Not Getting Hung up on UFO Abductions

Abductions by UFO occupants must be taken seriously. After abductions, the abductees must be given counseling or at least a chance to freely express themselves amongst empathetic equals. The opinions and conclusions of abductees must be welcomed into the general discussion on what and who is in our skies. They have an invaluable contribution to make.

However, we as the larger group of humans vitally interested in UFOs and their occupants, should not be admonished numerous times for not knowing about the unknown. Of course we don’t know about the unknown – it’s unknown! However, I do know we are able to grasp the unknown; after all, we don’t think the world is flat anymore! We will eventually grasp the answer to the UFO enigma.

It is the nature of our species to begin to curiously speculate, to make the unknown – known. Speculation, theorizing, even dreaming, is part of the process of our species. That’s how we got to where we are, be that good or bad, as a species.

If we use science speculation and even science fiction, to try to get a handle on UFOs, good for us! Every writer on UFO Digest is, by definition, a speculator, a writer who receives no money for his or her opinion who sometimes offers his account of what he has experienced, learned, photographed, or concluded. It is a judgment free zone and as such, it elicits some amazing writing on this unknown subject! If some writing is not amazing, that is ok too.

Of course “UFOs” are a field which is permeated with “bling.” Years ago, I got really annoyed when I went to a conference expecting to have people listen to my personal account. I also had a book to sell which would pay rent for my family and me, but I was sincerely telling the truth about my experience. Many times, I had no one at my dealer’s table, while a hammy, over the top actor who said he was a minister, who told the same damn story at every conference about an alien at the Pentagon, had large audiences and sold many copies of his (very old) book. Also, the strange man who wore a giant pyramid on his head and had a spectacular tale, got the crowds. An attractive blonde gave “Kahuna massages” with great melodramatic flare right in the lobby of the hotel; she got a lot of people too.

A promoter had first advertised me, after I told him the sincere account of my childhood encounter, as “a woman abducted by aliens.” I did not give permission or know he would say this specifically. It appeared in a local paper. I went to great effort to explain in every form of the media I could reach, that I had not been abducted as an adult, but rather as a young child and had remembered this under hypnosis. I wrote my first book,

The Transformation, to explain this. It has the notes from my hypnosis with Dr. R. Leo Sprinkle.

So, I may be a tall blonde (actually redhead), but I was treated as a “short brunette”( per Chris Holly’s article, “Why We Are Not Able to Grasp the Unknown”). I soon learned that men might stop at my conference table to talk to a blonde but not to listen to her ideas on the subject of UFOs. For deep conversation, they went to the guy with the pyramid on his head.

For years I have been in the UFO field with no blingy story to tell, I have instead ideas, concepts, and opinions on the UFO enigma, on climate change, and on what Earth will experience. Some of my writing, I know, comes from the UFO being I encountered as a child, but I always use logic and intelligence to the best of my ability.

Most of us are frustrated with bling and fake videos. Most of us have been on radio shows, but we are probably the sane ones. The most popular national radio shows has not asked me on because I have no sensational story to tell, they are looking for the guy with the pyramid on his head.

Actually, I think UFO Digest is fairly free of bling. Some of us have far-out theories or even beliefs, but I don’t see the guy with the pyramid on his head, nor the massaging Kahuna lady.

If someone spots a UFO and reports it had a dome, when it did not (per the fantasy illustration accompanying Chris Holly’s article), I don’t think it’s the end of UFOlogy as we know it. I also doubt that it was reported wrongly on purpose. Even abductees can be guilty of conjecture, or not remembering correctly in the stress of the moment. Usually it is not intentional. It probably does not keep the rest of us from grasping the unknown.

Ok, enough on bling, although a wrong memory which is not malicious is not bling.

This is a silly analogy, but when I take my cats to the vet, some of them are kicked back and allow the vet to poke around, while others figure this is the end of the world, and that they will fight this horrible man to the death. A few are so traumatized that they are still scared when we get home and will be frightened for days afterward. These cats have every right to feel this way, they have no clue what is going on. They do not realize that the vet is giving them vaccinations to secure their health. If all my cats got together in an effort to understand what the experience of “the vet-man” is really all about, should only the most frightened cats be allowed to give the ultimate decision on this unknown “vet-man?”

I am not comparing abductees to cats. I am not saying that abductions really are to secure the health of the abductees. I am saying that we don’t know what abductions are for, and we all need to theorize and give our opinions. Abductions could be for a good reason on up the road; perhaps the aliens are checking for the amount of radioactivity in a normal human being and then will give us warnings on the use of nuclear energy.

