The Mars Monorail System: Indisputable Proof That Intelligent Life Exists on the Red Planet

Throughout the years there have been a number of impressive pictures that have made their way to the public, through alternative media outlets, supposedly proving intelligent life exists on the planet Mars. Like others, I have looked at these photos and have been convinced, for a long time, that Mars is not the dead and barren world our space agency claims.

Although there are clear photos showing evidence of vegetation, water, infrastructure, and artificial buildings on the Martian surface, the mainstream news agencies and scientific community have largely ignored the evidence. Most of the photos presented as evidence have been routinely dismissed by conventional scientists as hoaxes, image artifacts, or tricks of light.

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The interesting thing about all the pictures, that most people seem to forget, is that they have been taken by NASA’s deep space probes.

Joseph P. Skipper, through his amazing website, has done a spectacular job in posting quality photographic content that proves the existence of intelligent life on both Mars and our moon. But, perhaps, the most convincing photo that proves there is intelligent life on the red planet was published on Skipper’s website on October 2, 2011. It is a photograph that was found on Google Mars of all places. It clearly shows a long, artificial set of tracks running along the Martian surface. On that track there appears to be a vehicle of some sort.

Skipper’s find is unique because it cannot be debunked as a digital error or a trick of light. Long straight lines of track, with a vehicle that leads to a cluster of buildings, are hard to write off. That’s why this find was completely ignored by the mainstream media as well as the entire host of paid shills that usually jump on the bandwagon to destroy credible evidence.

I believe the Mars monorail system picture, as I refer to it, may be the slam dunk clincher in the game of tug o’ war that’s been going on between government disinformation agents and Joe Public for so many years. It is, in my opinion, the one piece of photographic evidence that blows the lid off the entire Mars cover-up operation and clearly demonstrates to everyone that there is intelligent life on the planet.

Google Mars is a free application that can be accessed by anyone. A person can simply plug in the coordinates at the bottom of the Google Mars photograph and verify the authenticity of this amazing find. And readers should definitely take the time to do this just as I have done.

Never has there been a more important photograph than this one. This is the paradigm shifter we’ve all been waiting for. It instantly changes our collective understanding of reality and the universe.

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