Peeling the Quantum Layers of the Alien Onion


We can all agree that UFOs and the aliens within, are not of one source. This is a multi-layered puzzle, and is in fact, many different phenomena. Do the various sources have any relationship to each other? What does this mean for humans and for our Planet Earth?

I believe there are three primary categories of aliens and their UFOs in terms of their quantum (molecular) structures.

First Category, the outside layer of the UFO Onion: There are “nuts and bolts” spacecraft which probably have arrived after a long journey from another planet or moon. We are beginning to realize that with ion power or the ability to nullify gravity, living beings could make the trip in a reasonable amount of time.

 Both ion power and the mechanism of nullifying gravity as a means of propulsion are currently under research by our own scientists. Gravity corridors in space, from one large celestial body to another, are also a realistic, on-going possibility for human space travelers. Certainly a sentient race a few centuries ahead of us in technology, could use similar means of “getting from there to here.”

If Saturn’s moon Titan has advanced life forms through the chemical evolutionary processes associated with methane and silicon instead of our own water and carbon, then those aliens could account for some of the nuts and bolts craft, especially those which zoom into bodies of water so easily. Titan’s methane lakes could be a more hospitable place for life to have arisen rather than Titan’s land masses, thus an intelligent species evolved which is at home in liquid, not solid. Their UFOs zoom right into the water.

Or if not Titan, then the same concept goes for aliens from a “water planet” circling a different star than our Sun. Recently our telescopes have found thousands of these worlds, a few of them are not far from Earth if they developed an ability to warp space through nullifying gravity, or other advanced propulsion methods. Their life spans might be longer also, and they might be born in space (generational space-goers).

Second Category of the UFO Onion: There are many UFOs which appear suddenly, then disappear just as suddenly. Often a witness it watching what is seemingly a solid spacecraft when it simply blinks out.

It seems likely that these objects have the ability to slip out of our reality. Time-ships would do this by definition. Future Humans, both from the far-distant future and from the near-future, might well be the occupants of these UFOs.

To me it seems possible that grey aliens, either the tall or short variety, could be humans of the far-distant future. There is that haunting account of one of the Roswell aliens, as he or she was dying, whispering, “I am human.”

Of course the UFO field is full of haunting stories which might or might not be true. However, looking at evolution logically, where is our physical structure headed as a species?  Our hominid ancestors had more hair, were more burly and heavy muscled, and had smaller cranial cavities and smaller brains. Their fingers were less elongated and less agile than ours. Evidence shows that if evolution continues along the same path, the greys are exactly where we are headed in a few million years.

Of course there are many accounts of what may be near-future humans who are indistinguishable from ourselves. Perhaps the humans 300 years in advance are indistinguishable, but the humans 2000 years in advance (still of the near-future), are just slightly different. The future human I met in my childhood, had translucent eyes but was otherwise like us.

Are there robotic-like greys? Are humans toying with the idea of becoming a singularity with computer intelligence? Perhaps the greys are a singularity, not robots. Perhaps they are far-future humans who did join up with computer intelligence. (I recognize that the actual Singularity is possibly in the near-future, not the far-future).

We have to remember that descriptions from traumatized abductees are from human beings of the 20th and early 21st Century, and they are frightened as well. For too long UFOlogy has spun its wheels by listening to horror stories as related by frightened abductees. These are myths in the making, and there is nothing wrong with myths; in fact, human consciousness is built upon a number of myths which seem to inspire us, thus fuel our evolution. However, we have also built our world on frightening myths which have been treated as gospel, and held us back.

Certainly it is time that we got our act together and presented some kind of united front to the galaxy. For years humans argued with each other that the world was flat and that monsters were waiting at the edge. At some point, though, we have to stop allowing the monster stories, and the arguments and fears they generate, to dominate. At some point, we have to decide as a species that the Earth is round and boldly go.

In order to do this, we have to get organized! We UFOlogists are far too splintered, with some people trying only to make money, while others seek to heal their own inner turmoil with a particular UFO tangent, while others champion only their own pet scientific theories.

Is the Universe waiting to see if Homo sapiens can finally decide the Earth is round? Or the 2012 version: Is the universe waiting to see if we decide that aliens exist in many forms, from many layers of the quantum onion? And then will the universe cheer as humans move onward and upward with no single theory dominating? Will we see that almost all theories have some form of reality?

Third Category of the Quantum Onion: This layer peels back and deletes our idea of Reality Itself. It includes energy-aliens from goodness knows where, perhaps planets hundreds of millions of years ahead of Earth’s evolutionary path. It might include far, far, far distant humans (or what were humans), from one hundred million years in the future.

It also includes the quantum life-forms which our own mass subconscious manifests; these are light-forms, energy-forms, tulpas, paranormal manifestations, possibly even fairies.

