Night Siege in Nome

The haunting presence of an owl in the minds of abductees.

In October 2000, a frightening chain of events unfolded and shed a new sinister light on the abduction syndrome. Until that time most researchers involved in that esoteric field of medical and psychological research viewed abductions as mysterious and compelling, but not necessarily monstrous and terrifying!

Never before horror of such magnitude

Yes, there were abductees, who were undergoing the long term mental effects of continued contact and the personal battle for control with entities that treated them more as experimental livestock than intelligent beings having rights. In my own experiences with abductee support group members I was aware of the bizarre reality that they were forced to deal with, but nobody ever considered themselves to be in mortal danger or at the mercy of necessarily malevolent entities, that is, until the events in Nome, Alaska in the year of 2000.

It seems that a horrifying phenomenon had settled upon Nome, Alaska a town much smaller and more isolated than Anchorage. Why would someone or something want to invade some remote community full of inhabitants that are usually pre-occupied with survival in the harsh Alaskan wilderness that these citizens have to contend with? However, the good citizens were totally unaware of the ominous siege that was about to envelop them.

Shocking commonalities reported among victims

Counselor, Abigail Tyler, had noticed a sudden spike in patients reporting disturbed sleep patterns, but that was just the tip of the iceberg as she began treatment sessions with several of these acutely afflicted individuals. As it turned out, patients, both male and female, were suffering from a lot more than a disturbed sleep. Many were undergoing intense anxiety, personality disorders, and strange visions of an unusual owl. People totally unrelated to each other were all reporting the manifestation of an owl in their dreams or altered states. After mentioning the owl and being further questioned about it these people would then strangely deny that it was connected to an owl.

This bizarre manifestation of an owl was obviously an implanted memory used to artificially block the actual trauma that was the source of the anxiety and sleep disorder. In the brilliant book written by the late Budd Hopkins “Sight Unseen” the author’s research explores the numerous false implanted memories experienced by long term UFO abductees. This form of screening memory used by the intruders epitomizes the plight of these besieged individuals. This counselor in Nome, Alaska specialized in regressive hypnosis, a form of therapy that allows a patient to re-experience a traumatic event without feeling the fear and threats that have helped their minds repress such painful recollections.

Regressions become violent outbreaks

However, as Doctor Tyler began regressing her patients the mystery became more horrifying. Her taped sessions became filled with tormented outbreaks and violent reactions. After two of her patients committed suicide with one actually shooting his wife and child before killing himself during a standoff with local police, Abigail was confronted by the town sheriff and accused of triggering the events with her treatment. She was ordered under house arrest after the second death, but the horror did not stop.

Sheriff’s deputy witnesses UFO abduction

One deputy sheriff ordered to maintain surveillance outside the Tyler home after her house arrest found himself in the midst of a UFO sighting as he watched an object hovering above Abigail’s home and watched as she and her two children were lifted out of the house in midair. This, the deputy later testified to in his report, but the recorder left on in his cruiser that was supposed to film any unusual event only picked up distorted images and static during the UFO sighting by the stunned deputy. A call for back up revealed something even more startling as Abigail Tyler’s little daughter somehow went missing. Now Tyler was under suspicion for her daughter’s disappearance!

Despite help she had sought from a fellow psychologist, who was her mentor, and the author of a book on ancient Sumerian languages and culture that illustrated evidence of extraterrestrial intervention evidenced in their art and hieroglyphs, things simply spun out of control anyway! All three of these brave researchers were subjected to a seemingly unstoppable aberration that victimized as many as 300 of the residents in Nome who were reporting simultaneous sleep disorders, excruciating anxiety, and symptoms of UFO abductee syndrome.

A horrifying session gone wrong

Abigail’s patient, a man, married, enduring terrible manifestations of visions and sleep deprivation, consented to a regression as his only chance. Now Abigail with the help of her psychologist friend and book author set up a tape recorded regression. Upon putting the tormented patient under within minutes events became horrifyingly out of control. The recorded film of the event became distorted as the deputy sheriff’s law enforcement recorder had. The man sat up out of his bed looking like something out of the “Exorcist” as his body hovered above the bed, his mouth enlarged to a grotesque hole in his face, and he howled an ancient language later identified as Sumerian verbiage. In the aftermath, the man was hospitalized having broken vertebrae in his neck. He would later be diagnosed as being a paraplegic due to the resulting damage to his spinal cord.

