Is Alien Entanglement Actually Quantum Entanglement?

Why do some people feel a “condition of the mind” settle in right before they spot a UFO? Some soon-to-be-observers grow uncommonly calm or mesmerized, while others experience a creepy feeling that something other-worldly is about it happen. Related to these experiences might be the “missing time” phenomenon as well. 

We tend to ignore these experiences of humans who have encountered a UFO and/or its occupants, because we just don’t have a clue as to what the answer is; how can aliens do this? They seem able to get inside our minds and alter feelings and perceptions.

Maybe these phenomena occur through a scientific process called quantum entanglement. Granted, it is a more advanced scientific process than we presently understand fully, but it is a process none the less. Have the aliens mastered this process?

Leaving UFOs for a moment, let’s consider quantum entanglement itself: It occurs when two or more objects share an unseen link bridging the space between them. A hypothetical pair of dice, for instance, would always land on matching numbers when rolled simultaneously, even if one was rolled on Earth and the other was rolled on Mars.

Do not make the mistake of thinking “entanglement” is a negative term, perhaps similar to “parasites” or some such. It is not! It is a neutral term used by scientists to describe an astounding phenomenon of quantum physics.

Quantum entanglement was called Spukhafte Fernwirkung by Albert Einstein, meaning “spooky action at a distance.” Einstein muttered that it violated his famous speed limit which states, nothing goes faster than the speed of light in his Theory of Relativity. I want to state here that quantum entanglement is in its early stages of exploration by human theoretical physicists, of which I am not one. I admit that I am stretching it to a far definition of what we really know it to be at present.

However, human scientists have recently managed to entangle two diamonds at the quantum level, so it has been proven that this finicky phenomenon is not limited to tiny, ultra-cold objects. Entanglement has now been achieved for macroscopic diamonds on a quantum level. In a new study, researchers from Oxford, the National Research Council of Canada, and the National University of Singapore, showed entanglement can also be achieved with standard, everyday objects like diamonds. “It is possible to put them into a quantum state,” says co-author of the study, Ian Walmsley. Details are on

Long story short, the two diamonds sub-atomic molecules became entangled and therefore a phonon was not confined to either diamond; instead, the two diamonds entered an entangled state in which they shared one phonon. If we crushed one diamond on Earth, would the diamond on Mars also crush in the same second? This is a question which comes to me, and I can find no researched answer for it.

Another astounding theory regarding quantum entanglement: Physicists are working on a new theoretical model which suggests that quantum entanglement holds DNA together; it helps prevent our molecules of life from breaking apart!

It is not that quantum entanglement is “science fiction” or “too far out to exist” to have real impact on reality, it is that we humans have yet to fully grasp this phenomenon which may explain everything from life after death to “missing time” in a UFO abduction, to psychic phenomena, to DNA/life itself!

Regarding entanglement and consciousness: Human consciousness is a quantum field which may well exist outside the head, too, stretching only a short way or perhaps into infinity. This too is new science but aspects of this research have been proven. Details on this “quantum field of cosmic consciousness” are topics for another day. However, what if the quantum field of an individual’s consciousness can be entangled with particles of someone else’s quantum field of consciousness? That is, two quantum fields entangled into one consciousness!

Or, as the illustration shows, perhaps not becoming the same field but instead, entangled beyond any undoing. These are called Borromean Rings, from ancient Afghan Buddhist art. The 3 rings are linked. If any ring is removed, they all will fall apart.

So, the question is: Might aliens often use quantum entanglement when interacting with humans? They might use this quantum phenomenon during an actual abduction/encounter or they might be able to manipulate reality enough (as a human mind perceives it), that the aliens need not even be physically present for quantum entanglement to happen. This might explain why someone experiences an initial encounter, and then feels contact with the aliens on a daily basis afterward.

A skeptic might say, “Do you really think some alien is interested enough in your humdrum daily life that he monitors you all the time and sends you messages which might be all love and light, but which do not pay your mortgage or really help anything?”

The answer to this might be that once one’s consciousness is entangled with an alien’s consciousness, it simply is. There is access to his or her state of mind, knowledge, level of consciousness. Of course this does not do a human any great service in the daily world and the fact is, said alien is not sending messages. Two beings are merely entangled.

On behalf of those of us who have had actual encounters, let me add that during what I consider to be my main encounter when I was a child, I felt that he was “giving me something of himself” – his essence, if you will – and yet keeping himself too. This was the most important aspect of my encounter, both in my memory and as it happened.

I am not alone in this feeling; new agers are scorned by skeptics because they feel so close, so loving, toward the aliens they once encountered and continue to feel contact with. Yes, the aliens changed their lives but in a good way, and the humans then begin searching for angels, fairies, and loving, healing ETs.

Has anyone looked seriously into the possibility that there is a scientific as well as spiritual reason for the “love and light” new agers whose lives were forever changed? And is there a solid reason also for the scientific obsession of those investigating UFOs? Do aliens use a technique of quantum entanglement of mind and soul, to make themselves known to humans? This might not be “total entanglement” of two minds but a form of entanglement of consciousness.

