Is a face of a Reptilian ET in the Bishop’s Pontifical Chartres Orleans in 1237?

Middle Age paintings have recently been viewed with different eyes by UFO enthusiasts who are searching for information of extraterrestrials and UFOS. Many paintings have been found that show possible UFO encounters and  possible flying saucers. The Vatican’s recent conference on alien life on other planets in the universe and the ramifications on Christianity  took many by surprise. The Vatican may know more about life on other planets than we know. The Kings and Queens of France had  Astrologists to give them knowledge of the heavens.
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You will see Blanche Castile Psalter with a astronomer with a Astrolabe

Chartres Cathedral stained glass windows show the signs of the Zodiac in multiple places. The Zodiac played a big role in the Middle Ages. It was by the stars that crops were planted.  

The Sumerians in their ancient tablets astrology was an occult science. It continued even in the Middle Ages and many queens had their Court astrologers such as Queen Elizabeth and Dr Dee. Blanche Castile Psalter shows her interests in the heavens and how this knowledge was sacred only for the royal families. The Cathedral at Chartres reflects this ancient knowledge of the stars which was considered sacred.

I have been studying the Middle Ages and the time of the Crusades. I came upon the stained glass windows of Chartres Cathedral which was built by the Capetian family of Blanche Castile and St Louis. Blanche Castile was educated and she made sure her children were too. We see in St Louis and her bibles that geometry, astronomy, and astrology were considered sacred knowledge of which in their bibles was shown.
In the stained glass window of Chartres which talks of Noah and the flood, the giants known as Nephilim are shown .   

Genesis 6:4: “There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown” (KJV) The giant with the club may represent the star system Orion. Blanche Castile and St Louis were aware of the bloodlines of the Nephilim and the stories about them. St Louis’s uncle King Richard talked about how his bloodline was Angevin. Legend had the Angevin bloodline had “infernal” blood. Richard the Lionheart bloodline was traced from the time of Noah and Woden. It was through Edith wife of Henry I and Alfred the Great. Richard was said to be 6 foot 5 inches in height. A giant in the Middle Ages where people were small from lack of nourishment. Blanche and St Louis came from this Angevin bloodline.

It seems the legend of the Nephilim and “Sons of God” coming from the heavens was well known in the Catholic Church. Bible reading had to be done with permission by the Bishop or Pope during the Middle Ages. The Kings and Queens commissioned their Bibles through the monks and passed these illuminated manuscripts to their children. It is lucky today that some of these illuminated manuscripts exist today. Beautiful pictures of Christ life fill the pages and yet pagan characters fill these bibles too. I have found a Pontifical of Chartres dating back early 13th century. A Pontifical is the Bishops book. He is the only one given access to it or one must ask for permission to read it. On one page,  an Angel sitting on a empty grave tells the Three Mary’s Jesus is risen but below the picture there is words written in beautiful calligraphy. It is the letter P that one sees a strange face peeking at the Bishop and now us. It is a strange face perhaps some would call it a demon back in the Middle Ages or even today. I have seen pictures of Reptilian extraterrestrials and when I saw this picture it reminded me of them. I have drawn best to my ability from the Pontifical so bear with me I am no artist. I have seen pictures of the Ancient Annunaki gods who look reptilian in nature. The Annunaki means from royal blood and were the ancient Sumerian gods. The Sumerians had their deluge myth like the Jewish people had with Noah. In fact many consider the Sumerian deluge myth older than the Old Testament story of Noah.

Below is a link of a ancient statue of a Annunaki god.

The letter P has a very strange face within it. It appears to be a creature with slit eyes and a snake like tongue. Is it just a strange design made by the monks? I thought it looked like a face of some of the pictures that UFO enthusiasts have posted.

Here is the official link where the Pontifical of Chartres Orleans where the original can be viewed at:

I just wondered at the possibility that in the Middle Ages during the Crusades did information come to the Vatican about the story of the  Nephilim. The Crusaders  were fighting for Jerusalem and the legend talks about finding something buried under Solomon’s temple. it was King David who was Solomon’s father who defeated the giant Goliath with his slingshot. The Nephilim was not completely wiped out.The Bishop’s may have known about a Reptilian race who long ago came to Earth from the heavens. They may have thought them demons.  The Vatican may have a reason for being one of the first to discuss the ramifications on the  consciousness of people when scientists notify the world that alien life exists on other planets. Who knows maybe the Church knew for centuries about the visitors from the heavens?  it is one explanation for the eerie looking face within the P of the Bishop’s Pontifical of Chartres Orleans. What do you think?

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