Light-Form and Living UFOs: Not Just Critters?

Light-Form and Living UFOs: Not Just Critters?

By Diane Tessman

Although theories have been offered for years that some UFOs are organic and that some UFOs are light-forms, we tend to pay the most attention to the idea that UFOs are alien ships from far distant worlds or from time itself.

The probable astounding reality is that all of the above is true, and no doubt we haven’t begun to realize that the vast array of “UFOs” goes even beyond this!

The photo on the left may be of a bioengineered UFO. It actually reminds me of a mushroom or toadstool, and in fact it is possible that humans and other Earth life forms originated from extraterrestrial bio-engineering eons ago. The process of evolution ensued, because living matter adapts itself to the environment or it dies as a species.

Of course, our extraterrestrial or other-dimensional creators could/would also introduce evolutionary changes as time on Earth moved on.

A living, bio-engineered UFO could think, make intelligent decisions, and perform tasks. A living machine would die but not before giving birth to new ones. Most likely, a living UFO would be under the control of an alien who stayed on the mothership.

However, it is also possible that living UFOs are super-intelligent in their own right and are a part of Space/Time intelligence (also called The Federation) or are an independent, formidable presence in our skies. They are not necessarily “animalistic” in their intelligence level.

Some UFO sightings do seem best-explained as living creatures. Sometimes a large, glowing form is spotted in the sky, which then releases many little glowing forms of various colors which seem to scamper around and sometimes even change shape – from spherical to diamond or triangle-shaped, for instance. It seems impossible that nuts and bolts starships and their “shuttles” could do this, even though they are far ahead of us scientifically.

Many of the “rod” sightings of an extremely fast-moving elongated “thing” zooming around, are in a general category, “Are they living?” They seem like a fast-moving fish or eel.

I am not attempting to give a comprehensive, detailed report on all potential living UFOs and all potential light-form UFOs. Trevor James Constable did give a detailed account in his well-known book, Sky Creatures, Living UFOs.

I am attempting to say: Look at all we have yet to learn! It’s great to have a lot left to learn, though, it means we are young and powerful.

I am also attempting to say, let’s not automatically call living space creatures “space critters” because “critters” might under-estimate this kind of UFO, and that could be an ultimate mistake on our part. It is possible that living UFOs are among the smartest of UFO beings and not under a more conventional alien’s control. This is something to consider!

My own UFO sighting of two translucent white orbs over Tampa Bay was very similar to the photo above.

A friend of mine recently described a living UFO which/who “swam by” in the Florida sky and possessed a beautiful undulating tail.

Article on manta-ray and jellyfish UFOs:

Another example of probable living UFOs are the sightings which tell us that the UFO had tentacles which reached out into the sky or onto the ground. An advanced-physics “nuts and bolts” UFO would not need a tentacle-like scooper or “tester.” Here is a fascinating report of a tentacle UFO seen over Mexico in 2004:

What about the light-form UFOs? As you can see in my own “Irish flying life-form” photo which is the photo on the right at the beginning of this article, some unidentified flying objects are, apparently, “made” totally of light! There is a second photo, next frame, in which this flying teddy bear-like object had shape-shifted into a disk-shape, still made of pure light.

I often wonder why I focused on this amazing light form, because I did not see it with the naked eye and apparently, my cat did not either. However, did some level of my mind know it was there? Or did it send me some kind of subliminal message to focus the camera and take the two photos?

When I tried to research more about light-form UFOs, I arrived on Google at my own article on the flying light-form in the Irish meadow those many years ago. I conclude that not much is known about light-form UFOs. Perhaps they are more commonly called fairy globes or paranormal ghost-like manifestations, but they are unidentified flying objects and are obviously “alive” in the sense that they shape-shift, they fly, and they may have intelligence far beyond ours. It is possible!

There are many questions to be answered:

Are living UFOs in Earth’s atmosphere super-intelligent, or are they just “critters?”

Are living UFOs a natural life-form in Earth’s atmosphere? However, astronauts have photographed what look like organic UFOs out in space!

Are there space-creatures, born in space and alive in space? They might be ancient life-forms and far more evolved than humans, or they might be “space critters” almost like amoebas.

Are living UFOs in our atmosphere the same living UFOs photographed in space?

Are living UFOs actually living- drones, controlled by an alien somewhere on the mothership or on another world? This poses the frightening prospect of using living-drones as weapons.

Are some living UFOs part-organic and part-light, just take a look at the semi-translucent sphere!

Are light-form UFOs perhaps connected to the fairy kingdom or some paranormal phenomenon? How intelligent are they? Are they instead an alien intelligence?

Are light-form UFOs out in space, too? Why, in second frame, did my flying light-form become a disk? It seems “disks” are of the UFO/alien/space gestalt.

As we consider UFO disclosure and UFO landing possibilities in 2014, we tend to forget about these living and light-form UFOs. If they are intending to greet us soon, it seems somehow less frightening than a humanoid alien like a reptilian or grey type.

Living UFOs seem like nice exotic sea creatures and light-form UFOs seem like weird butterflies. However, for all we know, they are the brains of the whole operation and those reptilian and gray humanoids are just the robotic front-men and front-women, manifested by ancient, immensely evolved living creatures.

No, I am not convinced of this but when we look into the living UFO subject, we find we know even less than we do about Tall Whites, Nordics, Grays, and so forth. Yet many UFO sightings are best explained as living sky/space creatures.

We humans have much to learn! And that’s a good thing!

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