I will add in honesty that quantum entanglement could be used for negative purposes; after an abduction, a few people are haunted for the rest of their lives, constantly frightened , finding functioning almost impossible. This might be an example of the misuse of quantum entanglement, or an entanglement technique that went wrong.

How big is the leap between quantumly entangling two diamonds into one diamond and quantumly entangling two minds (or more), together?

Yes, it is a big leap: Maybe one or two hundred years ahead of where we are now? Perhaps humans of the future are the main “aliens” who use quantum entanglement. I have always stated that Tibus, who says he is a future human, and I share consciousness. That is the most accurate description I can offer.

There are thousands if not millions of other examples of humans “receiving alien messages,” or becoming involved with ETs as if they were our own native tribe. They also long to go home to the stars. Where does that come from?

Are ufologists ignorant to just poo-poo contactees (for lack of a better word), as being the “whackos of the UFO world?” Yes, there are whackos and there are con people, but the majority are sincere; I have worked with “everyday people” for years and I know that they report what truly happens within them – within their mind. Their shared consciousness is real.

Quantum entangling has been called a trick of quantum magicians: When two particles are entangled, measurements performed on one of them immediately affect the other, no matter how far apart the particles are. What if aliens with advanced quantum know-how, establish the entanglement of consciousness fields between one of them and a human?

From then on, the human would receive information, knowledge, even feelings, from the alien (or future human) with whom he or she was entangled. The alien would not have to sit down and telepathize messages. Is this not similar to the much maligned “channeling” concept? How quickly and authoritatively we toss out what is vital evidence regarding aliens.

The entangled human might even feel a kindredship to a crew member on a UFO. Do you know how many people I have worked with over these 30 years of counseling, who feel the identity of a “starship crewmember”? Approximately 300 people have told me they felt this! Are they lala science fiction fans (some do not even like science fiction), or legitimate alien contacts?

This morning brings the news that scientists have just announced that there are 150 billion planets in the Milky Way Galaxy. To what degree is the beinghood of Earth herself entangled with these other planets? We always look for how physical life itself came to Earth. On an asteroid? A meteorite? On a comet? Or did life on Earth develop independently of the galaxy’s other life?

What if life (DNA) does not get to the planets on asteroids or develop through a lightning flash? What if it arrives from that “field of consciousness” which extends outside our minds and may go on infinitely.

What if, due to the phenomenon of quantum entanglement, life-forms spring up, their consciousness now alive simultaneously, all across the cosmos?

Isn’t this what life really is? Consciousness!

And this consciousness may well be quantumly entangled with other consciousness! This concept encompasses the fact that there is a web of darkness and a web of lightness (good and evil) in the universe. Some become entangled with one web, some – the other.

What is the greatest power in the universe? Many of us would say

love. People who feel a connection with positive aliens often refer to unconditional love.

Speaking of love: Would you say you are quantumly entangled with your teenage daughter, so that if she does not come home on time from a date, you begin to worry with a sinking feeling in your stomach, nerves tingling all over?

Is a father who lifts a car off his injured son, quantumly entangled with that son – so that the feat of lifting a car is possible for that micro-second? In other words, does he love his son that much?

If a solider crosses a mine field, wounded himself, to save his best friend, is that an entanglement with the spirit and beinghood of his buddy?

All of those examples and more, including our entanglement for our magnificent blue/green planet, Mother Earth, can be called love. When we love, do we ourselves – our consciousness – become quantumly entangled in the consciousness of another person, to such a degree that we would give our own lives to save theirs? Unconditional love!

Maybe quantum entanglement is not so far-out and hypothetical after all. Maybe quantum entanglement is all around. We have the power to “do it” just as the aliens do. Ours may be primitive or lack advanced scientific focus, but the power is there in us, none the less.

Finally, a brief change of subject: Did we all miss the big UFO pre-invasion or big UFO hello (take your pick), on New Year’s Eve?

I read of orange orbs in a number of places, but in defense myself, if not all of us who “missed it,” here is what I think happened:

1) I assumed many of the orange orbs across the globe could be Chinese lanterns. Even though they appeared as each time zone changed to 2012, it crossed my mind that through social media, a coordinated hoax might have been perpetrated.

2) We “common folk” did not receive news of the orange orbs from the media nor from MUFON, that it was concluded without doubt that these were not lanterns or other hoaxes. No one told us nothin’. Yes, there was mention of many orange orbs on New Year’s Eve. But we didn’t get all excited, panicked, fearful, or joyful because not much was made of it. The governments tell us nothin’, MUFON tells us nothin’ (regarding conclusions – not the ones that count), so, I for one did not realize–! Believe me, I am not apathetic and I doubt you are either.

So I beg to be informed: Were the staggered sightings across various time zones for real? Without doubt? Please tell us facts!

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