NASA finds mysterious rock on Mars.

Theories are buzzing over the internet on where the mysterious rock spotted by Rover comes from. NASA scientists are puzzled and the rock is very unusual in its contents. It has high concentrations of manganese, magnesium and sulfur. It in fact has twice as much as any other rocks on Mars.

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No one knows where it came from? The rover scanned the area and then twelve hours later the rock appeared. One theory is that Rover did it. Isn’t that typical blame poor Rover. Another theory is the rock turned over by falling.

Manganese is an interesting mineral and plays a part in oxygen relating photosynthetic plants. You heard me. It’s a required mineral for all living things. Manganese is thought to be created from a supernova.

Just to let you know, Manganese was found in the prehistoric pictures drawn in the caves of Lascaux, France. Manganese has been found in large quantities on the ocean floor on Earth. It is an essential ingredient for life on Earth and who knows for Mars too. Enzymes and the process of photosynthetic organisms need Manganese. The mysterious jelly doughnut rock has one of the minerals important to life. Where it came from, nobody really knows but it has NASA baffled. What’s your theory?


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