It’s Religious Folly To Care About the Planet and Our Future, Let’s Just Wave Good-bye


I have never heard both scientific reasoning and spiritual passion skewered as badly as I have in articles on “MMGW” (man-made global warming) these past 3 days.

I even hear Tony Elliot continuing to insist that Iowa is “scrub  brush country” when Iowa is  verdant, fertile farming land, north, south, east  west, and in the middle, too. Tony, your stats are erroneous. We use no irrigation unless there is a drought which has happened very infrequently until now. This “scrub brush” insistence embodies the absurdity of many of the arguments both Tony Elliot and Pat Regan have given. Talk about bending yourself into a pretzel to prove a point!

Let’s see, it is a religious illusion that I believe radical climate change is happening across the planet. I have apparently been indoctrinated, according to Pat Regan, into a Satanic guilt trip wherein I believe God is punishing me, or is it Satan?

Incidentally, Pat, there is NO “green agenda” in American politics, maybe there is in Britain; so your point about dirty politics is not applicable here.  No Democrat, no Republican, has so much as breathed the word “environment.” It is all about “jobs, jobs, jobs.” Hey, rejoice, Pat and Tony, the planet can go right on down the drain in America! The Keystone Pipeline will bring jobs, jobs, jobs until we can no longer live on the planet, which might not be much longer.

Oh, but I am having a religious illusion, excuse me.

The balanced, healthy planet we knew is coming to an end. Oceans are contaminated, fish supplies are dwindling, krill is disappearing, forests are being leveled from Indonesia to the Amazon, tops are being blown off the mountains in the Appalachians, rivers and creeks in that vast area are being poisoned in the resulting destruction. The list is so long it defies completion. Oh, but, I must not mind at all, is that correct? Because I would be bowing to religious indoctrination? Or perhaps catering to the Science God, whoever that is.

Is it possible I am using logic and intelligence?

I should not oppose mining companies blowing off the tops of the eastern U.S. mountains nor worry that the great western river, The Colorado, is going dry. Yes, humans will miss their water for drinking (do ya think?) but oh no, I care about the land and her life forms, too! Obviously I am a deluded religious fanatic or worse, I listen to respected scientific findings. Shame on me.

Pat, to say “the gods run the planet and it’s in their hands” is the same as saying God runs the planet, it’s in God’s hands, so just don’t care, don’t try to help, don’t be concerned, God does as He wants.” Adding  “s” to “god” means nothing.

So, let me get this straight: if I believe in scientific reports, my own keen observations and my spiritual intuition, I am wrong, wrong, wrong, and probably being hoodwinked by religion and science alike?

I’ll tell you what I see: I see a beautiful blue/green planet with a sentient race who selfishly, greedily, does not care for the most part. It is through religion, perhaps (real religion, not whatever you are accusing climate change advocates of), that humans feel they have dominion over the planet and can cut, hack, pollute, contaminate, deplete, make war, drain, re-engineer, the precious land and water all they want. Hey, it is capitalism and that is God, isn’t it? So the God of Capitalism and the God of Religion go hand in hand, and the planet is hurt.

Wounds can lead to death or at least to a diminishing of the world we knew. That is what is happening. No, I don’t know how to stop it single-handedly either but I will NOT be persuaded that radical climate change doesn’t exist (Tony on one hand),  and Pat telling me it is all what the gods want on the other hand, just a natural cycle, and we are fools to care.   

John Atcheson has written the following:

“The data continues to roll in, and it tells us we are in the process of bringing an end to the world we evolved in. We are creating a new, harsher world. We will be forced to devote more and more of our resources trying to adapt to this new world, and less on development.

While politicians fiddle, the world burns. While the press plays he-said, she-said, the ice melts, the seas rise.

In   1990 we could have averted this disaster and saved money doing it. As late as 2010 we still had a shot at avoiding it. But now, the die is cast, the future foretold. What follows will be an epilogue to civilization as we knew it.  Hyperbole? Let’s look at the facts.

Arctic sea ice hits lowest extent ever measured (and it’s still melting).      

