Needing to Know the Unknown

A Response to Chris Holly’s article, “A Message to Mankind from a Real Time Abductee”

Ms Holly, you have given us essentially the same message many times, the same criticism of us all (or most of us?), that we cannot begin to understand the Unknown. I cannot guarantee you that I will govern my entire thinking process on the input of one or two abductees to whom you have given the tag “Real Time.” Does that make other abductees “false timers?” Are “missing timers” not real?   At any rate, it would be great if the Real Time Abductees themselves could share a paragraph or two with us.

They won’t or can’t speak, but you have told us the same thing many times, that they know about the Unknown, and the rest of us do not know about the Unknown, and we are in fact badly misguided. Yet we worry about the same things you say the Real Timers worry about–the future of Earth, of the human race, humankind’s obsession with war and greed, all the familiar mind-boggling subjects. So why do you think the rest of us are totally non-comprehending and cannot even begin to understand the Unknown?
Let me express what bothers me most: What are the Real Timers’ and what is your–answer? You say, “Pray we don’t have the experiences the Real Timers had.”  Leaving aside the fact that many of us have had similar experiences (yet you constantly insinuate our experiences are illegitimate), what is your recommendation about the larger problem? Let’s get beyond the “Be afraid,” and hear what comes next: Guidance, an answer, as to what the Unknown is and what we are to do about it, because you know and the Real Timers know, but we do not.
Is the entire human species to just pray we don’t run into the aliens? You yourself say there are more UFOs in the skies these days – many more. Are we as a civilization to cringe in fear and be the ultimate victim? Incidentally, your small group may soon grow by billions of people, because it seems the aliens want to land, or to have increased contact. We need to move beyond abduction warnings and come up with some major earth-shaking answers and course of action!
We as a species have to face the fact that we have run into beings who, yes, might see us as we see lab animals. A lab animal’s only chance is to make contact with the researcher; a dog who is about to be vivisectioned, might try to look into the human researcher’s eyes and remind him of the childhood pet dog he once had. When advising someone who has been nabbed by a serial killer, police say to try to humanize yourself as fast as you can. “My mother always criticized me, was your mother the same?” “Gee, I just moved into a new apartment, it is nice to have an actual home, isn’t it? I like to eat popcorn there on Saturday night.” You get my drift: Try desperately to make contact, to show you are not a mindless sex/violence object to tie up and murder. The more you play victim, the more dehumanized you are perceived to be.
Well, it is the same with the bad aliens and human abdcutees, Ms Holly: We have to step up and show our worth as a species. We have to try to communicate and to deal with them! Incidentally, science fiction and speculation often do deal with the worth and dignity of the human species and give examples of humans overcoming alien invasion or unwanted contact. In my articles, I do try to give some general course of action, or some philosophical guidance for my species,  as do others in their articles. But article after article you bring us to the brink by closing with, “Pray it doesn’t happen to you.” Be afraid, be very afraid!  The Real Time abductees hide, they don’t want to speak to the rest of us humans, but you give us their fearful message. Is this all you can recommend? All they can recommend? Hide?
Ok, we get that. I do hasten to add that there are good aliens out there too. And I hasten to add that someone’s extreme fear can give him a bad experience. In some abductions, fear of the unknown makes the whole thing many times worse than the aliens might have intended. However, let’s stick to the really bad aliens: Ok, we have looked into the Unknown, too, Ms Holly, but I guess it isn’t the correct Unknown?
And we are thoroughly advised that we know nothing. Or maybe you feel one or two well known members of MUFON or UFOlogists do know something? It is almost hurtful that you feel a handful of “Real Timers” (goddess bless them),  hold all the wisdom and that hundreds, even thousands, of the rest of us who also know they were abducted, or had an encounter or contact, are illegitimate, sent to oblivion with a wave of your hand.
You pray it doesn’t happen to me? Save your prayers. You sell us short. We are not the lunatics you paint us to be. We are not inexperienced with the unknown. You yourself have had experiences, and so have many of the rest of us. We do not try to debunk your experiences or to say that you are hungry for a reputation or whatever. 
What we would love to hear from you is, what is your recommendation? Move past that same message, we do have your basic message, well engrained. “Pray it does not happen to us.” Even this tells us you somehow know it did not already happen to us. But it did in many cases, Ms Holly! It did.
Please do not villify me, I truly do not deserve it. Don’t insinuate I don’t have a clue about anything. I have been in the field for 30 years and am well respected just as you are. But it’s not just me, you keep telling all of us that we just do not understand the Unknown. Right, we have gotten that by now.
I hope you will tell us now what the Unknown IS! We desperately need to know. I am not being sarcastic. You don’t need to give details of the Real Time groups’ abductions if you are sworn not to, but certainly in general you can tell us. You say we cannot begin to comprehend the Unknown. Please guide us so that we can begin to understand what you know, then there will be no reason to criticize us for not knowing the truth about the Unknown. Educate us!

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