Or, the abductions could be for a bad reason, like seeing if we are tender to eat or implanting their eggs in us.

Or abductions could be for an in between reason, like seeing if modern humans are viable to carry hybrids as perhaps our ancestors did. After all, we humans may well be the result of humanoid Earth females taken to be mothers to alien/humanoid hybrids, which became Homo sapiens. So in the

short term, the humanoid females were traumatized abductees but in the long run, they were the mothers of us all, and that might be a good thing.

Sure, this is speculation and actually, there are unknown beings taking a few humans for a limited amount of time, and acting coldly, scientifically, toward them (in most cases). This sounds like a trip to the emergency room, only less crowded. However, to figure out this unknown, we need many minds, many opinions, many experiences, not just the victim’s or the patient’s.

I feel passionately that we as a group, even as a species, must get past being hung up on abductions. This is not to sweep them under the rug, as I explained in my first paragraph. However, we must deal with the alien unknown, we must speculate, debate and theorize. We need to get a handle on this unknown and start to build a foundation of “at least this much is known.” We cannot get hung just on abductions.

The truth is, there are many levels of UFO experience, which is the main reason we cannot be limited by abductions and somehow freeze our minds to NOT speculate. I have an e-mail friend who has seen and photographed many UFOs. He is intelligent and sincere. He is not technically an abductee. He feels mostly positive about his sightings. Should we just throw his experiences and photos out the window because he is not an abductee?

I have a longtime friend who runs toward UFOs – that is, she will go out at night and watch the stars. If there is a sighting, she is excited and thrilled. Her IQ is off the charts. She is a professional writer and runs another successful business. She has been fascinated with the unknown since she was a child, and no, she doesn’t have pointed ears; that joke gets old. Do her theories count for nothing because she is not a real time abductee? Or maybe she is, and she handled it differently, preferring not to join a group who spent a long time sorting out the emotionality of their experiences.

I know hundreds of people who have written to me when they subscribed to my newsletter over the years, who are touched by the UFO phenomenon in this way or that – deeply touched and influenced. They are mostly salt of the earth people of the working class. Each of their experiences is different; there are actually few who remember a classic abduction. Yet, they have valid in-put too, don’t they? Possibly when the aliens make contact in less frightening ways, investigators refuse to count these contacts as legitimate.

So, we don’t want to make the mistake, as a species, of judging the unknown for its most frightening behavior and discounting its gentle, reasonable behavior, like contacting humans without abducting them. The people I know who feel contact, have nothing to do with “bling,” incidentally.

Ok. Maybe aliens don’t make gentle, reasonable contact, a skeptic might say, so my friends are imagining it all. I might say that abductees might suffer from an electro-magnetic shock, as possibly Travis Walton did from a lightning storm and electric transformer. Myself, I think Travis was abducted by aliens, but there is that other theory. There was just an article on research which says people who are just waking up, or just going to sleep, feel they have alien abductions, so it is part of the sleep state. I don’t buy that either, but not everyone “buys” alien abductions.

We can poo-poo each other’s pet UFO theories until the cows come home, but we don’t have that luxury these days:

Earth is in great trouble ecologically and climatically. The world’s economy is in great trouble. Society and its politics are in trouble.

And many more UFOs are showing up in our skies.

I don’t want to be told that I don’t know what the unknown is. No one does. I want to work with many other human beings to figure out if these UFOs are a threat or possibly, something hopeful and helpful. I want to hear theories as to whether they are neutral or uncaring as to our plights. I want to hear other opinions, and they don’t have to be those of abductees, or those who claim they were abducted. After all, we are taking their word for it, and also the word of their investigators.

I do take their word for it, even if they do not respect my word for my experiences, but I will not limit my thinking to abductees’ opinions or even their experiences. They cannot give me the final word on the unknown, so that I will be able to grasp it. No thank you. We need all the ideas on UFO Digest, and more!

We humans cannot play the victims here. Yes, a few of us have been abducted but as the larger species which is being visited, we will speculate and theorize, and therefore we will get a handle on this great unknown. We will meet it face to face and present ourselves as a worthy species. Perhaps this is what the aliens are hoping we will do, especially if the human race is a hybrid race. However, leave that theory out of it if you wish.

When we meet a new tribe in the Amazon jungle, do we tend to respect them more if they run and hide, or if they stand together and meet us, as equals? We should respect them either way, and we have no reason to think the aliens will take our world away as civilized man has done to Amazon natives.

However, it is best to be curious, to use your mind, and to figure this out as a species, together, all of us, together. We will grasp it. Disclosure would sure help!

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