The Real Mars Photographs – What They Didn’t Show You

Mars: Lies, Damned Lies, and More Damned Lies!

By Dr. John Reizer

I have to admit that I have an unusual fascination with the Red planet. Mars has piqued my curiosity for a very long time. As a young person, back in the 70’s, I can remember waiting, patiently, for the first Viking Lander to send back its initial set of photographs from the Martian surface. At the time, I thought the event was one of the coolest things that could ever happen. Here I was, a young boy glued to the idiot box, watching the landscape of a distant and foreign world appear before my eyes on live television. Could it have gotten any better than that?

As it turns out, the answer to that question was a resounding…YES!

Who would have guessed that the government agencies taking the pictures of an alien world would intentionally leave out the best parts – the aliens and their infrastructure? What a bummer. It’s not that I didn’t enjoy looking at thousands of rocks littered across the Martian terrain, and the artificially filtered, red sky that was disingenuously placed in many of the photos to sell the lie that there was no water present on the planet. That stuff was all very exciting, but it could have been a much better educational experience if just a bit more transparency would have been applied to the space expeditions in question.

The lies just keep coming, year after year, about how the Martian surface is a rocky, barren world devoid of any forms of life. Our space agency continues to take thousands of photos, financed by taxpayers’ dollars, and routinely smudges the images so that the buildings, waterways, and civilization evidence is nowhere to be seen.

Watching the mainstream news agencies continue to support this ongoing fraud gets a bit nauseating after awhile. The corporately owned news giants that supposedly keep us informed of world events are either the largest enablers in existence or they are completely controlled by the powers that be. I, personally, vote for option number two.

I guess covering up the fact that Mars is inhabited by intelligent beings is considered “good science.” The reason I write this is because anytime someone posts credible evidence demonstrating the contrary, it’s quickly labeled by the mainstream, scientific community as “bad science.” It’s hard for me to imagine that reporting the truth about Mars, and revealing the fact that incoming photos from our space agency’s deep space probes are being obfuscated, would be considered “bad science.” But apparently this is the case.

While the mainstream, scientific community, through the process known as “good science,” continues to promote the myth that they are still searching for microbial life on the red planet, I’d like for readers to checkout an amazing photograph of a custom built home on the Martian landscape that was captured by Mars Global Surveyor. (See Link Below from

I just think “bad science” is so much more interesting than “good science.”

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