Is the Internet Exposing Our Collective Consciousness?

In a recent article, “Do Aliens Surf the Internet?” (, it is suggested that aliens are learning more about humans through looking at the Internet. What if there is even more to it than this? What if the human collective consciousness itself is growing and advancing because it is involved in the various aspects of the wide-world web? This concept is similar to adding knowledge into your computer through  collecting information, knowledge, and also through making contact with others.

There are brilliant people who believe we ourselves are in a computer simulation, but this article is not about that. However, the human (quantum) morphic field does seem to “resonate” and “collect” human experience, memories and thoughts, in a still-mysterious method which has become over the eons, the collective human consciousness.
This morphic field can be analogized to a computer storing our thoughts and efforts. We can hook into the collective consciousness, just as we also can hook into the Internet, at which point, we have access to more information, more memories, more thoughts, than we do as a mere individual.

Are there less alien abductions than there used to be? Did abductions peak somewhere in the 1990s right before humans got into heavy computer and Internet use? If so, this might point to the fact that the human collective consciousness is now exposed, to some degree, on the Internet in a “cyber-field” if not a “morphic field.” The two might be interlink somehow.

I feel that when I encountered my alien contact in my childhood, he used a quantum entanglement method because in the 1950s, the human collective consciousness was not on display for all to see on the Internet. Society kept just about everything hidden. As discussed in “Is Alien Entanglement Actually Quantum Entanglement?” I feel that quantum entanglement results in a shared consciousness between human and alien, wherein the alien has access to the human’s life-long experiences and feelings and the human also “feels” alien thoughts and consciousness. This method might have been more popular with the aliens closer to the beginning of the modern UFO era in 1947.
However in 2012, many scenarios are unfolding. It is the Change Times! So perhaps the quantum entanglement method is not as necessary, especially because human thoughts, good, bad, and bizarre, are all over the Internet.

Let’s look at what the Internet really does for us, and to us, as a species; I need to start with my own experience: For years I have communicated with people who feel they were abducted or had UFO contact, with new age thinkers and experiencers, with enlightened, remarkable humans who are interested in my writing and channeling. I more than most, race to the post office daily to get the mail, open the letters, and read the latest from some delightfully far-out human. It takes perhaps 3 days for their latest letter to reach me.

These days, I still have many friends through the post office, and many of them perhaps wisely feel they don’t want to get involved in the Internet world. They sense it is more powerful than most of us realize, but for good or bad?

However, I also receive fascinating e-mails which have an “Eternal Now” quality about them. I feel this may be the key as to why the process itself of “being on the Internet” may link into the collective human consciousness more than sending postal letters.

First, let’s remember that our great literature from Shakespeare to Asimov, was written with no computer. Dancing, singing, creating art – all those qualities so wonderfully human (and perhaps alien, who knows?), go into the collective human consciousness field perhaps quicker and with more impact than anything else.

However, if you see a ballet in person, it is more effective within your mind/soul than a picture of a ballet or even a DVD of a ballet.

There is something about the Eternal Now which has the most power — the most power to do what? To affect the quantum nature of reality and of consciousness! In fact, consciousness and reality seem to exist only in the Eternal Now.

Dreams, which hook into the collective consciousness and unconsciousness, seem real at the time because they are in the present, the Eternal Now. Dreams may actually be real in that moment they exist.

I have a friend of over 30 years. We were always close, sharing far-out ideas, chasing UFOs, and laughing together. We spent a lot of time together, and we loved each other. Then we both moved, we tried to keep postal contact, lost contact, and remembered each other fondly. Then about 2 years ago, my old friend dropped me an email. Since then, we have opened up on matters of the soul, dreams of the spirit, and also, been more honest about a few hiccups or non-communications, in our friendship which we did not do when spending in-person time together. We could and should have delved into a few questions, but we did not.

This happens within families, too. You love each other but there is not honest communication, good and bad because of, well, social barriers. Embarrassing, might cause an argument. But in email, it is in the Eternal Now as you write it, and in the Eternal Now as you read it; both people involved receive their fair amount of time for in-put and for reception. And it somehow gives us the power to be truthful within our version of “truth,” in the dynamic Eternal Now.

Look at social networking sites, something I have no knowledge of, but humans have apparently opened up as never before, for better or worse, and they even tell each other as they tweet that they are going for groceries or taking a bath. And texting! The human collective consciousness seems to be wide open and wanting to connect to others. Before the Internet, we lived in relatively isolated individual worlds, morphic field inactive.

I receive e-mail from fascinating people with fascinating ideas, thanks partly to UFO Digest. To me, a site like UFO Digest is the wiggling, squirming human collective consciousness, really advancing. Growing up!

Well, yes, we take one step backward for every two steps forward, that is the human way. I bet the aliens had that same “3 step dance” of evolution. Yes, the Internet has pornography, fear, hatred, greed, and ignorance, too, but alas, these too are in the collective human consciousness.

So, I am not talking here about human consciousness advancing a level upward, although I sure hope it is doing that. I am saying that our collective human consciousness, right where it is today, in the Eternal Now, has partially manifested on the Internet and that perhaps the two fields (cyber and morphic) are linked, so that the Internet with all its social networking, forums, information, and knowledge, is actually exposing human collective consciousness itself, solidifying it, and assisting it to develop.

The aliens can learn about us from this phenomenon, too. In fact, maybe every planet at this crucial stage of evolution, has just embraced technology/computers, thus the collective consciousness of the dominant species begins to long for evolution, and is on display for all the galaxy to perceive and even access. 

Maybe this is why we have grown so dependent on our computers. Maybe this is why we check the new e-mails before we eat breakfast or hurry to read the latest blog of the person you admire or even, the person you dislike.

Perhaps our Internet obsession is part of these Change Times, and even driving them, to some degree. The human species wants to evolve, needs to evolve now – in this Eternal Now. We can’t do it overnight but spiritual evolution in particular, can happen amazingly quickly. And we must do it together, thus we need our collective consciousness to be at optimum, strong, active, and ready to boldly go.

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