Hottest winter, spring, summer, year, decade ever measured.      

Most extensive drought in 50 fifty years and getting worse.      

Worst floods in recorded history.

Hottest seas in eons.

Most acidic oceans ever measured.

Most greenhouse gasses released in a single year.

Highest sea levels since Pleistocene.

Most permafrost melted (with record releases of methane) ever measured.

Massive crop failures and record high food prices.

Most severe weather  events ever recorded.

Meanwhile, in Tampa, the fossil fuel funded Republican Party is doubling down on climate denial, pushing  greater use of oil, coal and gas, and trying to gut programs designed to  save energy and use more renewables. In short, they’re working diligently to hasten our demise.

And no, that’s not hyperbole, either. Check out Romney’s energy plan.

What about the Democrats? Well, except for one mention of climate change in an interview with Rolling Stone, the President has been mum on the topic, as has most of the rest of the Party.”

(end of John Atcheson’s remarks) 

No green agenda in American politics, Pat, you might like it here. I happen not to think it is automatically “dirty politics” if Britain does try to do something about green issues/the environment. Politics is dirty whether “pro” or “anti” anything. I suppose non-green politicians smell like roses in Britain then.

 Here’s another religious and scientific hallucination I am having:  

According to an international team of scientists, Antarctic Ice Sheet could be an unnoticed but important source of methane, a potent greenhouse gas.  Up until now, the concern has been only for Arctic methane release.

The new study demonstrates that old organic matter in sedimentary basins located beneath the Antarctic Ice Sheet may have been converted to methane by micro-organisms living under oxygen-deprived conditions. The methane could be released to the atmosphere if the ice sheet shrinks and exposes these old sedimentary basins.

Coauthor Slawek Tulaczyk, a professor of Earth and planetary sciences at UC Santa Cruz, said the project got its start five years ago in discussions with first author Jemma Wadham at the University of Bristol School of Geographical Sciences, where Tulaczyk was on sabbatical.

It is easy to forget that before 35 million years ago, when the current period of Antarctic glaciations started, this continent was teeming with life,” Tulaczyk said. “Some of the organic material produced by this life became trapped in sediments, which then were cut off from the rest of the world when the ice sheet grew.

Of course Earth goes through cycles, turn, turn, turn. However, humans have never been as developed before as cycles began change.

In fact, humans were not even on the planet for the last major cycle change, we are newcomers into Earth’s history. Who is so omniscient as to be positive that humans have “no effect?”

If many of us feel humans do have an effect on Mother Earth, why does this bother you so much?

Never before has Earth had the added burden of human environmental destruction and additional greenhouse gases as she deals with another change of cycle.  Human interference has likely speeded up this cycle of change immeasurably.

Incidentally, Pat, a bit of nitroglycerin can save one from a heart attack but a lot of nitroglycerin just blows you up. So just because CO2 is in the natural cycle of things and works well, does not mean we need tons of it in the atmosphere which nature did not put there (we did).

To every season, turn, turn, turn but Nature does it at 33 rpm. We are at 78 rpm, you see? And speeding up.

It is happening before our eyes. As John Atcheson says, 20 years ago, we were on the precipice, we stood a chance if we radically changed our stupid human ways. However, we seem to have grown more stubborn, less aware, more greedy. We are in denial.

I have NOT succumbed to religious brain washing, Pat, and I do NOT live in the Iowa scrub brush, Tony.

Nor do I worship the God of Science, Pat.

For goodness sakes, I am merely seeing the evidence right before my eyes, I am merely telling the truth about radical climate change which billions of people worldwide perceive as well. You can do all the mental gyrations you want about my perceptions being in my head, Tony, or about dirty U.K. politics, Pat, and you can tell me till the cows come home that the gods want it this way. My gods do NOT want it this way!

The closest thing I have to a god or goddess is this exquisite, fragile, magnificent planet Earth. And something is very off key with her. The flat key in her symphony is human attitude and behavior toward our Mother Planet. I don’t know what can be done at this late date but we have got to acknowledge this crisis, certainly Mother Earth deserves that much.

