NASA announces life on Mars found: Believers in Extraterrestial life vindicated

Life on Mars found NASA Confirms

by Carolyn Shield

Well UFO  believers and Extraterrestrial believers you have been vindicated. The Viking found organics in 1976 and it is taken 36 years for the data which was locked away to be revisited. Thirty six years ago the scientists told everybody the Viking data found nothing but it is today the announcement comes that they were WRONG! The scientists have found oxygen-busting compounds called perchlorlates .

The news was published on MSNBC news, Discovery News, and Space news.

The life form is probably microbial and it is microbial life that many believe was the first step in the evolutionary chain for man. It is the public’s reaction in the next few months as well as religious communities ability to deal with the scientific fact that life exists on planet Mars.

Ufo digest readers are not going to have a hard time believing this. Unfortunately some people will have to take back those chuckles and jokes that many of us have patiently tolerated due to the fact of these people’s ignorance.

The question has to be asked “Why did it take 36 years for NASA to look again at the scientific data. How could these brilliant scientists make such a mistake. They told us that there was no evidence of life. NASA made a mistake. The mistake has had its ramifications on the space program. It is no coincidence that scientists are finding exoplanets in the thousands in this big huge universe. The fact is the news is being allowed to get to the public. The exoplanets are planets who have the possibility of similar Earthlike conditions which foster life. We were told there was no water on the moon. The discovery of water on the moon has now made that idea mute.

The implications of this announcement though quietly given out by the scientific community is that if microbial life lives on Mars then intelligent extraterrestrial life is possible. NASA seems to be ready to head in that direction as well as the government of the United States. We can not mistake that NASA had approval from the White House to make this announcement. 

I have watched the reaction to the NASA announcement and I can tell the people haven’t  fully grasped the awesome possibilities. I have talked over the years in my radio interviews of how the people have been given bits and pieces to prepare them for the finding of intelligent life in the universe. More and more scientists agree it is likely. Our consciousness will change because of this announcement. I think what we are going to find out that everyone expected this day to come. The news is we are not the only life forms in the universe.

Who knows those old stories in the Bible about angels coming down from the heavens might seem a bit closer to the reality that mankind isn’t alone.


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