Law enforcement powerless to act

The Nome Sheriff, unable to identify what was going on and being skeptic as well, was going to arrest Abigail Stevens. He was momentarily talked out of it by her psychologist friend, who was able to reason with a lawman who had never seen anything like the terrors being experienced in his town. His response out of desperation was nothing short of irrational as he interrogated Abigail over how her daughter had vanished! Events had rapidly spiraled to the point of being out of control. She was in the middle of something that had scared her psychologist mentor into backing away from the entire chaotic episode. The author, who specialized in ancient and forgotten languages, and whose research pointed to the Sumerian civilization being rife with ancient astronaut influence still stood in support of Tyler. In his estimation, the siege that had befallen the residents of Nome, Alaska was the same malevolent influences that had apparently afflicted the Sumerian culture thousands of years before!

The doctor becomes a victim

In the end, Abigail’s own regression that was taped was her own undoing! She felt as though she had no other option but to explore many of the same disturbances she was experiencing as those of her patients. During the taped regression conducted by her psychologist friend erupted into the same disconcerting trauma as had previous sessions with her afflicted patients. As the tape indicated amidst static and distortions depicted Abigail under the influence of invisible forces that had rendered her into that of a demon possessed victim, screaming, writhing, and uttering an ancient language she had never spoken. Her mouth became a perverse opening in her face as she levitated off the couch she was on.

In a sad aftermath of her determined and courageous pursuit of the truth under the dangerous conditions she had persisted in trying to overcome, Abigail ended up with a broken neck that left her paralyzed, heart-broken over her the loss of her daughter, and the object of blame by authorities, yet unsuccessful in solving the deep mystery that had plagued so many in Nome, Alaska during those terrifying days of October in the year of 2000.

News networks never covered the story

As many stories such as this, the news networks chose not to cover it. I find it almost ironic that for decades the UFO phenomena was largely overlooked and even ridiculed, yet today with cheap and sophisticated photo shop editing, anyone can create an impressive UFO film, and now the news media pays attention? It really does make one wonder if rumors of the governments of the world orchestrating a fake alien invasion is indeed not far-fetched at all.

Two Air Force investigators arrive at a conclusion

In the late 1970’s two Air Force officer did a detailed study of the elusive UFO and came to the conclusion that the phenomena was of demonic origin in their best estimations. Their report appeared in an article of the now defunct “Omni” magazine. I would not go so far as trying to generalize and put all UFO reports under the category of demonic activity, but I would say that due to the very evil and hostile actions witnessed in Nome, Alaska, I would tend to chalk this particular case up to demonic influence, perhaps disguising itself as space alien abductions. In view of the nature of malevolence involved it seems a better explanation of those terrible events. We cannot always arrive at definitive answers, but we can use the comparative evidence we arrive at as our best guess. What Miss Tyler endured was a terrible price to pay for all her efforts.

Fortean phenomena

John A. Keel believed that all paranormal and extraterrestrial activity was inter-related and came from some common denominator, dimension, or time space continuum. Charles Forte made an eerie statement in reviewing the enormous evidence in history of paranormal activity he said that, “we are some else’s property.”

Based on a disturbing and controversial film

The night siege in Nome, Alaska is based upon a controversial film of combined archival footage and re-enactments of allegedly true events that occurred in October of 2000, entitled “The Fourth Kind” was released in 2009. The Fourth Kind refers to Doctor J. Allen Hynek’s definition of the varying degrees of alien contact beginning with Close Encounters of the First Kind, a sighting. Close Encounters of the Second Kind, finding some kind of physical evidence caused by the UFO sighting. Close Encounters of the Third Kind, which would be some type of communication as an interaction, and Close Encounters of the Fourth kind which would be defined as an actual abduction experience or perhaps a mutually consenting trip in an alien space craft. These distinctions, Doctor Abigail Tyler, was able to make when she summed up the terror that occurred in Nome, Alaska.



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