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27 thoughts on “It’s Religious Folly To Care About the Planet and Our Future, Let’s Just Wave Good-bye

    1. More sad evidence
      Thanks for sharing this. I wonder how anyone could close their minds entirely to this reality and pronounce it untrue.

    DIANE, I could not possibly add to or detract from your words. SPOT ON. In the process of your speaking the truth re warming, you remind me why I follow this site. I see this as a site where an eclectic group of people join in their mutual search for Truth, for the nature of reality, the nature of consciousness and mind, and for meaning beyond the five-sense mundanities of daily life. Without Spirit, love for each other and our planet, and fearless search for truth, why consider UFO/UAPs?

  2. Re; Tropical glaciers melting!
    Wonder why they chose not to show the most recent this year, could it be that they couldn’t because they wouldn’t have a case?

  3. Concerned With Earth’s Human Population
    If I seem more concerned with the welfare of the world’s 7,billion, soon to be 8, billion humans than I am preserving some lizard, you are right.
    Many naturalists deplore the massive urbanization taking place but, the people exist and there isn’t much anyone can do about it. With this many people in the world it not only advisable but, essential to have a thriving economy to prevent hunger and homelessness.
    The earth existed long before the human race and will exist long after we are gone.

    So you propose we stumble on with our soon 8 billion, just sticking to the lowest common denominator of ruining the planet, not trying to preserve it with intelligence in light of what is happening? The 8 billion will have no where to go when the planet stops being habitable for them before their life spans are over. People concerned with radical cimate change are trying to help people too. To help the planet and her resources is to help humans too! INTERCONNECTEDNESS!

    I disagree. The radical politics that are the nucleus of climate change is about as much control of the masses as possible and scamming as much money as they can from the them with little concern for the environment.

    So, you believe climate science is owned by radical politics and is faking research for some nefarious political agenda? To find “radical politics”, follow the money. The coal and petroleum industries own “conservative” politicians who deny climate change and the contribution of human produced CO2. They deny scientific fact for the sake of short-term profits. So, who are the “radical politicians”? Those who sell the future for money, or those who admit scientific, observable reality?

  7. Comments on global warming
    It is a good thing you said that you are not brainwashed. That means there is a chance to talk some sense into you. You speak of Arctic ice at the lowest extend ever. Not necessarily true. The ice MAY be at the lowest extent in the 33 years since satellites have been measuring. Yet, there are questions about the satellite data, still doesn’t mention that Antarctic ice is still expanding! It evens out. You mention the warmth this Spring/Summer in North America, yet Europe/Asia coolest in 100yrs

    1. Why Are No-Change People So Rude?
      I do wish people on the “other side” could be more polite! FYI I’m not brainwashed, are you? Of course fluctuation, Antarctic still adds ice in cold season, especially underneath, but the Antarctic has lost large parts ice sheets too. Said how many times? It is not “global warming,” it could, has, probably will, flip into extreme cold too, it is RADICAL CLIMATE IMBALANCE which is too fast to be ” Earth normal” without large catastrophe like large volcanic explosion or instant change asteroid.

      1. Until the Water Runs Out
        I also am over and out on this. I’ll spend my time better to go water my dying Horse Chestnut trees, that is, until my water well runs out as other local wells have. So I guess I’ll let my trees die. I’ll just go stroke a soothing cat friend. This debate is absurd and consistently rude from the no-change folk.

    2. Puzzle pieces
      You are correct in saying that we have only been monitoring this in such a short time due to advances in technology. My viewpoint on all this is that everyone in this debate only has pieces of the puzzle none can say “look my piece is the only complete answer.” Each point put has value. We are still learning. It is possible that our planet is completing a yet unrecognized natural cycle. Our contribution may be helping. What we can say for sure is 2012 is a record breaker in weather patterns.

    Diane, DMONDEO – Informed and caring – open mind, searching.
    It has been a pleasure to dialogue with you both. Yes, if we can’t play nicely, we shouldn’t play. Respect and civility seem as rare as rain in Iowa. I wish you well.

