar that was based on the planet’s new orientation in space. Without a reconfigured calendar and a comprehensive understanding about how the planet was situated after a shift of the earth’s poles, the Mayan civilization would have perished even if they survived the initial cataclysm. In order to ensure the planting and harvesting of crops, the population base would have had to develop an accurate and reliable calendar in order to determine, with precision accuracy, potential growing seasons as well as other important information.

Of course there are quite a few people speaking out against the current doomsday predictions. The naysayers are quick to point out that the doom and gloomers are misinterpreting what the Mayan Calendar really represents.

One of the things I find very interesting about this whole doomsday subject is the fact that it’s getting so much attention in the mainstream media. This is, certainly, not by accident. The mainstream media companies are owned and controlled by a relatively small group of very powerful companies/families. The few, without a doubt, influence the perceptions of the masses through the mediums of television, movies, radio, and print media products. Pretty much nothing gets placed into the public domain unless the powers that be want it released. That being the case, I have to wonder why the mainstream media is running with this story. Perhaps it’s a diversion to keep the public’s attention from focusing on the impending collapse of the global economy? Maybe we’re about to experience an unprecedented, economic pole shift?

A contrarian point of view might reveal a more sinister plot in the workings. What if the meltdown in the global economy is the actual diversion? Maybe the downturn in the economy has been set into motion by the elitists so that they can transfer valuable assets into safer locations; prepare to bunker down, and make other necessary arrangements before a celestial object of magnificent proportions interacts with earth?

I do not pretend to know what will happen later this year. What I do know is that there are large amounts of information/disinformation being disseminated to the public. Some of it is being produced by individuals that have very little knowledge about the subject matter. But a significant amount of data is being offered for public consumption by very sophisticated entities. This, more than anything else, grabs my attention and makes me wonder what’s really taking place.

In January of 1995, a chat group named ZetaTalk ( was formed. Run by a woman named Nancy Lieder, ZetaTalk was centered on providing information about an incoming, large planet (Planet X) that would interact with the earth, at an undisclosed date and time, and cause a massive, planetary pole shift. The Zetas (Zeta Reticulans) are supposedly the extraterrestrial race of beings that have been funneling their opinions about the inbound Planet X to Nancy Lieder. To this day, ZetaTalk continues to operate on the web and is regularly visited by millions of guests.

Regardless of whether you believe the information/disinformation on the ZetaTalk site, you have to be impressed by the sheer amount of content that has been created and posted. This website, and the related information, was not put together by amateurs. Either there really are off world beings providing information for the website, or a government agency is spending a hell of a lot of time writing the material. In either case, citizens should be concerned. If what the Zetas are writing is true, things could get really bumpy, soon. If, on the other hand, a government agency is writing the site’s content, we must ask the very disturbing question – WHY? What is currently taking place in the world that has motivated the powers that be to create and distribute such a significant amount of disinformation for everyday citizens? Do the governments of the world know something we don’t? Are they keeping the bad news to themselves to avoid worldwide panic?

I’ve come full circle in my article and continue to be frustrated by this subject. I can’t offer readers or my family a conclusive answer regarding 2012. Is it information or disinformation? Your guess is as good as mine. Only in the months ahead will we truly learn if the end of the Mayan Calendar represents another Y2K or something that will forever change all of our lives.

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