Pagans, Shaman, and Aliens

As those flying saucers shot over Mount Rainer and were spotted by Kenneth Arnold in 1947, few people in the western world could even define “Pagan,” or “Shaman.” Western countries, Britain and Spain in particular, had conquered and colonized nearly the entire non-Christian world. Western civilization looked down its nose on African animism which worships nature and her life-forms, scoffed at the avatars, cosmic tales, and belief systems of India, and ancient Egypt’s incredible culture and artifacts, which were plundered and stuffed into the British Museum or sold to traveling shows. Christian soldiers marched on.

Western civilization scorned “wild natives” of Central and South America, who had nearly disappeared, thanks to Spain’s cruel, murderous campaign which placed the Incan and Mayan gold squarely into the palaces and coffers of Spain. In North America, Native People were murdered and robbed of their land, a land sacred to them.

In Dark Ages Europe, millions of people were persecuted, tortured, and/or put to death by The Church because they still believed in the Old Ways of Paganism or simply did not believe in the Church. Good thing we cannot know what was in the “Christian hearts” then.

Back to 1947: This date is the beginning of the modern UFO era for most of us. It has been a mere 65 years since then; today, many people on the planet are listening to the End Days Calendar of the Mayan. People travel to Incan and Mayan sites, perceiving them as the holy of holies. People are changing their entire lives based on the native predictions and knowledge.
Too bad Christian Europeans killed so many aboriginal peoples or conquered them so thoroughly that they disintegrated as thriving cultures; it might seem karmic, because now, the Native People’s predictions of our doom, seems near. We need Mayans now, they could tell us some more about doomsday.

Today, a mere 65 years after 1947, we look to The Vedas for tales of gods in flying saucers engaged in space battles; the Beatles led us a mere 25 years after 1947, to India to learn metaphysics in the magical circles of what they perceived as mystical, wise, gurus.

Today, we feel growing wonder at Egypt’s mighty pyramids and their enigmatic ancient culture which may have had a direct conduit to the stars and its civilizations. Turns out, British occupation was not so enlightened or even humane in Egypt; and if you doubt that, ask Ireland. The British also gunned down the proud animist Zulus while the Zulus fought bravely with only spears. These were not Christian times to which one can give a “plus!” I digress.

Today, new agers flock to Pagan sites from Stonehenge to Ayers Rock in Australia, to the holy places of New Zealand’s Maori, to the Hopi’s sacred land, all since the aliens flew over Mount Rainer, a mere 65 years ago.

What changed Western Civilization in a mere 65 years? I think the aliens did.

Paganism and its shamanistic leadership, is best equipped to meet aliens who are from else-where and/or else-when; intelligent aliens would discern this. Being open to Nature and to Super-nature is a requisite for meeting aliens face to face. Do we automatically kill every spider we see or do we marvel at the spider’s web, take time to discern a helpful spider from a poisonous spider, and then allow the spider to live and thrive, if we deem her “safe” for us and our children? She can trap flies for us. The aliens have looked into human thinking and behavior such as this.

Do we include cosmic strangeness, cosmic wonders, cosmic unknowns, in our belief system? That is, do we truly embrace these aspects of the All That Is? Or are we just always scared? I am sure the aliens would look into this and then examine separate religions and belief systems.

Is a religion which had a conquering mentality for centuries, which excludes non-believers from any chance of an afterlife/life-continuation – is this what the aliens would be looking for as they consider contact? If I were the aliens, I would not be looking for this narrow version of reality.

I have found the aliens in general to be peaceful beings, and so they do not try to annihilate anyone’s religion (unlike the Conquistadors and the British Army), but I feel they instituted after 1947, an effort to in-put into our collective consciousness which would broaden many of our minds and souls, so we would look again at the Pagan belief systems of old.

I hasten to add that no one I know who is Pagan could be “tricked” or “forced” into his or her belief by aliens or anyone else. Being Pagan comes from the heart and soul, something many Christians tend to overlook.
Shamanistic knowledge and practice refers to any nature-based, planet-based belief system. The spiritual leaders of these world-wide belief systems are called shaman as a general term. Specific cultures of course call their Wise Ones by specific titles.

I believe that if aliens have any “psychic” or spiritual contact with humans, probably through the paths of our collective consciousness, it is often with these spiritual leaders, the shaman. I feel it has been this way since humans first established belief systems in ancient times, and I suspect the aliens were with us then too, in-putting knowledge about the sacredness of cosmos and the planet. However, as humans began to develop religions which centered on one man, this path was left to take its course, due to non-interference directives.

However, in 2012, our planet is in such trouble, non-interference is no longer an option. This may well have been decided back in 1947.

If we do not perceive that our planet is sacred within a sacred cosmos, which holds a myriad of other spirits, how can we eventually meet aliens without falling into disabling and dangerous fear?

My answer to what changed in a mere 65 years since the modern UFO era began, is that cosmic vistas were opened to many of us which had not been open since pre-Christian days. It was dangerous and even deadly in the Dark Ages to open such vistas, and it was dangerous/deadly for the Lakota to stand up to the white Christian society and hold onto their Lakota Ways. They stood up anyway at Wounded Knee, in 1890 and in 1973.

Natural, cosmic vistas opened again in the 1960s and 1970s, and those windows will never be closed again. Yes, it’s too bad that humans got carried away with hallucinogenic drugs in the 1970s; the true shaman might use occasional drugs for occasional mystical insight, or might not use drugs at all. It wasn’t Pagans who got carried away with drugs, it was our own young people and sometimes older people, who weren’t ready to handle what they could find on the streets following a traumatic war in Viet Nam. This has nothing to do with Pagan beliefs.

UFOs open vistas every day for us; how many of us turn to the latest sightings, first thing? Even if we believe the UFOs are dangerous or evil, they are an obsession for us to explore. What would we do without them?

Pagan windows on the cosmos never were closed. Pagans simply went to ground lest we be persecuted. In 1947, the vista began to manifest again.

One does not need to seek out a Pagan and have tea with her to discover we are “regular people.” Having tea with an actual alien would be “more different,” and something that we really might look forward to. At least I do!

No, I am not naïve. Better to have tea than to be conquered like the Mayans. Let’s get to know each other, it is a better bet for survival! It cannot be denied, the aliens are a part of our own spiritual evolution, just like nature and the cosmos.

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