  9. still more climate change
    Thank you for your response. 500 characters is not enough. The west antarctic ice shelf is an interesting anomaly. Often mentioned as an example of ice melt. Not mentioned is that it is over water so no effect on sea level and also over active under sea volcanoes. As we are still recovering from the Little Ice Age (ended 1880)I do expect sea levels to rise. Don’t you? World has always had catastrophic weather, nothing here to worry about, the weird is normal what could possibly be off key?

  10. More about being rude? Facts are not rude
    Yes, I’m more ‘concerned’ about an oncoming ice age though not in my lifetime.Been 14000 years since the last ice age. it is time! Also, been 800 years since last major super drought (think Anastazi leaving and Yucatan droughts)start of previously mentioned Little Ice Age. But NOT TOO FAST to be Earth normal! Only doom-sayers say that. As for ocean pH. Dissolved CO2 not an issue, too little to worry about and will be self correcting as it has in the past. pH is measured to the hundredth of a %

  11. CO2 Info Also Flawed
    Since most CO2 monitoring stations are located on or near natural CO2 producing areas of the world this data can also be discarded as junk science.

    1. CO2 readings
      The most quoted CO2 total readings are at the top of the volcano in Hawaii. These are long term and consistent readings. There is also an observatory and research station.

  12. What does no-change mean in your mind?
    One more thing-you say I’m a ‘no change person”. No change on what? Climate is always changing.I bet you secretly know that the Sahara was in the recent past (10000years ago) a water filled savanna. Full of water and life. Things always change. Thats what stays the same. In order for us to move on we need to realize that humans play a small but important part in the puzzle. Keep an open mind on what we are doing but not so open we throw our hands up and our brains fall out.

  13. Iowa Scrubbrush Link
    Irrigation has drastically increased in Iowa primarily due to the increase in corn crops necessary for the production of ethanol. Which BTW, benefits no one, does nothing to reduce the use of gasoline, produces more pollution, and ends up costing the public more in taxes due to it being subsidized by the government.
    Ethanol facts;

    1. Nope, Iowa is NOT scrub-brush (geez!)
      The need for more water due to ethanol corn, which is a new endeavor, does not make Iowa natural scrub brush country. Right-fighting gets tiresome and almost mindless (maybe you are an exception). Thanks for adding so many comments to my article, it keeps it right up in the most-viewed. Please feel free to continue but I am done commenting on the subject, Dirk asked us to move on and I agree. I am sure the subject will come up again sometime, perhaps of necessity.

    2. Nope, Iowa is NOT scrub-brush (geez!)
      The need for more water due to ethanol corn, which is a new endeavor, does not make Iowa natural scrub brush country. Right-fighting gets tiresome and almost mindless (maybe you are an exception). Thanks for adding so many comments to my article, it keeps it right up in the most-viewed. Please feel free to continue but I am done commenting on the subject, Dirk asked us to move on and I agree. I am sure the subject will come up again sometime, perhaps of necessity.

  14. OK, time for one more comment to clairify
    So much to comment about. Ethanol is a boondoggle(love that word)it creates too much waste (Tony Elliot is correct about ethanol on all counts).Iowa is beautiful except for those bird and bat killing windmills on the ridges. Only a well off society can afford a green agenda; otherwise all resources are used only for subsistence.

    1. NOT talking “green agenda”
      No one is talking green projects, some work, some are folly. Is “green” not allowed as part of great Capitalistic Machine? Isn’t it a just great to make all the money you can in this country, regardless others?

      We’re not talking green projects, we’re talking actual radical climate imbalance, contributed to by humans. In non-scrub-brush Iowa, I hate wind turbines, wouldn’t have one on my land regardless of money offered. Ethanol is a bad joke, agreed. Corporate greed! Now let’s end comments!

    MR. GALT: I ignored your statement that Antarctic ice is expanding. This is grossly misleading. I have grown weary of factual misrepresentations. See: Likewise for the astounding lie (not by you John) that NASA’s Hansen says human CO2 is not a factor. Too absurd for words.
    See: TRUTH, anyone? Please.

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