However, what about the manifestations which the Future Human consciousness creates? Do we dare to imagine?!

Does alien consciousness manifest things too? Possibly advanced beings work not only through telepathy and quantum entanglement, but also by manifesting ships formed from the power of their thought. These thought-ships would come down into Earth’s atmosphere and explore, and then be summoned back to the alien’s mind. This could be a safe method of exploration for the alien.

Of course the trouble with trying to organize UFOs and aliens is that it gets so complex, paradoxical, and downright frustrating. Categories overlap. Aliens from other planets might also be “Future Aliens” from other planets. Just the fact one travels space means one also travels time, so in the end, perhaps that is why UFOlogists can’t present any kind of united front or present any basic conclusions on which to build.

A helpful analogy might be this: I was born in Minnesota, I moved to Florida with my parents as a child, we moved back and forth then between Iowa and Florida several times. I lived in St. Thomas, Virgin islands, for five years, I moved back to Florida. From there I moved to San Diego, lived there nine years, then moved to Ireland for five years, moved back to the high desert of California for two years, and ended up in my native Iowa area which is five miles from the Minnesota border, which is why I was born in Minnesota.

I am sure most modern people can recite a similar confusing litany of their life’s path. Few of us live where we started out. So maybe as we get used to it, an alien from a far-distant planet who is from his planet’s future, is not so mind boggling, but we simply accept it and get to know him. Let’s get on with it!

I feel we can state that the phenomena in our skies run the gamut from “relatively simple answer even though alien” to “something so mind-blowing as to collapse our basic concept of Reality Itself.”

An example, in my opinion, of Category One of the Quantum Onion, is an egg-shaped UFO sighting in Iowa two days ago. It is reported that the UFO was hanging around power lines. Was it gathering electricity? Are those aliens simply driving an electric UFO, like an electric car? They must be Category One!

Socorro Egg-shaped UFO

On the other hand, as we read UFO sighting accounts, and see photos and videos, we get the weird feeling, “The description of how that UFO behaved is something beyond my understanding, reminding me that far-advanced technology seems indeed like magic.”

Why are all three Quantum Onion layers manifesting in our skies? Can we peel the layers and figure it out?

I feel that partially because of our mushrooming computer/technical advancement and partially because of the radical changes our planet is undergoing, from climate imbalance to electromagnetic weakening, the human race is about to have its view of Reality Itself, demolished. “Reality” is not what we thought it was!

Our race has assumed reality is solid and that we march to the constant tick-tock of time. People assumed our world was our world; that was absolute. Many people still assume this without giving it a second thought.

In fact, reality is a quantum phenomenon of perception. Perception is the way consciousness experiences. The universe is consciousness itself.

I feel that near-future humans are here to cushion the blow for their race as we find out reality is not what we thought it was. This is a shock to a species which rattles its very foundation.

I feel far-future humans are somewhat more removed, thus less empathetic with our coming trauma which I call The Change Point. They investigate, they observe, they can be detached and cold, but they are by and large well-intended. 

I feel that aliens of all sorts make it their business to show up as a planet’s sentient species faces the trauma of losing its grip on reality, only to rise to the occasion of embracing a far more amazing, spirit-driven, quantum reality.

This reality will allow us to perceive and know the aliens who have already made this quantum transition. Perhaps the transition is from matter to sheer energy but I feel that is a bit simplistic. Let’s just say our coming transformation allows us to become a part of the galactic community. But–we can’t really be part of it if we fail to perceive and acknowledge its existence; as it is, the galactic community does not register in our species’ version of reality.

I feel that is about to change. It is huge. It is enormous! Yes, that is a repetitive statement but it can’t be stated strongly enough! We are facing a whole new Reality Matrix.

Perhaps the “new age” goes wrong when it begins to specifically describe this new base of reality. I would not even try to describe it, so I will not now tell you about love and light, wind chimes, incense and crystals. If you think I’m describing these things, you haven’t grasped the concept.

What we are about to find out is frightening at first. To leave our concept of Reality Itself, is mindboggling. It helps if you realize that advanced science and spirituality are two sides of the same coin, because “just science” cannot explain the future which awaits us, nor can “just spirit.” We must learn not to separate these two. We say, “Oh, this is purely science.” Or, “Oh, this is purely spiritual.” In quantum reality, they are one.

Obviously the layers of the quantum onion are peeling back for us, revealing themselves. We are in a time of great flux. One layer at a time would be a good idea, but I feel that due to the state of our dying planet, several layers must peel back for us now, at one time.

Of course UFOs and aliens cannot be strictly categorized but on the other hand, we have to get it together somehow as a sentient race. They are out there! They are here!

Be of good intent. Fear gets you nowhere. However, use common sense and use your intelligence. I speak of your intelligence which shines!

Human intelligence has much potential. The galaxy agrees. And the universe awaits.

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