Morphic Resonance, Dogs, and Aliens

Does your dog know when you are headed home, long before you arrive? According to the work of Rupert Sheldrake, she does. Many of us have noticed this astounding ability in our beloved dog.

Sheldrake has performed experiments with cameras on dogs and their humans. The humans are miles away, then sent a phone call instructing them to return home at a random moment, not according to schedule. Film of the dogs shows them waiting anxiously at the door about 20 minutes before “My Precious Human” arrives.

“Morphic resonance is a term introduced by Sheldrake who has a Ph.D. in Biochemistry and is a professor at Cambridge University. He proposes that there is a feedback mechanism between the morphic field and the forms in the morphic unit.

You and your dog have a morphic field between you; in other words, your dog and you have an awareness of each other’s consciousness which, after a while, becomes sufficiently entangled, to produce telepathic communication. Sheldrake feels there is telepathic communication in this morphic field; in fact, Sheldrake validates many “supernatural” feats which, he feels, are perfectly real and natural.

Apparently your dog is more telepathic than you, but this may be because humankind has built this huge “false” reality of buildings, turnpikes, computers, talk shows, and worries about

everything from how many calories are in the cinnamon bun to if North Korea, Iran, or the U.S. will press the nuclear button.

We humans know there is something very special in what we share with our dogs, cats, and other life forms of Gaia’s creation. They give us simple joy with their unconditional love. Our morphic field becomes less-choppy when around them.

Sheldrake regards morphic fields as a universal database for both organic (living) and abstract (mental) forms. He feels that these fields resonate when feedback (experience) is added, resulting in a strengthening of that morphic field. In other words, when you and your dog go on a walk together, this experience is added to the morphic field between you and strengthens not only your bond, but your quantumly entangled field. Morphic resonance occurs.

At this point, I have a question: I have done articles on quantum entanglement and on the collective consciousness. Morphic resonance can be connected easily to the collective consciousness, but what of quantum entanglement? Are these the same concepts or different?

I’ll let Sheldrake and theoretical physicists work this out. It seems to me that we need a “unified field theory” here as badly as Einstein did, because I suspect “quantum entanglement” and “morphic resonance” are the same thing; however, I don’t want to state this with certainty and I suspect no one knows at this point.

I do know that my article, “Is Alien Entanglement Actually Quantum Entanglement” received many kind words from e-mail friends and that it is my favorite article, too. I will incorporate the “morphing resonance” and “entanglement” concepts herein, noting I am not a physicist nor a biochemist.

More on Sheldrake’s work: He states that because of shared informational patterns in the collective human unconsciousness, archetypes exist, as first proposed by Carl Jung. According to Sheldrake, morphic fields explain and validate many of Jung’s theories. Sheldrake also feels that Akashic records, the term from the Vedas which represents the “library” of all experiences and memories of the human mind/soul through its physical lifetimes, can be related scientifically to morphic fields. This is because your past (an akashic record) is a metal form at this point, and can relate to similar or related mental forms. Thus, within the large human collective library, you can add a chapter to your own book as each lifetime passes, and it can be accessed through your morphic field.

Sheldrake feels this morphic field is “non-local,” and is not located in the brain, but rather in the collective (quantum) field which extends outside of your brain.

In regard to evolution, morphic resonance says that as each species experiences and learns, this is added to its morphic field (which becomes that species’ collective consciousness and unconsciousness), so that the process of evolution is not led by “the physical” as Darwin stated (the giraffe’s neck eventually grows as she reaches for leaves), but rather, that evolution is first and foremost a synergeticaly instigated process which has more to do with collective consciousness and quantum entanglement, than physical beinghood. Experience causes resonance within the morphic collective field, and change happens.

Therefore, maybe it is not your world of cars and computers which makes you seemingly less telepathic than your dog; perhaps dogs developed telepathic ability, or the ability to “read” the morphic field as they evolved, whereas humans did not (not as much). This might be due to human abilities in other areas, such as tool using.

The morphic field theory answers the boggling question of how dogs and cats find their way home over thousands of miles. Sometimes an animal shows up at her humans’

new home, which the animal has never been to before. The link may well be between human and animal, not the animal and its physical (old) home.

Also, I have had an astounding phenomenon happen with both dogs and cats. In my perception, I have absolute proof that this phenomenon has occurred (Note to self: Details to come in another article).

My dog Hannah and I are very close; we love each other immensely. I have other dogs but Hannah, I admit, is my favorite; our morphic field must be very active and beautiful.

I had another dog who was very special, named Sinsee. Oh how I want to tell you about both Sinsee and Hannah specifically, like bragging on one’s child, but suffice to say, I know both of them like I know myself. Sinsee, my golden lab, died at age 15.

At the same time, Hannah was approximately an 8 week old puppy, having been thrown into a dog fighting ring to be used as bait. She survived after 3 months of terrible pain. I saw Hannah when she was brought into the Humane Society, a mass of red flesh. However, she wagged her tail and met my eyes, and I

knew she was my recently deceased Sinsee. No, I am not a whacky new ager, I knew and know this to be true.

Hannah and Sinsee share a morphic field with me; I am the “other end” of the field. When Sinsee died, her end of the field was left “dangling.” I believe this is the scientific explanation. I can simply say, Sinsee found a new dog suit and re-connected to the morphic field.

Before she died, Sinsee sent me a telepathic message which stupid human here did perceive, “I will come back to you, but as a hardship case.” Sure enough, she came back, and as a hardship

case, a torn up, bloody, infected mess. I feel Sinsee and my strong morphic field helped the physically badly wounded Hannah survive, and the two souls became one – or always were one. They are Sinsee/Hannah.

So, what do dogs and Sheldrake’s morphic fields have to do with aliens? To me, this opens up a universe of possibilities regarding aliens. If they have this knowledge, and I would assume they do, an alien (let’s just call him Tibus), could enter my morphic field when I am very young. Of course, he could well be my own future lifetime, thus my askashic record could simply be zapping around over and through my head. Maybe some of us are more aware of this than others, so I receive messages from my future self (?). There is no “time” in “morphic resonance!

Truthfully, this akashic possibility (future me), doesn’t seem quite accurate regarding Tibus and me. However, the entangled (shared) consciousness I wrote about in the “Quantum Entanglement” article, which aliens initiate with some humans, no doubt has a morphic field. This field grows dynamically in strength and depth as the human explores cosmic and worldly subjects and experiences a lifetime. The alien then understands the human better.

The alien/human morphic field not only assists the human as she evolves, it also helps the alien evolve, as he learns more about the universe and its life forms. After all, aliens are in a state of evolution as well. (I state here that I am referring to contact with positive aliens only in this article).

If you are an alien orbiting Planet Earth, it also is a very safe way to get to know humans. How do aliens access our morphic field? Perhaps one face to face meeting is necessary (an abduction or an encounter), but perhaps, as in the case of many enlightened humans, it is not necessary, because no “time” and no “distance” is involved in a morphic field, just ask the dog who walked thousands of miles because his morphic field told him, “Precious human is here in my head, go to precious human.”

Quantum entanglement, collective consciousness, unconsciousness, morphic fields and morphic resonance, are all topics which we humans are more than capable of perceiving and incorporating into our perception of reality.

As we do this (it is happening even now, and please do not let “old fear” stop this process!), the galactic community is exhaling a sigh of collective relief, “Those humans are finally coming along nicely. Evolving! Glory be!”

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