Out of Body Experiences, Near Death Experiences vs. Death and Afterlife Experiences

Written by J.S. Thompson

When we die, we find ourselves in a society with very strict boundaries. There is a reason for this separation. Earth serves as an important part of our eternal education. Our time here is truly a pearl beyond all price.

Our guides can’t tell us what they want to but they do have some tools they can use to help us become those capable of living within an eternal society. These tools are dreams, out of body experiences, near death experiences, inspiration and mystical experiences of all kinds. Even these tools must be used within a boundary.

The reason for the earth experience is to help us to learn how to listen. This is why we are blind here. This is an environment which allows us to question. The earth experience is an environment which is there to teach us how to make good choices; it is a place of “overcoming challenges” which have been put in our path in order to experience the pain of failure or the elation of victory. Failure is one of the greatest teaching tools that exist. The taste of failure is something that we never want to experience again once we have tasted it. However, the taste of “true” victory is something we cannot live without, once we have tasted that.

The mission of our guides is to get us to a place where we choose to seek out higher knowledge and are prepared to go to the next level.

Dreams are something that we all experience. However, dreams are abstract because they must fit within the criteria or boundary. The most reoccurring theme with regard to these experiences is the work we have done. If you do the work, then the experience becomes more enlightening. No one is supposed to get more than they have earned! When we have done the work, then the level of our experience increases.

Dreams are out of body experiences; the only difference between a dream and an OBE is the level of awareness that we are allowed. Our guides are the ones who determine this level of awareness based on the work and desire that they have noted.

Be advised that desire for knowledge can take us in two directions, one righteous and the other… not!

Work comes in the form of desire and action. This level of desire is noted through our prayers, meditation, study, sincerity and all actions taken in order to become more knowledgeable. If you knock on the door hard enough, the door “will” open. Your guides are the ones that make the determination if you have accomplished enough to go to the next level.

Our dreams are abstract for the same reason (they are done in accordance with a criteria designed to accomplish a specific objective). Dreams are like a play. Our guides are the actors, they have a script and there is a certain reaction from us that are looking for. When we become astute enough about our dreams then the consideration to take us to the next level is made.

Anyone who has had an OBE knows the difference between and OBE and a dream the two are distinctly different. However, an OBE is as abstract as is the dream. With the OBE, there is a message that your guides are trying to get through to you but again they have to stay within the criteria they are bound to. The same criteria holds true with a NDE.

I’ve been asked the question, “How close to the afterlife does an OBE portray?” The answer is this; it is not close at all. All of these experiences are like plays that convey a subtle message and the guides that we see in them are actors with scripts. Even our surroundings in these experiences are like sets on a theater stage. Our guides wait for us to figure this out, so they can move us to the next level.

Society out there is very close to society here on the earth. You won’t see that in an OBE. Seeing things out there for what they truly are is something that your guides want to show you but they can’t until you are ready to see it. Our guides desperately want us to get this because this is how we and they leave the cycle of life and death. “Their” success out there is based on “our” success and the job they do for us to obtain it. So it is as frustrating for them to have to live within these strict boundaries!

The nature of the OBE and NDE is varied. However, the most common way to move someone from earth to “out there”, Solamenta, as I refer to it, is by craft!

When we die, we often find ourselves floating in what seems to be space. We say to ourselves, “I must have died”…. this is a very unique experience for us. We’re not frightened at the prospect that we have passed on, in fact it is one of the best feelings that we have ever experienced in our life. Truth be known, when we die, we are “drugged” and it is the best feeling we will have. This “advanced drug” helps to facilitate our transitory experience and subsequent introduction back into this society.

We look around as we hang there in space and we see a light coming at us from a distance. Before we know it, the light is all around us. If we have actually died and we are not coming back, then we might walk a bit in the light and eventually we find ourselves coming out of a transport device, to a waiting reception of our relatives and so forth. If we don’t die, then the details of this experience may be skewed just a bit and our memory of it might be a bit foggy. We cannot be given anything that we have not earned. Our awareness of these experiences is very controlled.

After death, when we arrive out there, Solamenta, we are often met by our family members and even our pets. Our pets go out there in the same way we do and they are kept by those who do this and if we have been beloved pet owners, often our relatives will keep them for us until we arrive. If we were not good pet owners then our pets are kept by those who will love them. Pets like people also reincarnate when it is their time to do so but pets, like people out there, have the opportunity to become immortal and by saying this, I mean, that there is a way for pets as well as people to leave the cycle of life and death permanently.

When we arrive Solamenta, part of our reception is the life review. The life review is not all comprehensive. In other words it doesn’t take into account our entire life on the earth. It more highlights the good and the bad we have done. More specifically, it is more of an initiation into life out there. Our life review is a theatrical way of explaining who we are, what we do and how we fit into this society we find ourselves in.

If we do our jobs right out there and we make good use of our time, our life review continues at a pace we set for ourselves, often suggested by those in authority until we have overcome all of our issues. However, how much work we put into getting over our issues is a choice that we make out there. Some people do well and others do not! If we are astute out there, and we do our work, then the chances of us having to come back diminish. As you can imagine, doing the work “out here” is as difficult as it is here on the earth.

Reincarnation or re-assignment as it is often referred to out there, is something that happens but it happens for a variety of reasons. When we consider reassignment, we need to consider that there are many more people out there than there are on the earth. So, you don’t just go out there and then get re assigned. If you need to come back to earth to solve certain issues, then you have to wait your turn.

Very few people really want to come back to earth. Re-assignment is viewed out there much like death is viewed here on the earth. It isn’t something that you particularly want to do but if you have to do it you have to do it. The choice to send a person back to earth is made by those out there who are in authority. However, we can volunteer for it and they are always looking for volunteers. Volunteering for reassignment is akin to suicide here on the earth. If you want to come back here, you’ve probably made a mess of your life out there.

Eventually, no one will need the earth experience and the cycle of life and death will be over for all of us and we will begin our immortal community here on the earth as well as all of the other dimensional earths. These other dimensional “earths” are planets just like earth. They are beautiful!

When the cycle of life and death ends in this sector, the mission continues and all of us, those who live within this sector, go on as a united “team” to help others in this evolutionary process.

The only thing that keeps earth from being Paradise is death and a few bad apples. Both of these issues will one day go away and we can get on with the next step of our evolutionary transformation.


About the Author…

J.S. Thompson is a retired senior government official with a graduate degree from the University of Texas. The subjects of his compositions are: Advanced and divine beings, aliens and UFOs, the physics of how the universal machine functions, advanced and divine technology, science and theory, the dynamics of a healthy economy and prudent government, as well as, all things mystical! His sincere intent and goal is “Universal Unity” and attempts with his writings… to inspire and to inject a philosophy which asks those that read them, to consider Eternal Life; not by primitive religion or beliefs but by God given logic that is inherent in each and every one of us.

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