How narrow and limited mainstream science often is! Every now and then, it comes up with a study which says near-death experience such as the consciousness leaving the body and encountering a wondrous “alien” universe – is just a myth. Medical researchers have announced (again) that near-death experience may well be caused by a surge of electrical firing in the dying brain. This new research was done on animals; many of us object to the use of research animals in this way – a subject for another day.
“Whether the animals perceive a white light or tunnel of light, that’s something we can’t know,” said study researcher Jimo Borjigin, a neuroscientist at the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor. However, dying brains registered definite agitated activity, perhaps even hallucinations or strange perceptions; this is all simply the brain’s desperate effort to contact and re-charge the dying or dead body, according the mainstream science. And then, the brain dies too.
The question is simple: Is the brain all we’ve got? Or do we have a conscious mind which has nested in the physical folds of the brain for all the years of our lifetime? 
Is our brain that which is aware? Or is it our unique consciousness, vibrating with its electromagnetic field and sub-atomic quantum particles which bring awareness and perception? 

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In other words, our brain seems to be more like the pipes of a plumbing design while our consciousness is the water which runs through these pipes. When the pipes “die,” the water runs onward. It does not die too.

Electromagnetic currents form streams and eddies, even mainstream science agrees with this. Throughout the universe, there are plasma networks; in fact, all galaxies are connected with electric threads of plasma – electromagnetic networks. We know from the phenomenon of lightning that electricity runs on plasma corridors or networks. And so, like water running out the plumbing system (the dead brain), our consciousness exits the body and begins to run in the quantum tributaries and rivers of consciousness which compose our quantum universe.
My question to the researchers who recently announced that near-death experiences are only the dying brain’s shocked reaction to dying: Do you assume that when the brain finally dies with the rest of the physical body, that the individual’s consciousness dies too or never existed? Can you really, considering the incredible research of quantum physics into consciousness itself, state yet and still that the brain is all we’ve got?
Near Death Experiencers report finding their consciousness expanding outside the boundaries of their bodies. They say that the feeling is like taking off a tight shoe or an uncomfortable suit of armour. They report that this experience is much more real than waking reality.
Thousands of documented cases prove that Near Death Experiencers can see and report accurately on what happened to their bodies when they were clinically dead, with no brain waves and in cardiac arrest. 
The following is from Dr. Bruce Greyson’s article in the stunning book, Varieties of Anomalous Experience: Examining the Scientific Evidence and this was also reported on public radio: 
“Pam Reynold, ‘died’ of a brain aneurysm; the only way to save her was to perform an outrageously risky surgery. The physicians chilled her body and then “drained the blood out of her head like oil from a car engine.” According to her physician, Dr. Robert Spetzler, she was ‘as deeply comatose as you can be and still be alive.’ 
In spite of the fact that her brain was completely drained and non-functional (she was effectively brain dead for the entire operation), Ms. Reynold says she ‘floated to the ceiling’ and witnessed 20 people working on her in surgery. Later, she was able to describe in detail, the surgical instruments used during her operation and comments made by the medical team. She was able to observe this, even though her ears and eyes were covered with impenetrable barriers — in addition to being brain dead. 
She had the amazing near-death experience of seeing a tunnel with bright light and long-dead relatives. When Ms. Reynold reported her after-death experience to Dr. Spetzler, he was startled. ‘From a scientific perspective,’ he says, ‘I have absolutely no explanation about how it could have happened.’ Neuroscientist Mario Beauregard of the University of Montreal, on the other hand, does have a theory based on his recent study of 15 people who had near-death experiences that might offer an explanation. 
Dr. Beauregard contends that the mind lives outside the physiology of the brain (my italics), so that even when the brain dies, the mind (as opposed to the brain) has the ability to remain aware. In his study, he asked subjects to recall what happened to them when they died as he measured their brain-wave activity via 32 electrodes. According to his findings, the NDE changes brain wave patterns permanently, conferring the individual with an ability to move into a delta state similar to that experienced by monks, yogis, and long-time meditators.” (end quote from Pam Reynold case and articles).
It is exciting to realize that we are reaching the step in our evolution wherein Science and Spirituality meet and become one – a larger sum than their individual parts! Religions, from Christianity’s heaven, to the Hindu Nirvana, have simply given the universal quantum field different names. 
Ultimately the realization that the universe is consciousness itself will bring us together as one human race – and then we can set sail out into the cosmos. We will have come of age!
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