Human Belief Systems Face an Enormous Challenge

There is speculation about the panic and chaos that might follow when UFO disclosure occurs, and when, possibly, UFO occupants land on Earth for all to perceive. Will governments collapse, will society disintegrate as people are gripped with fear and foreboding? And will the human religions of this world fail to be of service to their many people? Will UFO landings be the end of religions?

If this occurred, it would be worse than governments and societies failing, because humankind turns to “The Spiritual” when threatened and traumatized. We might logically, intelligently think our way out of one problem, but when something enormous occurs, we ask our Supreme Being or Beings to help us. God, we do, don’t we? It is just in us.

However, I believe humankind and its many religions will survive and perhaps even flourish as the enormity of it all sinks in, giving new inspiration, new thoughts, new experiences which will be spiritual in nature, too. I am not talking “love and light,” I am saying that any enormous event and experience is a wake-up call to our inner spirit.

I have a friend of many years. If she were Native American, we would call her an Elder of Great Wisdom. Her family was “white Russians,” her father a doctor of both homeopathic and medical training. They were chased from Russia by Bolsheviks and fled to Czechoslovakia. They finally got a chance to come to the United States where they became good citizens and hard workers. My friend is proudly Russian, still speaking Russian to her beloved German Shepherds, and she is devoutly Russian Orthodox. However, she is also fiercely Pagan, feeling great empathy and reverence for Mother Nature, sensing the sprites and invisible nature spirits all around, crying with the Native Peoples of the world as they, like the animals and birds, are thrown off their land so developers can make billions of dollars from grazing land and parking lots. She enjoys “Ancient Alien” DVDs, knowing that there is light and dark, good and bad, in the Universe and she is young again as she listens to the music of Andre Rieux; music speaks to her spirit! She explains that she realizes she is both Russian Orthodox and Pagan; it is “no problem at all,” she exclaims.

Hers is an enlightened and amazing spirituality. She has arrived at her spirituality through intelligence and experience, through touching the Earth often, and through feeling her spirit.

If humankind can find this magic within itself, we will be alright as a species if/when the existence of UFOs in Earth skies is disclosed, and if/when aliens land.

It is tempting to wonder which of the Earth’s religions will do better in accepting the existence of extraterrestrials and perhaps other-dimensionals. This is a purely subjective exercise. I might guess that the Hindus with their avatars and multiple deities would adjust without too much panic.

I also feel the Buddhists have a cosmic mindset which does not include a hierarchy of actual gods or god; each individual strives to become the god spark within, fully, completely. This might serve one well when meeting an alien whom, you hope, also has that spark of the creator.

Pagans, who come in a variety of specific beliefs, include the living spirit of Mother Earth as a part of the cosmic wonder of the all-that-is. It would seem that the more tolerant and adaptable one’s basic beliefs, the less one would panic to meet life forms from Elsewhere.

How will agnostics and atheists do? Probably ok, who knows!

Both Christianity and Islam center on prophets who certainly were not common humans, and/or not humans at all, so this may be of help to them.

Who knows what spirituality would do best as we humans prepare to join the galactic community!

Albert Einstein and Nikola Tesla are examples of two exceptional human beings who were astounding scientists but – they not only acknowledged The Spiritual – they received their scientific inspiration from it.

“Great spirits have always met with violent opposition from mediocre minds,” said Einstein.

I happen to believe that up the road of human evolution, The Spiritual and The Scientific meet, and then humans will be able to perceive reality itself in a larger, more accurate way. I also happen to believe that some of the aliens who are “up there,” have already made this evolutionary step.

This is the secret also of my Russian friend. There is no contradiction! She is Russian Orthodox, she is Pagan, she is highly intelligent, and the spirituality to which she has evolved, is breathtakingly amazing.

So, can we humans come up with one sentence or phrase which will encompass our spirituality when it has become greater than the sum of its two parts (Spirit/Science)? How can we illustrate tolerance, wonder, positivity, even love, and a protectiveness and responsibility toward our planet? We need a statement to take us into our future!

I am not quoting “Star Trek” because it is “Star Trek.” I am quoting it now because somehow, someway, they came up with what I feel is a wise statement:

Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations

How does one describe one’s spiritual and scientific regard for Earth’s life forms, including humans, but not exclusively humans? IDIC!

How does one express what one feels for the Rainforest Frog, the Spotted Owl and the Siberian Tiger? IDIC!

How does one express what one feels for a Grove of Sacred Oaks or a small blossom of purple clover? IDIC!

How does one meet a life form who drives a ship so advanced we almost consider it magic? IDIC! Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations – has just landed!!

Yes, we can anchor ourselves spiritually and mutter, “IDIC!” as that scout craft sets down in the field.

I am not saying we must then run up and hug the aliens, who will then love us forever more. Maybe the first aliens to land will eat a few humans – I doubt it. However, there is, as my Russian friend says, good and bad in the Universe.

But as that scout craft sets down, we are going to mutter to ourselves, “God!” or “Allah!” or “Mother Mary!” or “Jesus Christ!” or “Holy sh–!” or “Gaia, protect me!” or something!

I am planning to mutter, “IDIC!” and hold the fort of my emotions, perhaps after I pee my pants.

Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations was not a human saying on “Star Trek,” it was Vulcan. Let’s hope beyond hope, the aliens who land, have embraced that belief as well

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