Of Atlantis, Easter Island, the Mayans, and Higgs Boson

Artist’s impression of Atlantis

It’s been a week of exciting, dynamic 2012 events! I made a prediction back in the early 1990s that archeological discoveries in the final phase of the Change Times would be landmark events that would answer long-unanswered questions.

I predicted that not only these landmarks were significant in themselves but they would be a catalyst for UFO disclosure, alien landings, and a change in reality-perception (level of consciousness) for all humankind.

Maybe my predictions expect too much to manifest from these pivotal archeological discoveries but this is not the time to be a skeptic, because after all, I was right about the astounding discoveries. We shall see about the rest of my predictions in the future.

There have been a number of other astounding archeological discoveries recently, too, but I would like to outline three which made the news just last week.

European Atlantis Found:

Scientists from several European universities have recovered artifacts from a “European Atlantis” at the bottom of the North Sea. Now, those artifacts from the sunken landmass known as Doggerland are going on display at the Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition in London.

Divers have found fossilized evidence of large mammals, including mammoths; also found were harpoons, fish prongs, and possible burial sites. Doggerland was a purported landmass that stretched between Scotland, Denmark, and the Chanel Islands. It was slowly enveloped by water following the end of the last Ice Age. The Royal Society’s official site points out that the challenges faced by the residents of Doggerland aren’t so different from those facing humanity todayclimate change and environmental factors, chief among them.

Mammoth remains, a recovered artifact from Doggerland

“It has been described as a Stone Age Atlantis—a starry-eyed image of a drowned lost kingdom. But it was certainly a land that would have been heavily populated and it has been lost. It is a lost world that was probably completely covered by the sea between 8,000 and 10,000 years ago when island Britain was formed,” says one of the archeologists.

Doggerland was home to thousands of people before disappearing. Experts believe there were hills and valleys, lakes and rivers. Has “the real Atlantis” bubbled to the surface?

A map of what was once Doggerland encompasses the U.K.

For more info: news.yahoo.com/

Easter Island Amazing Archeological News, Summer 2012:

The mystical Easter Island statues, made more-famous by Erik van Daniken’s assertion that they were built by stranded extraterrestrials, have a cosmic surprise for humankind this summer: They all have bodies as well as heads!

Fox New photographs reveal what lies beneath the surface of Easter Island, one of the most remote places in the world — the carved bodies of the island’s 887 famous guardians.

“Most people think of the 63-square-mile Pacific island’s silent stone sentinels as simple heads. But the heads all have bodies — and a backstory that’s only now being pieced together,” explained Jo Anne Van Tilburg, director of the Easter Island Statue Project .

“Those statues which are the most photographed are standing in the quarry. They’re buried up to mid-torso level. So it’s understandable that the public didn’t have a clue that those statues had bodies,”

First Van Tilburg documented the island’s statues and those that have been removed to museums; there are 887 inventoried, though she says the number is closer to 1,000. Then she began the next phase of work to reveal what lay beneath the ground — covered up not intentionally by men, but through centuries of exposure to the environment. That process has taken 12 years so far, and may take a lifetime of work, but the news of the giant stone bodies being uncovered, just became widely publicized this June, 2012.

“Work so far has revealed evidence of ceremonies and very large quantities of paint; the archaeologists believe the workers painted the statues as well as their own bodies. Some bodies have inscriptions on them as well in a language as yet not understood. There is evidence

of human burials nearby as well.

The intent of the giant sculptures (their reason for being),  is still not totally clear. Whether van Daniken’s idea was right or not, the Easter Island Giants remain as enigmatic as before their bodies were unearthed.

On The Mayan Front This Archeological Surprise Summer of 2012:

Archaeologists working at the site of La Corona in Guatemala, have discovered a Mayan text which is 1,300 years old year. This text that provides only the second known reference to the so-called “end date” for the Maya calendar on December 21, 2012. The discovery, one of the most significant hieroglyphic find in decades, was announced today at the National Palace in Guatemala.

