Grant tells us that it’s taken him 15 years to work up the nerve to share his UFO account.  It was about 2am on an August 10th 1993. Grant, a military policeman, was on duty with two other M.P.s at West Point Military Academy. Grant is quick to say that M.P. duty at West Point is actually rather dull, “…as nothing much ever really happened.”
On this particular clear moon lit night the three M.P.s were parked next to the main parade field and out of their vehicles, just talking amongst themselves.  While they were talking Grant noticed that one of the other M.P.’s was distracted, he was looking over my shoulder. The other M.P. loudly asked, “Hey what the hell is that?”
Grant thought the other M.P. was messing around but he repeated, “Hey what’s that?” Grant turned around, and that is when he first saw the object. What stunned him was the sheer size of it.
“This thing was a huge UFO! It looked like a six story building lying on its side, and it was at least two stories high. It appeared black in the moon light and was totally silent. It had three huge square lights on the first story, the second story had three square lights on bottom as well.
The three M.P.’s were mesmerized by what they were looking at. Grant tells us that they watched the craft for perhaps three or four minutes.
“We were trying to figure out amongst us what we were looking it, and whether or not we should report it. None of us had a clue what to report. I can tell you for certain that it wasn’t a plane, blimp, or a helicopter.”
Grant explains that while they were watching the huge UFO, all of a sudden the craft flashed a light like a camera flash in rapid sequence three times. He says the flash lit up the entire side of mountain.
“At this time we were very alarmed. We jumped into our vehicles and started toward the object. As we made our way toward the object, it started moving slowly to our left, then it stopped for about perhaps three seconds. Moments later the thing darted to the right at an incredible speed and was gone. It vanished in the blink of an eye.”
The three stunned military M.P.s discussed what they saw. They knew the military tended to frown on reporting this type of thing, so the three decided to not report it.  Grant admits that he was really rattled, “I was so shaken, that at the end of my shift I had to call my father and reluctantly told him what happened, I had to tell someone.”
It was during the father and son conversation that another account was shared. The father related a sighting of his own while flying on a mission in Vietnam. In Vietnam, UFOs were routinely reported simply as enemy helicopters because the North Vietnamese didn’t have helicopters.

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