In 2012, archeologists Canuto and Barrientos decided to excavate in front of a building that had been heavily damaged nearly 40 years ago by looters looking for carved stones and tombs. “Last year, we realized that looters of a particular building had discarded some carved stones because they were too eroded to sell on the antiquities black market,” says Barrientos, “so we knew they found something important, but we also thought they might have missed something.” In fact, in 2012, excavations not only recovered 10 more discarded hieroglyphic stones but also something that the looters missed entirely—an untouched step with a set of 12 exquisitely carved stones still in their original location (in total, 22 carved stones were recovered). Combined with the known looted blocks, the original staircase had a total of no less than 264 hieroglyphs, making it one of the longest ancient Maya texts known, and the longest in Guatemala.

The archeologists state that while this text confirms the “end date,” it is probably meant more to be a reference to Mayan life and politics than to the end of the entire world.

http://phys.org/news/2012-06-maya-archaeologists-unearth-monument.html  has more information.

Mayan cave painting

It is not so much the specific information which came to light the final week of June, 2012, on Atlantis, Easter Island, and the Mayan prophecies, which is astounding but the fact these mystical, yet scientific puzzles all surfaced in one hot summer 2012 week which is significant. The 2012 energies are active!

None of these discoveries feature extraterrestrial presence directly. Were there UFOs over Atlantis? Were some Atlanteans evacuated by aliens as the sea swallowed Atlantis, and thus survived to become UFO occupants themselves?

Many fascinating questions can be asked. Who are the Easter Island heads and now, their bodies– waiting for? Are they searching the skies? And of course, how did the Easter Islanders move those gigantic stones? There is a new theory that the statues were “walked” to their final location by natives. Maybe so and maybe not!

I have never been a huge proponent of the Mayan “end of days” but I do think the Mayans are   voices in the human chorus which is singing out in 2012, “Something big is going to happen!”

Finally, speaking of something big: The final week of June, 2012, it seems God has been found! The headlines read:

Higgs-boson: scientists 99.999% sure ‘God Particle’ has been found!

Scientists believe they have captured the elusive “God particle” that gives matter mass and holds the physical fabric of the universe together.

Artwork depicting Higgs-boson particle

The historic announcement came in a progress report from the Large Hadron Collider particle accelerator. “This is a momentous day for science!” exclaimed one of the physicists.  Indeed, this is a momentous day for spiritual folk as well, and for all of us, regardless of our philosophical leanings!

Finding the Higgs plugs a gaping hole in the Standard Model, the theory that describes all the particles, forces and interactions that make up the universe. The results being announced today definitively point to a new particle or particles which fit the description of a Higgs-boson, but further research will be needed to pin it down.

The Higgs-boson is the final piece of the Standard Model of Particle Physics, a theoretical model which describes the fundamental particles and forces that control our Universe. It was first theorized in the 1960s by Edinburgh-based physicist Peter Higgs, amongst others, and is credited for giving all other particles mass. But until now, it has proved impossible to perceive.

To do so, scientists use the LHC to smash together protons at almost the speed of light and scour the debris for traces of particles that sprang into existence for just a fraction of a second before disintegrating.  A researcher said there was “no question” the two detectors are seeing the same thing, adding: “A lot of bets are going to be settled up today”.

“After so many years preparing and searching, it’s really amazing to see a clear signal emerge,” a CMS Higgs physicist added.

“This is the sort of thing that makes me cry,” said a Higgs physicist. “It’s the kind of crying that accompanies winning something or being overwhelmed with happiness. Human thought and ingenuity have continually created and discovered, but this outdoes them all.”

For more info: www.telegraph.co.uk/science/large-hadron-collider/

So, science has confirmed what spiritual people knew all along: There is a God Spark, a God particle. Of course many people feel “it” (he/she/it) is within us, not out there in the universe of physics. Truth might be, it is everywhere, just as sub-atomic particles are everywhere and just as consciousness itself is everywhere. The universe is consciousness!

     God, we presume?

Of course it could be argued that this tiny particle which gives mass  to all other particles, is so- well – tiny – that one might as well be an atheist or agnostic.  This particle probably won’t listen if you pray to it. (Or will it? Consciousness…)?

Perhaps we can all agree that in 2012, we humans are lifting the veil which has long kept us in the dark. Whether it is finding out the truth about archeological wonders on our planet, which are after all, our own history, or finding out what alien races no doubt already know about sub-atomic particles and their incomprehensible workings, we humans are coming into our own in the galaxy.

We are emerging from the darkness of ignorance and fear, into the light of knowledge and intelligence. Per predictions, we made giant strides into the light in the final hot, humid summer week of June, 2012!

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